How to Select Domain Name: choosing the right domain name

How to Select Domain Name: choosing the right domain name
 What Is Domain Name? If you create a new website or a blog then you need to choosing the right domain name for your website.Domain name is the address for your website or blog.Before starting your website you need to choose the right domain name very carefully.Proper domain will help you to gather more traffic for your site.

For choosing the right domain  name, you need to log in from where you want to register your domain.If you want to register your domain name from Godaddy then you have to log in to Godaddy then select your appropriate domain name for your website.Some basic information you should know before choose domain name for your site.I share some useful tips to choose useful domain name for your blog.

What Is Domain Name

Choose your business related domain name.

How to Select Domain Name? If you create a website then you should try to choose your business related domain name.Example: if your website is cellphone related then you can choose the cellphone keyword in your domain name.It will help to rank in Search engine.People always prefer to search your keyword based domain.Here I choose my domain name as I discuss about blog.

Choose .com, .org domain extension

When you create a website or blog then you have to select popular domain extension.We know that most popular domain are .com, .org.This type of domain has a great value for your business and It also help to increase traffic for your website.

Select Domain Name

Choose Easy and Simple Domain

People always like easy domain for searching something.They can able to remember the easy and simple domain for a long time.If your domain name is critical then it is not possible to remember a large number of people. So, when you choose a domain always choose a simple domain.

Make it easy to type

Always choose a short and sweet domain name so that visitor easily type it for searching. Even if your domain name is short and sweet they remember it for a long time. If your domain is short than people directly put it for searching otherwise they depend on Google search box.

Singular and Plural sound domain

Verify that you set up a site on the domain name that makes well when picking between the singular and plural of the words in your domain name. One thing that you should purchase both the singular and plural variety of your domain name if applicable and afterward redirect. Its like a great sounding domain to the best sounding domain. Example: if you have which sounds better than its plural sound but to avoid confusion and keep the singular domain away from your competitors then it would be best to buy both of the domain names and then redirect to

Which domain you should avoid for choosing the right domain name ?

When you will choose domain name, one thing you need to know what is domain name and how to select domain name for choosing the right domain name.Below I discuss what should avoid for chose any domain name.

Avoid branded company name

Always be careful to register a domain. You should avoid branded company name, product and service name.If you choose this type of name then people are confused and irritated by it and people also think that you are affiliated by the branded company.

Avoid length for choosing the Right domain name

You can choose your domain name up to 67 character but you need to avoid lengthy domain.If you think that what is ideal length or domain then I will say you – short length domain is good. People easily can remember short length domain than lengthy domain.Moreover lengthy domain trouble them for searching blog and sometimes people mistake or mismatch any character for typing domain name. You will realize this by following screenshot.

 lengthy domain

Avoid hypen for your domain

I think use of hypen is not good for your domain.If you use hypen then it may confusion to visitors and you may lose your traffic.But some times hypen help to remember your domain name.

Avoid numbers in your domain

Before register a domain you need to check the domain quality. Ensure that your domain is character base domain. When you will see that any number add with in you domain name you should avoid it to choose this domain. People are irritated to type this number based domain.

Moreover you choose the right domain then people will remember the URL and they will continue to visit your site in the future. Also always try to avoid using acronyms, dashes or other symbols as they may also confuse visitors for the first time.

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