How to Reduce Website Loading Time for WordPress

How to Reduce Website Loading Time for WordPress
Website Loading Time: Blog loading time is an important factor for SEO. If you create a blog in WordPress then you should reduce website loading time. Fast loading time of website is good for not only Search Engine Optimization but also Impression of blog readers. Suppose people want to log in your site but when it takes long time to open, people irritated by it and never they open your site again. There are many ways to reduce Website loading time.

You can design and develop your site in proper way so that it can take limited website loading time.It will also help you to reduce bounce rate and increase traffic of your blog or website. Moreover you can reduce website loading  time using Cache plugin.You will find different plugin in WordPress.One thing you should keep in mind that if you use excessive plugins for website than it may  increase site loading time so choose appropriate plugin for your site.

 reduce website loading time

Use Modern and updated Theme

If you create WordPress site then first of all you need a updated WordPress theme to reduce Website loading time. When you will use this theme always use Modern and Updated them. Because Modern and Update theme provide you modern feature and Utility for your WordPress site. <Read more for best WordPress themes for WordPress site>.You will get many different theme when you will search theme in WordPress but, if you use old or backdated theme you should immediately upgrade your WordPress theme.By using Upgraded WordPress theme you will get advance speed of your site and your site impression will be increase.

Avoid Excessive WordPress Plugin

 reduce website loading time

Important plugins for reduce downloading time:Plugins is an another important factor for your WordPress site. In WordPress you will find Different important WP plugins works in different way so you should choose Proper plugin that has more advantage features. Always use limited plugins for your site as more plugins increase site loading time.There are Some Important plugins for reduce downloading time

W3 Total Cache Plugin:

W3 total cache plugin is one of the best plugin for WordPress. By this plugin you can increase your page speed and reduce your blog loading time. W3 total cache plugin create a Static page for your site so it help to reduce website loading time.<How to install and configure W3 Total cache plugin>

Moreover you can download and install WP super cache plugin to quick optimize for your database and page speed.

WP plugin:

This plugins help you to compress your image size. This is very essential plugin for your image.If your Image size take more space in your blog then it create many problem and increase website loading time.

<Read more about WP plugin>

WP Yoast SEO plugin:

By download and Install WP yoast SEO plugin you will get more advance feature in your WordPress site. So this plugin will be best factor of SEO. By using its advance version you will get more downloading speed of your website.

Remove or Stop Spam Comment

More spam Comment can affect on your blog or website. Many blogger face this problem.So you need to check and delete spam comment daily.Otherwise you can use Anti-Spam plugin to remove your spam comment from WordPress blog site. In WordPress you will find different type of Anti-spam plugin to remove spam comment.

Delete Unused post from Draft

When a blogger create website, sometimes many unused and unnecessary post saved as draft which will increase the website loading time. So, you need to remove this unused draft which you have been saved in your blog or site.You can remove this draft
manually or by using plugin. In WordPress you will get Plugin to remove draft from your admin panel.

Avoid Many Advertisement to your Blog

When you want to placement ads on your blog then you need to avoid too many Pay Per click (PPC) advertising.This type ads based on HTML code so when you place more ads in your website it carry more unnecessary HTML content which affect on your Website Loading time. So you should place limited ads for your site.

Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)

By using this Content Delivery network (CDN) blog reader will able to open your blog site from all over world. I mean When you create a website you need to Web hosting space to hosting your blog such as Bluehost, Hostgator. Thus the location of your website would be U.S. When any visitors open your site from others places of World they will face loading problem more than the visitors from U.S. In this cases you need to CDN network.This network will help you to access your website very fast from all over the World. So use CDN network for Quick speed of your blog or website.

Setup Image format

If you use Image or picture for your blog it takes many space.When your site takes many space then it increase its loading time. If you want to reduce website loading time then you need to setup image format.You can use different image size setup tool for your blog. You can setup image by following process.

setup image format

  • Always use .PNG, .GIF typ image format for reduce website loading time

  • Use SuperGIF for reduce blog loading time.

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