How to Protect Facebook Account or Facebook Password

How to Protect Facebook Account or Facebook Password
We all want to protect Facebook account strongly. Today maximum people use Facebook account for different purpose. Some features of this purpose I have mentioned below. Some times we create our Facebook account or Facebook fan page very carelessly. I mean we do not put best Facebook Password for our accounts so in this case our account may be hacked by another person.

So every Facebook user should maintain the proper settings of Facebook account for secure privacy.We can set our Facebook security very easily and we can use best and powerful password to our Facebook account. If you think that your account security not properly set then you can edit or change your account settings.

Even if we think that our Facebook password not strongly protected then we can edit or change your Facebook password from account settings. In this tutorial I have discussed to set our Facebook account and best Facebook password for Protect Facebook account.

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protect facebook account

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How to Edit for Protect Facebook Account

When we create Facebook account, sometimes we ignore some settings to protect our Facebook account but we can set or edit it after create Facebook account. We can set our Privacy or Security settings as we like to set it from account settings. In this tutorial I have discussed Some tips to protect Facebook account or Facebook Password.

Log in Notification: We can check mark Email and Text message under Security Settings. If we check this mark then we will get a notification when our account would be accessed from another computer or mobile which we have not used before.

how to protect facebook account

Hidden Email address from Timeline: To hide email address for protect Facebook account, go to edit profile > Contact information > Edit and select hidden from timeline.

Add a Secondary Email: Facebook asks for a secondary email. It helps you if you lose access to your primary email, or if your primary email gets hacked. So only add  a secure email account with a unique password for protection your Account.

You can add your secondary email by going to Account Settings > search Email and edit or change

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What is the Best Facebook Password

Use combined password: Always use password with special character. In this case you can use character, numeric number and special character together.

Lengthy Password: Avoid short or only character base password. We should use lengthy password for strong protection our account.

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What should avoid for Protect Facebook Password

Avoid name or contact number: When we create our Facebook account or any others account we use our own contact number or name as password. I think these types of password should not use as a password because these types of password may be hacked by people. So always use combined password which I have mentioned before.

Avoid same Password: We should avoid to retain same password for long time. If we change our password Every month than it would be best for protection. We can change our password very easily, just go to your general settings option > edit password option.

how to protect facebook account

Here put your current password > then put new password > retype new password and save change.

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Some features for Facebook account

  • Share image, photo, video
  • You can chat with friends
  • Make yours followers
  • Use others timeline (how to stop people using Facebook timeline)
  • Create business page
  • Share comment
  • Join Groups
  • Promote your business page

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