How to Protect content copying from others Blogger

OMG… My blog copy from some blogger and even get better rank then me !! Yes. It’s a bitter experience. When blog writers create a blog, they always try to maintain his blog to protect content from copying. Every blogger wants to makes quality blog outer then spammer. Sometimes you feel that your blog is being copied by another blogger. I think it is excruciating for every blogger whose content is being copied. So, before publishing a post, you need to protect content from copying so that anyone cannot copy your blog content. Here I mention Best Content Protection Plugin for Protect content from copying. WordPress such as RSS footer plugin, WP-Copy Protect plugin, WP-Content copy Protection plugin to Protect content from copying a Website.

How to Protect content from copying? Now It is a big problem. If your site is top-rated and your Search Engine Optimization is good. Your site traffic will be gain, but when someone copies your content, then it is the effect on your site or blog because people confused by it. I mean, when visitors search any query and see the same content in others’ blogs, they confused by it, even they think which content is real or not. This blog will help you to protect content from copying. Here I share some of my experience to protect your content from outers bloggers.


Protect content from copying a Website.


Best Content Protection Plugin WordPress

Protect content from copying in WordPress: You will find many different ways to protect your website. In WordPress, you can install and activate the Best Content Protection Plugin for your blog protection and to protect content from copying. The best Content Protection Plugin such as WP-Copy Protect plugin, WP-Content copy protection plugin, RSS footer plugin help you to Protect content from copying.

WP-Copy Protect plugin: You can download and install a WP copy-protect plugin to protect your blog vigorously. It is the best Content Protection Plugin for WordPress. When You install this WP-Copy Protect plugin, it helps you in different ways, such as you can disable your selection of text; you can disable your right-click. After installing this plugin, it will have no effect on your site SEO.<Download WP-Copy Protect plugin>

WP-Content copy Protection plugin: It is another  Best Content Protection Plugin for WordPress.This plugin will help you to protect your website, which is copied by other bloggers. This plugin will protect content from copying your blog and home page with different techniques. To download this plugin, Click Here.

RSS footer plugin: If you use this RSS footer plugin for WordPress site, then you will get extra benefit by this plugin. RSS footer plugin will create a backlink to your site or blog post. It will help you to get a free backlink. So always use this WordPress RSS footer plugin for your blog post.

Best Content Protection Plugin

Disable Right-click and Shortcut method to Protect content from copying:

You can use a plugin for a stop or disable Right click on your post so that nobody can copy and paste your content. Some blogger uses Right-click and keyboard shortcut for copy content. After copied content, then stick it with their new blog post. If you disable your Right-click and Shortcut, then other bloggers unable to copy your blog and content.

Use Copyscape To Check Your Content Copy From Others blogger or Not :

check your content by CopyScap

You can check your content by Copyscape. If you feel that others blog is copying your content, then you can check it by entering your link in Copyscape. It is a straightforward method to check your site. Just log in to And put your site URL here and click on the Go button for search. By this method, you will see who is being copied your content.

Always Select Summary for Partial RSS Feed:

Partial RSS Feed

Go to your WordPress Admin panel and Select a summary under Reading Settings for Partial RSS feed. If you select a brief, then anyone could not copy your total post from RSS.So always choose review as copy blogger need to come back to your site to copy something. The following screenshot will help you to select it.

What is the Effect for copy content:

Effect for copy content: If you copy any content from another blog post or site, then it will affect your website. Even your Search Engine Optimization will be down. If your site is full of duplicate content or copy content, then it will be affected by Google Panda. Real and original content will increase your SEO Rank.

What would happen if any Bloggers copy Content from Others?

Search Engine Algorithms Effect for copy content:

Now Search Engine Algorithms is a significant factor. If any blogger copy content, then it detects their content real or not. If the content is duplicate, then it effected by Search Engine Algorithms, and the blog will be blacklisted.

Copy Content Lose Traffic:

If any blogger copy content or duplicate content from other bloggers, then he could not understand in firs time. So they will get more traffic, but when it detected by Search Engine Algorithms, they lose their traffic. When any blog fails its truck, it effects on their SEO also.

Reputation Loss:

When any blogger copy content from other bloggers, then it will affect their site. Visitors also will ignore their website or blog Because visitors do not like duplicate or copy content. So that blogger who copy content. Simultaneously they will lose their reputation.

Lose your Monetary Benefit:

When any blog loses its traffic and SEO, then it will be affected by its monetary benefit. I mean, they lose their financial interest for there long effort of copy from outer blogger.

The site may be band:

If any blogger copy content, then their website may be a band. Because people do not like a duplicate blog, and they will not visit the duplicate site. So it will be banned automatically.

Why  Blogger Copy content from other bloggers?


  • Some blogger feels lazy to write any blog. So they depend on the internet to copy others’ blogs.


  • Some blogger creates a website only for earning money, so they try to copy from another reputed blog. If they copy from the reputed blog, then they get more traffic at the beginning.


  • Some bloggers have not their own creativity. They always depend on others’ blogs.


  • Some blogger does not want to spend time on their own blog, so they depend on others blog for copy content.


  • Some blogger wants to make money very quickly, so depending on the malty blog to create their own site.

What is the benefit of the original content?

If any blogger creates a site with original content, then the SEO Rank will be better then copy content. Because after launch Google panda, many site effects for copy content. It is the most critical factor in maintaining your post with original content and protect content from copying. If your job is full of duplicate content, then it affected by Google Panda. Moreover, you will lose organic traffic from your site. People like original and real content from any location. More traffic depends on original content, so keep it on your website.

Updated: October 15, 2019 — 4:34 pm

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