How To Prepare For Hummingbird Update : Is Google Hummingbird EffectYour Page Rank ?

How To Prepare For Hummingbird Update : Is Google Hummingbird EffectYour Page Rank ?
SEO is one among those industry that depend on information, experience and assumption. For sample, when Google start Google Panda update, we made such a large number of assumption and too many people attempting to recover website from Panda punishment, and a large amount of bloggers like ME worked to repair the penalty damage and recovered completely. Similarly, after on  Google launched Google penguin algorithmic program that was targeted to bring down useless back links and penalize websites using shady ways to make thousands of link. In no time, Google understood that they have given birth to negative SEO with penguin and they launched Google Disavow link tool to provide incoming link management to web masters.

Hummingbird Update : Without any doubt Google is making all these progressions to better Google search and give better development with hummingbird update. Any algorithm change is forever hurtful for some web masters, and a knowledgeable recommendation would be: realize the process and give what Google is searching for.


How To Prepare For Hummingbird : upcoming Huge Goolge Change:

It has been an incredibly significant year as far as upgrades from Google. Main 2013 progressions included further launch of Penguin and Panda, Hummingbird update taking flying, and the movement far away from giving keyword information to encrypted search for .

Google is not request cash to make you rank higher or none, of these wanting you to do anything out from the box, however all they ask from webmaster is to accept their webmaster rules, and make sites which includes adds value.

On September seventeenth 2013, Google declared the start of another process call “Hummingbird Update” and at first we had too much limited information of data to advise what this new process aimed to a person like you and me. In this article, I will cover all that I think about Google Hummingbird as such, and will inform some knowledge and thoughts to make your website-blog prepared for future Google hummingbird update.

Why Hummingbird Update is important for SEO ?

Prepare For Hummingbird : The point when Google published about this new process on their fifteenth birthday. This new model is plan to make web search engine more conversational/idiomatically search and not keyword based search. Additionally, it accept user motive expectation while doing search.

That means, Google is changing the methodology of Google search from Keyword based to motive based , and this will have huge impact on the positioning of site. The best news here is, not at all like Panda and Penguin which is more punishment based algorithm change, Hummingbird update is prize based change.

That means, sites which fits the criteria of Hummingbird update will perceive better web search engine positioning, and different sites will stay same rank. Be that as it may do recall this quote in the field of web search engine positioning “Some person increase is someone misfortune”. Here is a sample from Wordtracker blog, which will provide for you the pictorial representation of Hummingbird update from a searcher point of view.

A Searcher search for image of specific subject:


Furthermore after that, he searches for something as “where does he live” or “How tall is he”, and Google comprehend the aim and gives the insight about the individual dependent upon past pursuit question for hummingbird update:


The above sample is for Google Knowledge-chart, and as stated by Eric Enge from Stone sanctuary counseling, with google hummingbird update, Google began putting learning diagram redesign into non-information diagram questions to make Google seek more aim built and situated in light of common conversational inquiries.

Optimize your site for Google hummingbird update and Future Google Search:

Google hummingbird update : As a matter of first importance Google search will continue developing and we will continue seeing changes in nearing months/years. At some point Google gets out the rise with authority proclamation about these progressions, and at some point we need to depend on detailed analyses and master ideas for what works and what won’t work.

There is no official rules on how you can upgrade your site for Google hummingbird update, however whatever I can say is; there are few new things that Google will take in thought for positioning a page in upcoming days, or obviously they are doing it at little level. In light of my experience and experts from other SEO masters, here are few things that I could propose to you for making your site to prepare for hummingbird.

Content with additional related keywords to Prepare For Hummingbird :

I have officially discussed LSI Keywords and they are exceptionally useful for Google bots to comprehend what a page is about. With the changing scene of Keyword optimisation, I profoundly suggest you to exploit LSI keywords.Along by your primary target keyword, insure you add all other related keyword to make your page more focused on and more keyword rich. Say that, you must to further think about a demographic (Target audience) while writing any article. After all, one article can’t be for everybody. If you used WordPress, you can utilize this terrific plugin call Easywpseo which display the LSI Keywords for you target keyword, and likewise let you check meaningful score. In the event that you never became aware of it, here is a review of what EasyWPSEO plugin is all about.

Social Signals For Hummingbird Update:

Web is loaded with spam and in case of a Search engine, I would care all the more rewarding high-quality pages and in the meantime punishing low-quality pages to show best results with hummingbird update. In the past or even now, Backlinks are one of the most essential ranking factor, and Google is changing this to depend on more on Social signals. Presently, huge numbers of people be wondering “Wow! It’s so simple to play the social signals”, there are numerous site selling Google plus likes, Facebook likes etc, and one can  simple buy social like system. You are mostly right, however in coming days, I see Google will give more weight age to votes from reliable profile, rather than preferences coming from any Google plus profile. This is an alternate reason I recommend you to minimize your Facebook utilization, and work on building a good profile on Google plus. Google plus is the official social-network of Google, and they have access to their information, which makes it more necessary for you to be on the network.

Author Rank: 
Author Rank

You must have seen and listen about Google authorship, which makes a connection between your Google plus profile and your content utilizing rel=author tag characteristic. This common part has more to do than simply indicating author picture in Google search. Now,Welcome to the world of Author-rank. Author rank may not be a huge ranking factor at this time, yet it will be in not so impotent future.  If you need to know about Author rank, The best guide on Moz blog.You should not miss this. There are now tools like Author rank, which will give you a chance to check your Author rank.

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