How to install WordPress in cPanel or zpanel

How to install WordPress in cPanel or zpanel
WordPress is the most powerful and popular content management system in the internet. 90% blogger use WordPress also for its popularity and Search engine friendly behavior to increase page rank . New  blogger are frequently astonished when I tell them that WordPress is best and well known for its simplicity for installation in any hosting provider. All the best part of WordPress hosting is, all hosting provider permit you to introduce WordPress installation with a few clicks using Softaculous, SimpleScripts or Fantastico. Most of the time , Its will takes less then 2 minutes to install WordPress using Softaculous, SimpleScripts or Fantastico . In this WordPress installation tutorials I show you how to install WordPress in cPanel or zpanel manually without any  Softaculous, SimpleScripts or Fantastico or any one click installation. 

When Start to Install WordPress in cPanel or zpanel first time ,
You require..

Log in details for your hosting Panel
FTP log in details ( Control panel login details or FTP log in details should be the welcome email also when you order any hosting service )
A FTP client software like Filezilla or cute-ftp

Steps To Install WordPress in cPanel or zpanel

Download and unzip the WordPress (WP) files
Set up your MySQL database
Upload the WP files to your server
Connect WP to your database
Run the install script.
Put your site title and your site username email and password


How to Install WordPress Manually without any One click Softaculous, SimpleScripts or Fantastico ?

To Install WordPress in cPanel or zpanel without any One click installation process like  Softaculous, SimpleScripts or Fantastico, first you have to download WordPress from its official download page. I propose that you generally download and install the most recent stable version of WordPress.

Download wordpress

When you click on the Download option for the most recent WordPress version, the installation package will be saved to your hard disk. You have to Place the installation package which recently downloaded and extract it to another folder.

How to upload files to your server

Now, you have to upload the extracted all file and folders to your web server. The best way to upload the installation files and folders via FTP.


If you need to install wordpress on your main account and want to access through your main domain(i.e., you have to upload the all files and folders to public_html folder.

When your download is finished, you need to extract all files and folders and  upload to your public_html folders. You can do that through FTP like cute-FTP or through Cpanel -> File Manager -> Upload file (s). If you need to install WordPress to the main website in your cpanel, files and folders need to copy to your public_html folders. If you want to run a part of your website through wordpress, you have to create a Sub-folder like (

Wordpress Download

How to Creat MySQL Database for WordPress

For Running a WordPress, You need to create a MYSQL database in your cpanel. After making a MySQL database , assign a MYSQL user to it with full permissions and marge your User name and database Name. When you make your MySQL Database and User, Please note the database name, database username and password you’ve recently made. When install wordpress, those information will need for installation process.Start your installation process now and follow below step.

Download wordpress

Now you have to start your installation process. When you upload WordPress in your public_html folder,you’ll have to go to in your preferred browser. There you will see a massage that tell that You don’t have any wp-config.php file and you ought to make one. Only click on the Create a Configuration File for proceed.

Download wordpress

Here you will find a message asking you to prepare necessary information for installation. After that you have to press Go button.

Download wordpress

You have to put details for your newly created MySQL database and click the submit  button

Download wordpress

Now WordPress will check if your settings are correct or not. If you have entered all the necessary information correctly, you will see a confirmation screen. Now you have to click the “Run the Install” button to proceed.

Download wordpress

On the following screen you will need to enter the data about your administrative username and the title of your new site. Also, you can indicate whether you’d need search engines to index your webpage or not. When you fill all those data, press the Install WordPress button. Remember that you have to put the original email address. It could be later utilized within case you forget your password.

Download wordpress

Download wordpress

That’s all.Now you log in to your admin panel and enjoy WordPress with your username password.

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