How to install Python and PHP SDK for Google App Engine

Before you install WordPress or any simple application in the Google app engine, in this tutorial, I show you how you download and install python and PHP SDK for Google App Engine. Here are some simple steps you need to follow to install python and PHP SDK. Now you think, why I need to install python and PHP SDK  for running Google App Engine?

Before installing the Google App Engine, you need to download Python and App Engine PHP SDK application. After download python and PHP SDK application, you need to fix it to your local computer. First, you need to install Python and then PHP SDK application as Python help to run PHP SDK application to deploy anything in Google App Engine. In the case of cPanel, you may be aware that you need to install Filezilla or CuteFTP to upload anything in your server, but there is nothing like that. Here, the PHP SDK application deploys everything that you need to fix in Google App Engine.

Use of Python in Google :

Python for running Google App Engine: Python is an Official language of Google. It is also the critical language of Google alongside with other languages such as C++ and Java. It runs many Google internal systems and shows up many Google APIs.It is used in many places of Google, such as Google App Engine, YouTube,, Open source libraries, Google Data python Client Libray, Google API Client Library, etc. In the case of the Google App Engine, Python was the language which initially designed for it. Python allows building web applications with Python programming language, using its rich collection of libraries, tools, and frameworks. To install python for running the Google App Engine below tutorial, help you.

How to download and install python


In this Google App Engine Tutorial At first, you have to download python in your local computer from Python website


In download option, you will see different types of formats for download python. Select any one format option which you want to download. Then click for download

Download php SDK


After download python, you have to install python application set up wizard on your local computer.

python setup wizard
python setup wizard

When python is installed completely, then you have to download and install App Engine PHP SDK in your local computer, which is mention below.

What is App Engine PHP SDK

PHP SDK for running Google App Engine: App Engine PHP SDK application deploy everything that you need to install in Google App Engine.  Before installing App Engine PHP SDK, you have to install Python as Python help to run the PHP SDK application.

How to Download and Install PHP SDK for Google App Engine


At first, you have to download the PHP SDK for Google App Engine. Click for Download the latest PHP SDK for App Engine.


Next, you will see that the Google App engine MSI will be download on your computer.

app engine install


When the download completes, you have to go to its set up option on your computer.


Google App engine

When you will Install Google App engine, you find this Setup Wizard then Click on next button and Select checkmark (I accept terms and condition) Please Note: If you install Python before installing Google app engine then you will find this massage in setup wizard that “Python found” otherwise you will find a massage that “makes sure that you install python” .If you do not install python and google app engine the same version, then it can also make trouble to fit correctly.

Google App engine_step_2

After installing the Google app engine, you have to finish the wizard.

Google App engine_step_7

After download both python and App Engine PHP SDK in your local computer, you need to download and setup MySQL in your local computer for Google App Engine.

Updated: October 15, 2019 — 3:24 pm

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