How to Install and Configure W3 Total Cache Plugin for WordPress?

W3 Cache Plugin Tutorial: In WordPress, we find many different cache plugin. I have been discussed before about the WP super cache plugin. Here I have mentioned W3 Total Cache Plugin, which is another best plugin for Page speed and speed up the loading time of your website. It can create a static page for your site and reduce the pressure of the server. You can use this plugin for better improvement of your blog site.

W3 Total Cache Plugin for WordPress

If you use the W3 super cache plugin, then you can use this W3 total cache plugin as an alternative way. This plugin is the best optimization plugin for WordPress performance. It is also the fastest plugin than others.<Download w3 total cache plugin>

How to Install W3 Total Cache Plugin for WordPress?

If you use WP super cache plugin or any other WordPress cache plugin, then you have to uninstall all that plugin Before installing the W3 total cache plugin. Then you have to go add a new plugin option from your WordPress dashboard and search the W3 entire cache plugin from the search box.

After search your cache plugin, you have to install this plugin
from the ‘Install Now’ option. Here I have mentioned that with a screenshot.

After installation and activation of this plugin, you have to follow the step of configuration, which is mention below.

Install w3 total cache

How to configure W3 Total Cache Plugin for WordPress?

You have to configure W3 total cache plugin in the following method

General Settings:


Install w3 total cache

Here you can activate and deactivate caching. You have to check on the first box and then click on save change option

Page Cache Settings:

cache settings

In page cache settings, you will see different options such as *Don’t cache pages for logged in users *Cache home page  *Cache feed: site, categories, tags, comments * Cache URL with query string variables *Cache 404 (not found)pages. By default, all essential option is checked here. Then you have to go to the following settings.

Minify Settings:

minify settings

Database Cache Settings:

database cache settings

In database cache settings, you can set it as the above screenshot. We see that a lot of WordPress sites fall down by database queries. We can manage this problem by database cache settings. It can cache database queries and save a massive number of resources.

By this whole process, you can run the w3 total cache plugin for better improvement of your website.

Updated: October 15, 2019 — 1:46 pm

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