How to Improve Facebook Page SEO

How to Improve Facebook Page SEO: Improve Facebook Page SEO is suitable for every Face book user who is engaging with the Facebook page. You can improve Facebook Search engine optimization by using a Facebook page. If you want to get high traffic without any more query of a search engine, than you can share your blog article on social networking sites.Because social networking site is a great way to increase more traffic.

Here I have mentioned some processes such as keyword-rich URL, About section, optimize photo and info page to improve Facebook page SEO. In a previous article, I have mention how to Increase Facebook Fan page like


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More Comment, Like, Share will help Facebook Page SEO

If you create a Facebook fan page or business page, then the most essential things to reach your page post to more people. Some times we see that our page posts reach very few people thought they are a page like very high. I mean, suppose our page like 100k but our page post reach only 1 k people then our page SEO will be down as well as our consistent growth will befall.

The leading cause is for your low post comment, low like and small share. If your page post gets a comment, like and share, then growth is high, and your page post will reach more people, and your Facebook like as well as page engagement will be increased.

Share your Page on Page Group

When you share your Facebook page in the Facebook page group, then it will reach more people, and you will gain like as well as your search engine optimization (SEO) for facebook is also good.

Select Keyword-rich name

Select always the keyword-rich name. I mean, you have to use the name of your business page with a keyword, which will be the keyword your customers and potential fans will most often use when they’re trying to find you.

Properly Fill About Section:

The About box is one of the few places on your page that is accessible to search engine optimization (SEO). This little box located on the upper left-hand side of the page gives you many characters to tell people what you’re about, using the terms most important to you. Will it give you a huge boost? No. But every little bit helps, so take the opportunity for every SEO bump you can get.

Info Section

The Info Section is another opportunity for you to include keyword-rich information about your business. If you correctly complete these sections then and complete your profile, the more likely Facebook will be able to show your page for related searches. Facebook also allows small business owners to include links to relevant pages/profiles, so make sure you’re using this area to drive traffic to other areas.

Optimize your photo

In case for add any photo to your Facebook page, always adds a caption with a description for phot that also in a relevant keyword. Whenever possible, include a link in the caption to the most relevant page on your blog or website. This builds connections to move more fans that essential steps closer to your site to become a customer as well as search rank.

Facebook Like Box

Facebook, like a box, is another feature to increase your page likes and your page SEO. Some times we see a new business page with a like box in our news feed section, which any of our friends already have been liked. So if I click on like box that page, then one like more add that pages. Thus Face

Optimize Your text links

To put a  text link as another way to get more fans and connections, which you can include anywhere you wish – such as:

your email signature
your email marketing newsletters
as a text link anywhere on your website
Your blog article

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