How to host Website on Google App Engine

Web Hosting with Google: Hosting a website on Google App Engine. Initially, it ought to be more reliable when your site gets served through Google’s own data centers. When you feel that you have a low traffic website and do not want to spend more money on web hosting, then You will get 1 GB free space for HTML web page, images, and others file. You will also get 1 GB bandwidth per day. You can find extant your bandwidth and space as per your uses to Hosting with Google. For extension of your bandwidth, you have to pay peruses.

When you create a simple HTML website, you need to store data for your website. Then you can pay for storage data in different web hosting companies. These web hosting companies provide you storage space in their server, and you can transfer PHP, HTML files, and other files using FTP or C panel or z panel. To hosting with Google App Engine works in the same way but needs not to transfer any data.

Host Website on Google App Engine

Step to Upload a Website on Google App Engine:

Hosting with Google is very simple. There are some step to hosting a website on Google App Engine

Step: 1

You have to Go and create a new application. If you have never used App Engine before and you will create a new form, then you might be asked to verify your mobile phone number.

Step: 2

When you create an application, you have to give your application name. This name should be unique and may only include lowercase alphabets and digits. As an example, our app is “WordPressblogfin.”

Step: 3

In this step, you have to download and install python and App Engine SDK

1) Download and Install Python <>
2) Download and install App Engine SDK from <>

Step: 4

You have to download and unzip this file <> in any place on your desktop. In this file, we see an essential website with HTML pages, images, and CSS that we will try to host with Google App Engine.

Step: 5

Then open the app.yaml file with notepad, and Here you have to replace the word ‘WordPressblogfin’ with the application identifier which you have created in the earlier step (Step: 2). Save the changes.

Step: 6

The final step for Hosting with Google: In this step, you have to deploy or upload your website to Google App Engine. Go to start Menu> Open Google App Engine Launcher Program > Choose file > Add existing application and browse to the folder where you unzipped the website.

Hit the deploy or upload button to host Website on Google App Engine, input your Google Account credentials, and within seconds, your website should become available online at your unique Later, if you want to add or wish to modify any web page, then you have to press the Deploy option, and your new /edited files will be uploaded to App Engine.

When you host a Website on Google App Engine, it will be organized a sub-domain of, but you can register a web domain with Google Apps and map the App Engine website to your own area. You can install any PHP application like WordPress or Joomla instead of any simple HTML site. To install WordPress in Google App Engine, you need to deploy your WordPress project and also need a MySQL database in App Engine.

Updated: October 15, 2019 — 1:53 pm

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