How to find not provided keywords in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Keyword Not Set? Google Analytics is an incredible asset for any site manager. From any Blogger, Government organizations, or any Webmaster, Google Analytics is the best tool for any useful information about visitor trends and behavior data.

On the other hand, there is one point where Google Analytics disappoints its clients for not provided keywords in Google Analytics, the “not provided” search queries in. The maximum part of the search queries in the Analytics is recorded as ‘not provided.’ You may be disappointed between your keyword Analytics when you’re attempting to discover what people are looking for.

‘Not provided’ is lifted for any paid query items for Google Adwords. It’s only for the organic search result when sometimes users search queries are hidden and said: “not provided.”Not provided keywords in Google Analytics effect  In 2011, Google change data from search to protect users’ privacy.

Why Google Analytics Search Terms Data hidden or ‘Not Provided’?

Google Not Provided Key Words: When any user logged in to any Google product like Gmail or Google plus or any of the product related to Google like Youtube, their inquiry is led over SSL. For this, the user Search Queries identifying and hidden in the Google Analytics Keyword Report.

Search terms which user write in Google search are beneficial information as it can be a keyword by which your site comes first in the search result, and Google can even now see this data. However, site holders or Analytics account holders – can not access it as Google protects their user privacy.

This missing information, you may not calculate its ROI of specific keywords and face troubles to understand the ROI of particular organic search words.

Luckily, there is a couple of ideas that can recover this Google Not Provided Key Words.

Not provided keywords Google Analytics

How to find not Google Not Provided Key Words in Google Analytics Keyword Report?

Its a great idea to check what exactly number of your search keyword is recorded as ‘not provided’ and whether this is more than 90% or less . You’ll have to survey whether it’s worth putting time into decoding these results before you continue, since none of these systems gives a single, foolproof solution.

Step: 1) Add a New filter in Google Analytics to Understand Google Not Provided Key Words :


    • In your Analytics account, head to Admin, then Profiles.


    • Click the name of the profile you need to work with and select the Filters tab.


  • Make another filter in your Analytics account:

The motivation behind this filter is to concentrate the ‘not given’ terms. To do this, focus the URL and rewrite the two in place of the original ‘not provided’ content. Even though this doesn’t reveal the crucial accurate word, it can help you to understand where that traffic is going and whether you have to burrow deeper with different strategies.

Not provided keywords Google Analytics

Step: 2) Use Traffic Sources Data

Inside Google Analytics, there’s a second set of measurements that can help you to disentangle your most important keywords. The Search Engine Optimization report is planned particularly for this reason – mainly the Queries report. Information in this report is two days out of date, and any reasonable person would agree that the measurements here are limited in scope. In case you’re dealing with a busy site, Traffic Sources necessarily won’t provide for you the subtle element. You have to appropriately analyze your queries and presentation pages; the number of results it can show is limited, for example.

Step: 3) Look at Google Adwords Data

As said at the beginning of this article, ‘not provided’ is just an issue for organic search queries. Paid search isn’t hidden. That means you can bypass the problems caused by ‘not provided’ results by paying for Adwords and measuring the response rates to keywords through PPC. These are indicated in Google Analytics as Matched Search Queries. Note that, once more, this isn’t a totally accurate solution. The information stated in Adwords is only related to the traffic that you’ve paid for – not organic traffic. However, in this case, you use the money to use on keyword research, its an alternate way to help your understanding of user behavior and make your SEO research more significant

Step: 4) Use Webmaster Tools to Recover Hidden keyword and Unlock Google Not Provided Key Words

If you running your site without Google Webmaster Tools, you will immediately need to sign up for it now. You get essential Search Queries information in Google Webmaster Tools by clicking on Search Traffic > Search Queries, and yes, it includes Search Queries keyword information from “not provided” hidden keyword.

There are a few filters you can also add with that related keyword, so you can understand that encrypted searches.

It likewise provides for you impression versus click information, this information Google never give webmasters to Google Analytics, so it can help you see what Google Not Provided Key Words visitors are utilizing where your website got an impression in the google search.

Utilizing Google Webmaster Tools is the best and dependable and the correct approach to get essential words from Google search keywords.

Google’s Webmaster Tools dashboard is nothing in the case of Google Analytics keywords; however, in this circumstance, the metrics it gathers do add some value. Mainly, you can see an extremely essential overview of keywords that lead visitors to your site in the Traffic menu in Search Queries.

Great things that Google Webmaster Tools does provide for you; it will let you know the click-through-rate of your keywords from Google Search. So a little all the more cleaning up on your title tags and meta-description can help to expand the click-through-rate of these keywords.


Not provided keywords Google Analytics

At last, Google Webmaster Tools can tell you the search impressions of all keywords. If you know that a particular keyword is attracting a large number of ideas, it could be in your best interest to put a little more effort towards ranking for that keyword to acquire more traffic.

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Updated: October 15, 2019 — 12:48 pm

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