How to Embed PDF files in WordPress Blog Post

When you create a blog or any website, you may need to Embed PDF files in WordPress many times to provide more information to your blog readers. But many readers face problems as they can’t read the news of the PDF file without adobe reader.

You can embed these files in your blog posts so that your readers can scan it. You can integrate it very easily by using a WordPress Plugin. The plugin which helps you to embed your PDF files on the website is ‘Google Doc Embedder.’

Embed PDF files in WordPress Blog Post

Before Embed PDF files in WordPress, you have to download and install the Google Doc Embedder plugin. By this plugin, you can embed different types of files such as PDF, XLS, PSD, DOC, PPT, TIF. Don’t Embed Google Docs because Google Docs API is to display locally hosted data in the blog, not embedding from the Google Docs itself.

How to Download and Install Google Doc Embedder Plugin to Embed PDF files in WordPress Blog Post

Embed PDF files in WordPress

If you want to download this plugin, you have to go to your add Plugins option of your Dashboard. Here you will find a search box. Just put the Google Doc Embedder in the search box and then search. Then you need to install it. After complete your installation, clicks on the Active option to activate this plugin. When it enables, you will see a GDE option in your Dashboard Settings.

Note: When you will use it, don’t need to have a Google Doc account.

How to Embed PDF files in WordPress Blog Post

After installation and Activation Google Doc Embedder, you have to go to GDE settings to configure some basic settings. You may go to GDE settings through the Settings option of your Settings tab. There are many options you will find in General settings option such as Viewer Mode, Default Language, Default size, File Base URL, Download link, Link Text, Link
Position, Link Behavior, etc. You can select and change this option.

Embed PDF files in WordPress

You can change the view mode section. If you select Enhanced viewer, then you will find the different options in toolbar such as page number, previous/ Next page, zoom in/out, full screen/New window. You can select an option by a checkmark. Moreover, you can change the page area background color and page border color.

You can select your document width and height in Default size settings. In the Download link section, if you want to download links visible to everyone, then you have to select All Users by default, or you can choose just logged in users.

In Advance tab Option, you can set how the plugin integrated into the visual editor, you can also set maximum file size and fixed Error handling. You can export and import files for backup and migration purposes.

How can you Embed PDF files in WordPress Blog Post page or post?

After complete your installation, you will get a g mark button, which has added in your Visual editor.

Embed PDF files in WordPress

When you click on this button, a Google Doc Embedder window will be open. Put your PDF URL in this URL or file name filed. Select the width or height of the document. You will find here a short code preview, which will be generated automatically.

Google Doc Embedder window

Click on the insert button to Embed PDF files in WordPress.Your blog readers read it without any Adobe Browser now.

Updated: October 15, 2019 — 3:39 pm

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