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How to Edit a Tweet on Twitter

Did you know that you can edit tweets on Twitter? you can! But only after half an hour of sending the tweet. And only if you have Twitter Blue. This is how it works.

We promise you’ll have time to read the article before the editing clock runs out.

how to modify tweet on twitter

You have written a tweet. You hit send. You regret now what?

If you have Twitter Blue, your tweet doesn’t actually go live immediately – you have a few seconds to undo it. Or, to edit it. Even if you revisit your Tweet after it’s gone live, you can still edit it. But you only have half an hour.

Select Tweet. Then, select the stacked dots icon in the top right corner to open the menu of interactions for that Tweet. The bottom option is Edit Tweet. Select that, then, go ahead and change whatever you want and select the blue Update button in the upper right.

Before the Tweet goes live, you’ll have the opportunity to re-read and edit it before publishing the edited version. Once you confirm it, the edit goes live, giving you a confirmation note. Be aware that edited Tweets are accompanied by a public note that the Tweet has been edited.

Can you “re-edit” a tweet on Twitter?

Once a Tweet is edited, you can actually go back and edit it again. However, that little note keeps track of the most recent edit. So don’t try anything too sneaky.

There is one other little quirk about this feature that you should be aware of. You can edit a Tweet only on the device from which you Tweeted it. If you tweet in web desktop mode, you can’t edit it in the app and vice versa.

How much would you pay to edit a tweet?

Twitter Blue comes with a lot of features. For some folks with thumbs faster than their eyes, the editing options may be enough to justify the cost. It comes with a tag, and after thirty minutes, you have to delete the tweets like everyone else. But, the ability to edit tweets definitely comes in handy.

Twitter Blue offers users two things: the option to draw attention to their account by adding a Blue or Gold (for businesses) checkmark, and access to special features and perks. In return users pay a monthly fee of $11 for iOS users and $8 for web users (Blue is not yet on Android via Google Play).

There are three parameters you need to consider when making your decision. First, are you a casual or highly engaged Twitter user? Second, what do you use Twitter for? And third, what are the alternatives?

Let’s take a look at what Twitter Blue has in store before the verdict comes.

1. Blue and Gold Checkmark

If you want to get your tweets noticed, Twitter promises that tweets from verified users will be prioritized, allowing your tweets to “rise to the top of replies, mentions, and searches”.

If this is true, there could be tremendous value in standing out within the Twitter-scape by getting a blue or gold (for businesses) checkmark. This is especially important for public figures and businesses who need to promote their ideas or products.

2. Edit Tweet

The edit feature is very popular and was being demanded for a long time. Users who post multiple tweets or long threads will appreciate being able to edit their tweets as many times as they want within the first 30 minutes of posting, eliminating the frustration of long threads.

3. Undo Tweet

Ironically, the undo tweet option actually slows down your Twitter experience by delaying your tweets before they go live, and some users prefer to turn it off.

4. Bookmarks Folder

This can be important in storing important tweets in an orderly manner so that you can easily find them for future reference.

5. Header

If you use Twitter for content consumption or to keep up with the news, exclusive access to the top articles being discussed or shared by your network can be a valuable feature to you.

6. NFT Profile Pictures

If you are into crypto, you have the option to indicate this by customizing your Twitter profile using NFTs.

7. Customization

Twitter Blue also enables you to rearrange and change the color of the icons on your interface. It is convenient for super-users as it enhances their experience by bringing the most commonly used buttons to the fore and giving them aesthetic options.

8. Long Video Upload

You can upload videos up to sixty minutes long in 1080p (Full HD) to Twitter Blue. This is very helpful for content creators, businesses and public figures who use Twitter as their primary communication platform.

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