How to download YouTube videos for PC, Tab or any others devices

How to download YouTube videos for PC, Tab or any others devices
Today YouTube is a very popular site for searching videos all over the world. We can download YouTube videos for our Personal Computer (PC), laptop, tab or any others device. It is work as a search engine.Now we can search many types of videos such as different types of movies, Serial, mp3 or HD video songs, any type of news and politics, sports, cartoons, Magic, Comedy and Entertainment, Science and Technology, Animation, How to, Blogs, Style, Educational tutorial, making of food, wild animal and their activities, Important speech and so many others.

But we can’t download these types of videos directly from YouTube. Even we can’t find the location to download these videos. In this tutorial I have mentioned some process to download You Tube videos for your local computer or any others devices.

download YouTube videos

Different site for download YouTube videos

We can Search and download these types of videos from different website. Here you will find some name of website and how they work to download YouTube videos. After download and save it in devices, we can easily enjoy with many types of video in later. Some YouTube video down loader are mention below.

We can download YouTube videos from, Clipconverter website, Deturl website, Free make video down loader and Freemake video converter, Vidtommp3 website.

How to Download YouTube videos by keepvid

download youtube video by keepvid

You can download your YouTube videos by keepvid. Just log in Next Go to for search your preferable URL and then copy the URL. After copy the video url paste it to the keepvid down loader and download your video by clicking download button.

Download YouTube videos by ClipConverter

clip converter download YouTube video

Clipconver is an another YouTube video downloading website.To download video just copy the YouTube video URL and paste the URL in the box provided here.By this converter we can maintain the size, format and quality of the videos.

<Click for Clipconverter website to download youtube videos>

Deturl site for download YouTube videos

Deturl is an another online YouTube videos downloader but it works same as Clip converter. Before download any types of video just search the URL from YouTube and paste it into provided box of Deturl converter.

<Click here for Deturl converter>

Download YouTube videos converter

You can convert your YouTube video in different format such as MP3, WMA, FLV, MOV. It is free online YouTube video converter and downloader.

convert and download youtube video

If you download YouTube videos then just copy the URL of the video which you want to convert and download for your computer, phone or any others devices. After copy URL link paste it in the video converter and downloader

It works in every operating system and you will be able to convert your video in different format which I have mentioned before.

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