How to Create Facebook pages: Best Category for Facebook business pages

How to Create Facebook pages: Best Category for Facebook business pages
Facebook page is an important source of medium for small or big business man.In Facebook site you will find different types of Facebook pages and category. For create Facebook page for business, log on your Facebook account .If you have no Personal account for page then create a new account. You can create Facebook page directly from under mention section.

After log in go to create page option.Here will find six types of Facebook pages and their different category. You can choose any one for your business page which will be appropriate for your business and then select category from drop down menu list. In this tutorial, I share some guide for select page and category which may be help you for create and set your Facebook fan page.

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create fan facebook fanpage

Types of Facebook pages:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Brand or Public figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

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Note: If you want to create a page for online business purpose I think that you can choose ‘Company,organization or institution’ or you can choose ‘Brand or Product’ types page. If you choose Local business or place for your business page then you will get different type of categories such as
Bank/Financial Service
Book Store
Business Service
Church/Religious Organization
Concert Venue
Event Planning/Event Service
Home Improvement
Hotel Landmark and many others

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local business or place
After select best category for your local business page you need to fill up following information
Mention your company name
Put your ‘Street Address’
Enter your city/town or state into the ‘City/State’ box
Enter your postal code or zip code in the ‘Zip Code’ box
Enter your phone number
Click on ‘Get Started’ button

Fill Your Basic Information

About Section: In about Section you need to put 2-3 sentence description for your company.When put information about your company it would be appear on your main page So put put proper information here.If you have any business website then include your website link here.
Upload photo: In this section you have to upload your pages photo.It may be your company logo also. This photo is an icon of your business page so upload photo as dimensions 180×180.

Use Admin panel

We can manage business page through Admin Panel.We can update our information from Edit Page section.Here we can update all information which have been mentioned before.Visitors will see description only click on ‘About’ section of our business page, so it should be mandatory to provide real and good information.

Note: In Edit page Section we can manage notifications and add page permissions.
Note: If you want to entertain to your friends or all visitors then you can select Artist, Band or Public figure and choose Entertainer for your category.
artist,band or public figure

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