How to Compress images by WP plugin?

When we discuss a useful post, its generally incomplete without a beautiful and significant image or picture. Images help in better optimization of your job, but it takes much time to load this image. We know that Search engines like faster charging your blog, so you have to insert a minimum number of copies for better optimization and compress Image Size. Too many images or pictures will increase your page loading time.

When Google search engine index or crawl your webpage, it prefers those blogs which have a minimum webpage loading speed. It will help you to increase better search engine rank. If your uploaded images are compressed Image Size, then your page speed also will increase. Page speed one of the Best ranking factor of your site. So you have to solve this problem and control your large images from your post and compress Image Size by WP Smush. It Compresses the Picture plugin.

What is WP Smush? It Compresses Picture plugin?

Compress Image Size: WP plugin is an online service from Yahoo, and it helps you to compress Image Size or picture without degrading the size. In WordPress, you will see also a plugin called Smush .it. If you install and activate this WP plugin and Upload your images, then it automatically will compress your images from your site. By this process, you will not lose your image quality, and your loading time of images will be speedy.

What is Bulk smush? It: How to Compress images?

How to Compress images: WP plugin can compress Image Size, which is uploaded after activation of this plugin. But the latest version has included a new feature call If you install this latest version plugin (, then you will get more advantage by it than the previous version (wp plugin). This plugin can Compress Image Size and total old images from your image folder of WordPress, and it also will decrease the loading time of your early posts. This plugin will help you to reduce loading time and to Compress Image Size if you have many posts and images on site. You can download this latest version plugin from the link. <Download Bulk smush. It plugin>

WP plugin

Some features of the WP plugin.


    • Compress Image Size


    • Converting GIFs to indexed PNGs


    • Stripping Unused colors from indexed images


  • stripping meta data from JPEGs
Updated: October 15, 2019 — 1:27 pm

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