How to check your email address valid or not valid?

How to check your email address valid or not valid?
What’s a Valid Email AddressHow to check whether an Email address is exist or not ? Here some tips to check your email address. If you sent a message through your Email address and If the message has been sent successfully to that email address without any problem then the email is valid. Otherwise you can check your email address with some online tools such as “Verify Email” and ‘Email Checker.When you put your email address, it will show you if your record exist or not.

You can see many more option to verify an email address by querying the mail server. You can connect to the mail server through telnet and enter your email address and the other email address that you are trying to check. If the server response with an error code then you can understand that the email address is not valid or not exist.

How to check Gmail or Google Apps Account Gmail Valid Email Address?

If you want to check Gmail Valid Email Address Account then you have to go Google Password Assistant page.And Go There you will find different option such as ‘I don’t know my password’ ‘I don’t know my username’ and ‘I’m having other problem signing in’.Here you can choose, I don’t know my password option > enter your email address/google apps address > choose continue. If that email address not valid or not exist then you will see a message by Google ‘No account found with that email address’

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You can check your email address valid or not valid with an another process. At the time when you create a new Google account from Up , if you put your known address to verify, then you will see a message that Someone already has that username.

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What’s a Valid Email Address ? How to verify your Yahoo Email Address?

Email address valid or not valid : If you think that your yahoo email address does not exist or valid then you can check it.You can check your yahoo email address from’/forget.You will see a option same as our following screenshot. There you will be put your email address which you want to check or verify.If the email address not valid then you will see a message’We couldn’t match the Yahoo ID you entered with information in our database’ ahh.. that’s all to realized your email is valid or not.

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How to check your Hotmail, Outlook and address?

What’s a Valid Email Address ? When you check Hotmail,outlook and address, you have to Go to Password, then select I forgot my password option and enter the Outlook email address. You will get an error which will say that The Microsoft account is incorrect. for addresses that do not exist.

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