How to change Facebook page name after 200 Likes : Name of Business Page

Now Facebook Pages one of the best places for speaking to about any personal, Companies, Business, or any Public figure or site. Facebook pages help their development and help to increase the popularity of somebody very quickly. In nowadays, Facebook pages get to be a status image for some identities. They highlight their fan’s pages to stay in touch with their fans. Many companies and businessmen give ads for their business growth. At the same time, any business or fans don’t get a good response just become or bad or incorrectly spell name. So in that condition, you will suffer from changing the name to another one.

We all know that after 200 likes, it is not possible to change the page name. You can change your page name before complete it 200 likes. After that, it will not appear, and the page name got fixed. As a result, when your page likes 5k or more significant than 5k, then if you wish to change your page name, you have to face the problem because there is no option to change or shift your page name.

How to possible change facebook Page name after 200 Likes?


Change Facebook page name: Facebook presents another offer about Request them to change the name, yet this feature is still accessible in few nations just like the US, Canada may be in beta testing. If you are in that nations and only hold up for months to get alternatives in your spot; however, I don’t feel that a big part. We need to attempt instead of holding up. You should follow the following step for How it works.

Essential Steps to Change page Name

1)Firstly you have to install Firefox Add-ons browser
2)For other Browsers Add any US server proxies in your Browser IP address settings.
3)For Firefox users after installing add-ons. Click on the new Icon, which will appear and mark as Active.

how to change Facebook page name

4)When Activate your Add-ons you have to Log in your Facebook account
5)Open your page which name you want to change. You have to go Admin Panel > Edit Page > Update Page Info.
6)Now in Category Option, turn them into a local business.

how to change Facebook page name

7)After changing the category, click on Edit Page Name Button.
8)After that, you will see the option of Request to Change Name.

how to change Facebook page name

9)Click on that option, and a new form will appear about Change Name Request.
10)You should Tick the button for accepting the page guidelines of Facebook.
11)After that, select the type from the menu about your page, which currently representing.

how to change Facebook page name

12)Then again tick on the button that you still want to change the name of the page.
13)You have to Add real information in all the fields like Current Page Name, and which page name you want.
14)You have to select a reason why you want to change Page name from the menu.
15)Upload any document which represents that your business is changes or page is misspell of your business. Always upload documents based on the reasons you have selected in the previous step.

how to change Facebook page name

16)Then tick both options for proceeding request and then click send button

After requesting a change name, you will get an email in your email account associated with the Facebook account from where you ask for a change name. Within 7 days, this email sends a response back to your request. When your application accepted, your page name will be changed automatically into the name which you desired.

Why the page name does not change after Requesting?

If you provide the right and valid reason, then your change name request will be work properly.

In the case of the business page, you have to upload clears documents or re-branding page names for the right reasons.

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