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How to Buy, Sell, and Trade Used Photography Gear on MPB

If you’re a photographer, buying through a second hand reseller is one of the best ways to save money on your equipment. You can find plenty of stores offering this service, and the same is true if you’re looking to trade in your old gear.

However, you’ll also find many websites that let you buy, sell, and trade in used photography equipment. Since its establishment in 2011, MPB has become one of the most respected vendors in the field of photography.

Regardless of whether you want to buy, sell or trade on MPB, the process is straightforward. This article will show you how to do all this.

Things to know before buying, selling and trading with MPB

Before we see how to buy, sell and trade on MPB, it is important to keep a few things in mind. The first is to ensure that you are located at a location that the MPB covers.

At the time of writing in December 2022, MPB is available in the US and UK. You can use the service even if you live in any of the 27 member states of the European Union, including Germany, France and Spain. MPB also ships to Iceland and Norway; Both are in EEA but not in EU.

If you live in one of the countries we haven’t listed above, you may be able to buy the item from MPB. However, you must remember the different delivery charges and custom charges that you may have to pay. On top of that, you may need to deal with delays.

When you buy from MPB, you will get many camera lenses and bodies. Beyond that, though, you can use the service to buy accessories like camera grips and filters for your lenses.

You can buy goods on MPB in Euros, British Pounds and US Dollars. When you visit the homepage from your browser, MPB will ask you which regional site you want to be redirected to.

How to Buy Photography Equipment on MPB

With the basics down, we’ll start by looking at how you can buy photography equipment from MPB on a low budget. To make it easier for you to follow, we’ve broken everything down into subsections.

1. Understanding different device statuses

When you browse the MPB website, you’ll notice that you can purchase items in a variety of conditions. You can segment the top of your search based on what you want. One thing to note is that not all terms are available on some devices.

When you sell items with MPB, you can choose the condition you think your device is in from above.

2. Placing Your Order

Placing an order on a second hand photography gear website like MPB is straightforward. If you see an item you like, you can add it to your basket. Once you’ve included everything you want to buy, you can begin the checkout process.

One thing to note is that if you are located in the EU or EEA, not every country uses the Euro. But if you live in countries like Norway and Poland, you still have to pay in Euros; You will pay whatever is the current rate between your base currency and the Euro.

If you use a standard bank, you may receive a surcharge for using a different currency. You can reduce this by shopping through a service like Wise, which lets you open bank accounts in multiple currencies. Alternatively, you can use a mobile-only banking service—such as N26.

3. Delivery

Once you place your order, MPB will process everything and ship the item to you. The courier will depend on where you live, and shipping times will also differ.

When placing an order within the European Union, MPB will ship your items from Germany. You may be required to pay import duties, which will vary depending on your jurisdiction. Delivery charges will also depend on where you live; Standard international delivery is cheaper for Irish residents than in the rest of the EU.

When items are delivered to your door, you will need to be present to receive everything. If you can do your job remotely, it’s worth working from home for the day.

How to Sell & Trade Photography Equipment on MPB

Now that we’ve covered how to buy photography equipment with MPB, let’s look at how you can sell and trade your gear.

1. Creating Your Quote

To sell and trade your photography equipment with MPB, the first thing you need to do is create a quotation; It’s free to do so. Sign up for an MPB account and go to My Account > Quotes > Get a Quote on Your Kit.

Add the items you want to sell and their condition, as well as anything else you want to buy. Then, click on Get Your Quote; If you are happy with the price, you can negotiate and get the labels you need to ship your equipment. You can also choose the day you want the courier to pick up your item.

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