How to Build Links to Your Website: What Is Back Link

How to Build Links to Your Website: What Is Back Link
Build Links to Your Website: When we create a website, We know there is many factor works behind Google rank and site for Search Engine Optimization.Linking factor is one of the most important factor for SEO but Sometimes we ignore it. I mean a new blogger can not understand the importance of Link so they ignore this.We know that there are three types of link such as Outbound links, Inbound links, Internal link. Before use this link in website we should know about the difference of  links.Here I mention how to build link to your website.

What is Outbound links? Before use use outbound link we should know what is outbound link. Its simple – When a link connect from our site to others website is call outbound link.

What Is Back Link or Inbound link? Inbound link means when a links connect from another websites to our website.Inbound link is also called back link. This back link is very important for a website.This back link will help you to gather more traffic to your site and your Search Engine Optimization will be better.More back link means your site most reputed in the search engine eye. but , Should you need to build Links to your Website ? Answer is No.. you must not build backlink for your own site to get higher rank on your site.You probably may ask then how to build links for my website ? In my experience if you want to increase back link for your site then you need to be a social and if you are popular in social network, then your site get lot of traffic and people will automatically discuss about you and your site in to the internet as a

Build Links to Your Website

result,It will increase your back link. Another type of link which is called Internal link. When a link connect internally one post or page to another pages or post is called Internal link. Suppose you have created a post or article which is related to others post that you have been published before then you can link those posts to current post.By this process you will be able to connect total related article internally.So build links to your website is a very important factor for SEO.

Build Links to Your Website

What is No Follow link?

When you put a link to your website and tell visitor to go to another website for some perpous that means you place a vote for those site that you link.However, When you give a link from your website to another blog or website, that is call Outbound link.When a visitors follow this link and go to another website by this link there is no problem. But problem is happened when Google Search Engine also follow and crawl this link.When Google crawl this link but cannot get proper link or get expired or broken link then your SEO will be down and you will lose your traffic for this. In this case you should give Nofollow link for better improvement of the site.Remember, A valid link from your site to another means you tell search engine also that the site is good in your eye so,Search engine also think for you for those site.So,putting bad link or 404 or broken link or any non reputed site link can be bad for SEO.

How To Add Ref=Nofollow For your Outbound (External) link in Your WordPress Site?

Add Nofollow to a Link : If you create a blog in WordPress and you want to add nofollow for your external(Outbound) link then you can use plugin add nofollow to you all  external(Outbound) link.With the help of this plugin you can tell any search engine link Google not to follow your external link and Search engine also understand that those link that you Add nofollow to a link may be bad link or webmaster not want to follow or vote for outhers. < download plugin add nofollow to a link>

Can Nofollow link hurt my Site SEO ?

If you have massive number of no follow link in your site,still you are not in risk zone.Your site still not effect for SEO and you may get very good traffic from any search engine. Google’s software engineer and Currently the head of Google’s Webspam team Matt Cutts talking about Nofollow link. Here is this video

How to Add nofollow to a link in Your Blogger site

If you create a blogger site and want to add nofollow to a link then you have to Go to your blog post. Select the portion which you want to outbound link and click on link option.

Add nofollow to a link

When you click on link option a window will be appear. You have to check mark the nofollow link before add your link.Here a screen shot which will help you add nofollow to a link.

add nofollow link.

How to check Nofollow links

If you add nofollow to a link and want to check those nofollow link of any website, then go to this page and right click on it.You will find view page source.Then click on view page source.After click on view page source press CTRL+F button to search rel=nofollow.In this process you can able to search nofollow link of thats site.Moreover you also can use any plugin to check this nofollow links.

check Nofollow links

When Outbound Link Affect our site

  • If you add a outbound link to your site but it show 404 error then it will be affect on your site.

  • If your domain expired which you have add to your site

  • If your outbound link add with any spam blog or website it may be affect on your site.

  • If your outbound link connected with any porn or bad site.

  • If the URL structure changed which you have already been added to your site as outbound link.

  • If your outbound link doesn’t work properly or stop working for few days then it will damage your site.

How to protect Outbound links for our site?

  • When you put outbound link use SEO professor External Linking Page to build your outbound link.

  • You should avoid non valuable link to avoid 404 error.If your link show 404 error then it will be down your traffic and also your SEO.

  • Always link any reputed or big sites domain so that it exist all time.

  • You should put any outbound link with very carefully and seriously. Always remember When you add any outbound link it will be vote for that site which you add in your site.

  • Always avoid spam site, bad or porn site, low reputed site to link as outbound

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