How Does Google Search Work : Google Bots Not Crawling/indexing webpage?

How Does Google Search Work? When you create a website or blog, your site crawled by Google bot or Google Crawler and indexed your page in Google search engine. After indexing, the Search engine ranks your content, and it will come into the Google search result. You have to maintain your blog content for fast crawling and indexing. If your blog content fast crawls and index, then content will be soon in Google search results. Otherwise, if the content is not crawled and indexed, then your page content also will not come into the Google search result.
If your site comes fast in your search result, then It will be good for your SEO rank. In previous, we have discussed how to increase your SEO rank and how to Google index website quickly. Here I debated why Google Crawler Not Crawling/indexing webpage for your website or blog site.

What is Google Bot or Google Crawler?

Google Bots is a spider that crawls the page content that you publish on your website or your blog. Google sent this Google bot to your site for crawling your content.


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How Google Crawlers Work? What is Crawling?

How Web Crawlers Work? : Google Crawler or Google bots (spider) will crawl your site when you post something on your website. Google does not have any worker for crawling your site, they use an auto program software for this purpose. Its think about the Page Rank, Back Links before crawling. You can get faster crawling with sitemaps. But, there is no guarantee that Google will crawl anything that you put in your sitemap. The sitemap will simply let Google know about your site content.

What is indexing?

How Does Google Search Works in the case of indexing? A lot of people now depend on Google. They just search for everything through Google Search engine that they don’t know. How we get all the information which we want to search for? When any blogger posts any blog, then Google sent their Google bots or Google Crawler for crawling then index it. After indexing this page, it comes in the Google search engine according to rank, and people get their search results. When Google sent bots, then their spiders start to crawling. When the bots get new content or edited content, then they send information back to Google. After that, Google stored this information in Google rank and indexed. But if you have internal and external duplicate content on your page, then you may face problems in indexing.

Not update properly:

If your content of the webpage is too old, but you do not refresh this content, then you have to face the late indexing of your page. It may take many days. If your site is new, then sometimes it takes more time to index the page. So you have to update your page properly for indexing by Google bot or to take more time for Google Crawler.

Use Proper URL

Some URL is restricted for indexing to avoid duplicate content for your website. If your content covers with duplicate content, then it creates many problems for indexing.

XML sitemap:

This site map will help you to crawl the page of your website for Google Crawler. When you create an XML sitemap and submit it in your Google Webmaster Tools, it helps to crawl your page fast. If you do not submit your XML sitemap, then Google bot or Google Crawler not indexing properly.

Internal Link Structure:

When you will create a website Ensure that all of your pages are interlinked with each other. Especially if your site’s home page has been indexed make sure all the other pages are interconnected with it so they will be indexed too, but make sure there are not a massive number of links on any given page.

Google Plus Profile:

If you create a Google+ profile and add a link to your site in the About section, then it will be better for your site indexing, and to stay Google Crawler takes more time on your website. You must have to Add posts to Google plus containing links to your site. Google+ is a Google product. The Google bot or Google Crawler will pay attention to these links. You will also get benefit from other popular social media profiles for your website.

Fetch as Google:

You have to go into Google Webmaster tools. Then you will see a section which is called Fetch as Google. It will help you to crawl new pages and pages with updated content. Here you will find a text box where type your URL path and click on the FETCH option. If your fetch status updates with Successfully, then click on Submit to index.

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Here you can submit individual URLs or URLs containing links to all the updated content of your website.

Updated: October 15, 2019 — 2:15 pm

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