Information About Hives (Urticaria) Disease – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Hives (Urticaria) are a red, itchy skin rash. It makes an allergic reaction. It is also known as urticaria rash. It appears on the skin. It may develop on one part of the body or be outspread across full areas. Long-standing hives can be very uncomfortable and interfere with sleep and regular activities.

Symptoms of Hives (urticaria) - 

Symptoms of hives include –
> Red-colored welts (wheals)
> Itching, which may be serious
> Painful swelling inside the throat
> Symptoms with stimulates like exercise and stress

Causes - 

Hives (urticaria) are Generally caused by an allergic response to something that has consumed. An allergic condition body starts to release histamines into the blood. Histamines are chemicals the body makes in and try to protect aside against infection and other outside invaders. The histamines can create swelling, itching, and more of the symptoms that are felt with hives. The skin reaction may be stimulated by –
> Pain medicine
> Insects
> Pollen
> Exercise
> Few chemicals
> Chronic sickness, like – Thyroid disease

Diagnosis of Hives (urticaria) - 

The doctor will do a physical Test and ask many questions trying to determine what might be creating signs and symptoms. The doctor may have suggested the testing, like blood tests or skin tests, the doctor can diagnose severe urticaria by examining the rash on the skin. The skin may be performed to understand the material to are allergic. Daily prescribed medicines can assist better to prevent the swelling.

Treatment - 

The proper treatment for hives doctor to identify the stimulate and then to avoid it. The doctor will ask more questions and may recommend a few tests. Treatment for urticaria includes antihistamines taken daily. Antihistamines medicine assists by obstructing the results of histamines and decreasing the rash and preventing the itching. Bathing with cool water and wearing loose clothing may assist in minimizing symptoms. Other medicines are used to relieve this disease. Including –
> Anti-inflammation medicines
> Antidepressants medicine
> Immune-suppressing medicines
> Asthma medicines

Prevention - 

Lifestyle changes may be able to assist in preventing Hives (urticaria) from the return in the next time. If a person has allergies and knows which materials are likely to create an allergic reaction, the doctor will recommend that avoid exposure to these factors. Avoid wearing tight clothing.

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