Hillary Clinton faced Kim Kardashian in a legal knowledge quiz and lost

Hillary Clinton has lost again but this time she’s not at fault for her loss in the Electoral College. In the next episode of her Apple TV+ series Gutsy the ex-secretary of state squares on with the most powerful female on the planet (Kim “no will ever want to be working anymore” Kardashian) in a general knowledge test on legal issues which Kim beats her to the punch. Hil.

As you may have guessed prior to being the First Lady Clinton was a successful lawyer. She even became a partner in her firm. Kardashian has been studying to pass the bar. According to former senators has given the reality model an edge.

“I believe that Kim has an advantage that is unfair,” Clinton says in the episode, which was screened by People. “Kim has done more research than you do,” says her daughter and co-host Chelsea. The final score comes out at 11:11 to Kim (who did indeed vote for her) with 4 going to Hil. It’s like I’m having flashbacks to 2016.

“We did not talk to her about her fashion choices or her private lifestyle,” Hillary Clinton told People about the episode, one of eight that will air in the series that premieres on the 9th of September. “We were interviewed about the work Clinton was working on to people who were wrongfully or unjustly imprisoned to get an opportunity to have a second chance.

” According to Chelsea, “She’s very self-aware that her fame can have a positive impact as well as cause negative effects. She doesn’t want to have a negative impact which is why she’s so careful and thoughtful about the time and where she acts was extremely remarkable to us. I would like, beyond this particular series to do everything I can to support her to accomplish her goals.”

Gutsy will also include interviews with inspirational women such as Dr. Jane Goodall, Gloria Steinem, Wanda Sykes, and more. Take a look at the first trailer here:

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