Here’s Why Tomi Lahren Is Defending Sydney Sweeney

Are the family members of Sydney Sweeney Trump supporters? This was the query that kept Internet investigators and Euphoria fans occupied during the weekend. This has also made Sweeney an interesting controversial topic for discussion.

The speculation began when Sweeney posted pictures from the “surprise hoedown” celebration for her mother’s birthday. The celebration included a mechanical bull ride as well as lines dancing inside a barn an adolescent cowboy-themed birthday cake and … parodies of MAGA caps.

The last item raised eyebrows. They were not even mentioned in the blog post. The hats did make an appearance in a blog post by her brother Trent Sweeney, who clarified that the baseball caps in red actually read “Make Sixity Great Again,” not “Make America Great Again.” (Whether or it’s better is…debatable. The red hat might never be recovered.)

The fans, particularly those who didn’t see the written word of the red hats were skeptical about the event in the first place. They were also quick to call her family Trump supporters. Memes in which she joked that her family was in the Capitol on the 6th of January began with the Euphoria memes shortly after. It didn’t take too long for Sweeney to observe the backlash to her mother’s theme celebration.

She went to Twitter to dispel the speculation, but it could not have the impact she wanted. “You guys this is wild,” she tweeted on the weekend. “An innocent celebration to mark my mom’s 60th birthday turned into an untrue political statement and that’s not the goal. Don’t make assumptions about the future. Many affections to all and Happy Mother’s Day!”

Many have pointed out that the statement isn’t an admission of the political affiliations of her family. Fans also have pointed out it was a “political statement” made by one of her family members who was seen wearing the Blue Lives Matter t-shirt. However, as other fans pointed out that her family’s political beliefs aren’t actually any to relate to Sweeney.

In spite of the actor’s assertions that the party did not have to have anything to do with political issues, the tweets that accuse fans of trying to “cancel” Sweeney for her family’s political ties have become a thing on their own to the point that conservative commentators have been forced to support her. Tomi Lahren tweeted Sweeney’s comment, adding, “Never bow or apologize to the mob.”

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