Top asanas for increasing heights

A proper height always has an additional advantage to anyone’s personality. Taller always makes you look attractive. If you are already in your 20s and worried about how to increase height, then I have some tips for you. As we all know, yoga helps to heal the body internally.
This significantly regulates the metabolism of the body and cures any type of hormonal imbalance. It also stimulates. The growth hormones. Besides the stretching exercises, it corrects the postures of the body and also improves flexibility. Here we are telling you how to increase height by yoga.
Here is a list of yoga exercises I am giving you to increase heights

1) Surya Namaskar: This asana is to salute the sun. This is widespread yoga to increase height

What are the steps to do?

1) Stand with your feet on the ground, facing the sun.
2) Do a namaskar with your palms and lift up your arms while inhaling.
3) Bend forward while exhaling and touch the ground without bending your knees.
4) Up your head, while pushing your left leg forward, followed by the right leg
5) Exhale, and reverse the cycle step by step.

What are the benefits of Surya Namaskar?

1) The Surya Namaskar strengthens the joints and muscles. It increases blood circulation throughout the body.
2) It helps the body to detoxify naturally and improves digestion.
3) It stimulates different hormones of the body and helps to increase height
4) It is a complete exercise from head to toe, and therefore, it is a great workout not only for muscles but also for your internal organs.

2) Sukhasana: This asana helps to gain height and toning your back and hips

Steps to do Sukhasana 

1) To do this, asana, sit on the floor in a cross-legged position with the hands on the knees.
2) Then focus on inhaling and exhaling process with your back
3) Lower your knees to the ground, keep it, exhale and relax them. Repeat the process as often as possible.


1) It relaxes your brain and sends signals of peace and calmness to overall the body.
2) The chest and collarbone are widened
3) It stimulates the spine, which aids to increase the height
4) The back becomes stronger time to time
5) The knees and ankles receive a good stretch by practicing this asana regularly
6) This asana is the best yoga for increasing height after 20

3) Trikonasana: This is also known as the triangle pose. This helps the body to keep in balance and gaining weight. It is one of the best exercises for increasing height after 18

Steps to do Trikonasana

1) To do this, asana, stand with your legs apart and up your hands in parallel with your body.
2) Next, bend to your right and touch the toes while lifting up your left hand up straight.
3) Look up and keep this pose.
4) Exhale and return to the first position. Repeat with the other side.


1) The physical and mental stability of the person is improved by practicing this asana regularly.
2) It also strengthens the abdominal organs and improves digestion in the body.
3) It is a great asana to cure back pain and sciatica.
4) Stress and anxiety have developed by this asana
5) It strengthens the legs, arms, chest, ankles, and neck

4) Dog and Cat Pose: This asana helps for stretching and lengthening the spine. If you think to increase height after 21 then do this asana regularly

Steps to do Dog and Cat pose

1) To do this asana, work of all your fours and lift your pelvis up while breathing in.
2) Arch your spine up and stretch your full body
3) Make sure your stomach is in. Repeat as per required


1) It strengthens and improves the spine flexibility
2) Shoulders and the wrist are strengthened
3) The digestive system is developed, and the abdominal organs are strengthened
4) It improves blood circulation throughout the body
5) The stress is released, and the mind is relaxed

5) Tree pose: This yoga pose helps to spread balance and harmony. This is the best yoga for increasing the height of all ages

Steps to do a Tree pose

1) Stand straight in the Namaskar position.
2) Lift up the arms over the head and make the Namaskar position
3) Then lift one leg and raise it to the knee of the other leg and keep the balance.
4) Exhale and back to the first position. Repeat the same with the left leg.


1) This asana strengthens the spine and develops the balance of the body.
2) It cures flat feet and free from sciatica.
3) It enhances concentration power and stimulates all the mental faculties in the body.

6) Chakrasana: This asana is also known as the wheel pose. This yoga helps the body flexible and elastic. This is also an excellent asana to increase height

Steps to do Chakrasana

1) Take the legs closer to the hips, and bend the elbows, the palms are on the head.
2) Raise your body upwards with the spine arched and keep the pose.
3) Exhale and come to the first position. Repeat the steps


1) The lungs and the chest receive good health
2) This is one of the asanas which empowers the whole body
3) It stimulates the pituitary glands and helps to increase your height also.
4) It ensures infertility, osteoporosis, cures asthma and other chronic diseases
5) It tries to reduce stress and depression and makes you feel energetic and happy

7) Hastapadasana: This asana is called as Hand to foot pose.

Steps for Hastapadasana

1) Stand straight with your feet together
2) Bend towards the feet and keep that position while breathing.
3) Exhale and back to the initial position. Repeat the same step


1) This asana makes the back, hamstrings, hips, and calves stretchable
2) The blood circulation in the brain is improved and helps to relax and revitalize your body.
3) It also helps to cure insomnia and headache.
4) The kidneys and the liver are stimulated, and the thighs and knees are empowered.

8) The Bound Angle Posture: If you have short height then practice this asana daily to get a positive result

Steps for Bound Angle Posture

1) Sit as per instruction. Sitting upright is vital in this asana
2) Keep your toes tightly
3) Practice the pose near about 10 minutes a day


1) This asana improves blood circulation throughout the body.
2) It is a significant stress buster that helps to reduce fatigue.
3) It encourages the flexibility and vitality of your body.
4) It helps to cure different problems such as infertility, flat feet, asthma, high blood pressure, etc.

Updated: November 21, 2019 — 4:33 pm

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