Google XML Sitemaps WordPress: Site Map in WordPress

Google XML Sitemaps WordPress: Site Map in WordPress
Site Map in WordPress: Sitemap in WordPress are very  useful for any webmasters or any websites for better SEO. SEO is the important factor of WordPress. So, when ever we are talking about SEO, Sitemap play the impotent role to rank for any website.

When you create a Site Map in WordPress for your website, you should submit it to the Google Webmaster tool and Bing Webmaster tool. After submit sitemap, your website will be indexed and crawled very fast and Your SEO rank will be better then before.In WordPress, you can see many different types of sitemaps plugin but which I want to discuss about, That I have been installed for better SEO result from the many years.

Google XML Sitemaps WordPress Plugin

WordPress SEO by yoast is a another Google XML Sitemaps WordPress plugin which is the best for SEO and it is also useful for search engine optimization.There you will see a sitemap feature which has added recently.So you can use WordPress SEO by yoast plugin for your sitemaps but I like to use Google XML Sitemaps Plugin. If you install that plugin you will get better optimization because it provide us many configuration and it is also a free plugin. If you use this plugin then you can get constant up gradation of every new release of WordPress.

When you will Create WordPress Sitemap with Google XML Sitemaps Plugin you get better indexing or crawling result. Because you need to submit sitemap for your blog so that all the pages you have create for blog can easily be crawled or indexed by Google Search engine or Others search engine.


When you use Google XML Sitemaps WordPress plugin it always help to create a dynamic Site Map in WordPress bolg which is compatible to Google Webmaster tools, Bing Webmaster tools and Yahoo webmaster tools.After creating your sitemap you have to submit your sitemap to above mention search engine webmaster tools.By this process you will get automatically upgraded information. I mean when you Publish a new post, sitemap will be updated automatically and you will get the total information such as total number of submit pages and total number of indexing pages with

Click here download  Google XML Sitemaps WordPress Plugin

Which are the feature of Google XML WordPress Sitemaps Plugin?

You will find the feature of Google XML WordPress Sitemaps Plugin

  • There are many languages are available.
  • It can generate static XML files as zipped version.
  • It is a user interface plugin by which you can customize all your site parameters.
  • It can calculate all of your post which are based on large number of comments.
  • It can generate sitemap automatically for different types pages of WordPress.

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