Frequently Asked Questions

BLOGFIN – Frequently Asked Questions

This is a shortlist of our most frequently asked questions. If you need help, please Email Us –

Q: Where does the word “blogfin” come from?

A: Simple… Dolphin is the only animal who can use their brain more than human.

Q: What is Blogfin?

A: BLOGFIN, founded in 2012, is a tech & how-to website where you’ll find software reviews, how-to guides, and information about bogging. And we regularly discover interesting things online that you never knew existed. Our archives include a collection of over 100 articles.

Q: Who is the author of this website?

A: The site is written by Arindam Mukherjee. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Hardware Technology and is one of the few professional writers in the world. Arindam has previously worked as a writer in HP Ministry Of cultures

Q: How do I subscribe to Blogfin?

A: We have a daily email newsletter that is sent every weekday featuring top stories of the day. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter

Q: I need some help or have a question. How do I contact you?

  1. You can also send an email at

Q: Do you accept guest posts?

A: Sorry but we do not publish guest posts on Blogfin.

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