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Filmfare Withdraws Kangana Ranaut’s Nomination, Actress Says ‘See You In Court’

Following Kangana Ranaut’s claiming she was going to take on Filmfare magazine, for nominating her and inviting the actress to their awards event The magazine then revoked the Best Actress nomination. Filmfare has called Kangana’s claims false and released a lengthy statement regarding the issue. Kangana however, reacted to their statement, saying that even though her nomination was canceled but she’ll still sue the magazine.

In a long declaration, Filmfare awards wrote, “It is a pity for us here at Filmfare being subjected unjustly insults and slanders from the actress. Kangana Ranaut. In the tradition of Awards, the Executive Editor of Filmfare advised Ms. Ranaut about her nomination for the Best Actor in a Leading Role Female category. She also requested her address to send the award invitation.”

They also shared a portion of their letter to Kangana that reads “Hello Kangana, heartiest congratulations on your nomination to this year’s Filmfare Awards. It will be an honor to host you Please confirm your attendance for the awards ceremony on August 30th at Jio World Convention Centre at BKC, Mumbai. This will help us plan your seating. P.S. Please provide us with your address of residence to enable us to send you the invitation. Regards.'”

The statement continues, “This is a patently false claim put forward by Mrs. Ranaut. We extended an invitation to her as our attempt to bring together all of us in a celebration of the things that bring the country to one, i.e. Indian Cinema. Filmfare Awards are a celebration of cinematic excellence. They’re presented regardless of whether or not an awardee is present at the event. In addition, it was reported that the actress. Ranaut a 5-time Filmfare Awardee, was awarded the prize twice in absconding (2014 and 2015). Despite knowing she would not attend nor perform. Due to the reckless comments made by. Ranaut about Filmfare Awards We have decided to withdraw their Best Actress nomination for the film Thalaivii.

We reserve the right to take legal recourse against the person who made slanderous and defamatory remarks that tarnish our goodwill and reputation.”

Today, Kangna reacted to the announcement by Filmfare and wrote “@filmfare has decided to revoke my nominations for the best actress Thank you to all who have backed me in the struggle against corrupt systems however this shouldn’t deter me from seeking legal action against Filmfare… My aim is to bring in place these unconstitutional practices and end these shady prize shows…see you in the court @filmfare.”

A few days ago, Kangana declared, “I’ve banned unethical, incompetent, and completely unfair practices such as @filmfare from 2014, however, I’ve been receiving a lot of requests from them to attend their awards ceremony this year, as they wish to award Thalaivii an award… I am shocked that they’re still nominating me for the award. It’s a violation of my dignity and work ethics as well as my values system to support this kind of corrupt practice in any way. That is why I’ve taken the decision to take action against Filmfare … Thank you.”

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