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FASTag is a device that works on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for creating toll payments directly from the prepaid or savings account connected to it. FASTag is affixed on the windscreen of the vehicle and activates you to drive through toll plazas without stopping for cash transactions. The FASTtag can be purchased from Tag issuing authority, and if it is connected to the prepaid account, then you require to recharge/top up the tag as per your need. FASTag is valid across over 490 National Highways toll plazas and selected 39+ State highways toll plazas. One lane in every toll plaza is being devoted FASTag lane where no other type of payment is allowed. The other roads, though FASTag enabled, can take different types of cash too.

How FASTag works?

FASTag is a sticker that acts radio frequency identification technology for giving toll payments. It is connected to either a prepaid card or to your savings account/digital wallet. It is fixed on the windscreen of the assigned vehicle and permits motorists to drive through toll plazas without pausing for cash transactions.
When a vehicle passes through a toll, an SMS with date, time, and place of the transaction will be forwarded to the owner of the car. The master data of all sales will be with the concessionaire of the toll booth concerned, along with the bank with which the owner has registered the FASTag and the National Payments Corporation of India.
The Tag has lifetime validity and is vehicle dependent. Two-wheelers, autorickshaws, and other small vehicles that do not have to pay toll currently do not need the FASTag.

Aim of FASTag

With this move, the government focuses on achieving a cashless toll collection. It will also enable the fast movement of vehicles across the toll plazas and confirm that the congestion that cars make is decreased considerably. While this will apply to all the National highways and a selected few State highways, to start with, by March 2020, it will apply to all State highways.

Documents required for FASTag

If you are planning on buying the FASTag, remember that you will require the following documents:

1) Registration Certificate copy of the vehicle
2) Two passport size photos
3) Other KYC documents need for address and ID proof like PAN card, Voter ID, Driver’s License, Passport or Aadhaar card

FASTags have lifetime validity and need to be changed only if they are unreadable due to wear and tear. In such a situation, fresh FASTags need to be bought. In case you lose your FASTag, it must be reported immediately to the place where it was purchased from. Do remember that every vehicle you own must have its own FASTag.

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What happens if your vehicle does not have a FASTag?

If you enter a FASTag-enabled lane without taking a FASTag active, you will be charged double the amount of toll fee and will have to pay by cash. Those who have the FASTag active in their vehicle, once your vehicle passes a FASTag-enabled lane on a toll plaza, an automatic deduction from your bank account will take place, and you will get an SMS alert on your registered mobile number. So, if your vehicle does not have a FASTag yet, do not wait, take today

List of Certified Banks Providing FASTags

1) Axis Bank  – 1800-419-8585
2) ICICI Bank – 1800-2100-104
3) IDFC Bank – 1800-266-9970
4) State Bank of India – 1800-11-0018
5) HDFC Bank – 1800-120-1243
6) Karur Vysya Bank – 1800-102-1916
7) EQUITAS Small Finance Bank – 1800-419-1996
8) PayTM Payments Bank Ltd – 1800-102-6480
9) Kotak Mahindra Bank – 1800-419-6606
10) Syndicate Bank – 1800-425-0585
11) Federal Bank – 1800-266-9520
12) South Indian Bank – 1800-425-1809
13) Punjab National Bank – 080-67295310
14) Fino Payments Bank – 1860-266-3466
15) City Union Bank – 1800-2587200
16) Bank of Baroda – 1800-1034568
17) IndusInd Bank – 1860-5005004
18) Yes Bank – 1800-1200
19) Union Bank – 1800-222244

Charges for FASTag

FASTag provided by certified banks can charge a maximum of Rs 100 for every tag, which is given by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). However, the actual tag providing charges are defined by the bank and may differ from bank to bank.
For instance, HDFC bank is selling FASTag for a car at Rs 400. Pricing contains the following:
Rs 100 for Tag issuance fees
Rs 200 for Refundable Security Deposit
Rs 100 for first recharge amount in the wallet when the wallet has been made

ICICI bank is selling FASTag for a car at Rs 499.12 in the following system:
Rs 99.12 for Tag issuance fees
Rs 200 for Refundable Security Deposit
Rs 200 for first recharge amount in the wallet when the wallet has been made

The top-up charges may differ from bank to bank, and this difference can be seen on respective banks’ websites.

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