Details About Endometriosis Disease – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Endometriosis is a chronic but controllable gynecological condition. Endometriosis is a Frequently painful problem in which tissue related to the tissue that usually lines the inside of the uterus. The lining of the uterus known as the endometrium. The endometrium Develope outside the uterus. Endometriosis Generally include ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the tissue lining pelvis. It happens when endometrial implants contain tissue usually found within the uterus and present in other parts of the body. The hormonal changes of the menstrual cycle influence the lost endometrial tissue reasoning the become inflamed.

Causes of Endometriosis –

Endometriosis is a problem in which tissue related to the tissue that forms the lining of the uterus. The proper causes of Endometriosis are not known, but there are some concepts –
> Menstrual flow Problem
> Genetics
> Hormonal Disorder
> Surgical Scar implantation
> Immune System Disorder
> Endometrial Cell Transport
> Fetal Development
> Embryonic Cell Transformation

Symptoms of Endometriosis –

Endometriosis is a long-lasting condition. The symptoms of Endometriosis differ. Few women feel nominal symptoms, but others can have moderate to serious symptoms. Symptoms of Endometriosis include –
> Long-Standing lower back and Pelvic Pain
> Pain in the Lower Abdomen
> Painful Periods
> Pain while Urinating and stool motion
> Extreme Bleeding
> Infertility
> Bleeding Between Periods
>  Bloody stool
> Serious Menstrual Cramps
> Nausea and Vomiting
> Fatigue
> Constipation

Diagnosis of Endometriosis –

To Diagnose Endometriosis, The Doctor will talk about symptoms, involving the location of the pain and when it appears. The symptoms of endometriosis can be Related to the symptoms of other situations like ovarian cysts and pelvic inflammatory disease. It can be complex to diagnose endometriosis because the symptoms can differ Significantly, and many other Situations can create Related symptoms. The doctor will suggest the following Tests –
> Physical Test
> Ultrasound
> Pelvic Test
> Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
> Laparoscopy

Treatment of Endometriosis –

Endometriosis has no cure, but its symptoms can be controllable. The Treatment depends on how serious symptoms are.
Treatment for Endometriosis generally involves medication or surgery. The Doctor may first try to do conventional treatments. Then may recommend surgery if the situation persists. If any person has Symptoms of Endometriosis, The doctor may transfer to a gynecologist. Treatment Include –
> Pain Medicine
> Hormonal Therapy
> Conservative Surgery
> Progestin Therapy
> Gonadotropin-releasing Hormone(GnRH) agonists and antagonists

Complications of Endometriosis –

Complication Include –
> Ovarian cysts
> Intestinal and Bladder problems
> Fertility is a serious problem with Endometriosis
> Chance of developing Ovarian Cancer

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