Ten Best Free Educational Apps Beneficial to Students For Learning

At Present we are residing in a highly evolved World it may be either Technological or Economical. As per a very recent survey conducting by a renowned organization, it has been found that more than 75% of the Students are using Smart Phones, Tablets, I-Phones, and like highly modernized devices to widen their learning scope. In that sense, the students prepare themselves very well before attending the Classes of the concerned subject. Through this article, we are depicting Ten Best Educational Apps that are going to be very beneficial and handy to Students those possessing Smart Phones as a weapon to their learning objectives. So at present perspective, your mobile devices should be capable of installing the right Educational Apps at the right time. Taking this fact in our memory Ten Best Fee Educational Apps are enumerated below for highly enthusiastic and knowledge hunter Students group, I think definitely get benefited:

Top 10 Free Educational Apps for Learning

Through our article, we are depicting 10 Free Educational Apps for Learning with their essential features and utility for upgraded students to their Knowledge improvement. We can assure it that students will enjoy their new learning way by their very little handy Smart Phone. Then dear friends, let start to appreciate our article and discover a new zone of learning.


YouTube, the word started with the word “YOU,” then imagine without YouTube, you can not be completed. YouTube just not an Entertainment App like playing of Songs, Videos Etc. It is an Educational app also. You will find a lot of educational content on YouTube. Extensive collections of tricky calculations of Complex Mathematical operations, Easy elaboration of theory regarding Physics and Chemistry, etc. You may follow the tutorial uploaded to YouTube to sharpen your learning scope.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine, or instantly an answer engine developed and upgraded by Wolfram Research. You may enjoy it online by putting your queries directly and immediately get the answer from externally sourced created data. With this app, you can find a lot of information related to mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Bio-Science, and Science referred to earth, and many more. It is a highly evolved app and not available in free. You should pay a minimal amount to install the app. I can assure you to enjoy a fantastic reference guide about everything.

Microsoft Office Mobile


A few days before, we can not think beyond Microsoft in the age of automation. Microsoft developed a unique mobile app like Microsoft Office Mobile for Android devices, placed it one of the top Educational App available in free. You can enjoy full access to MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Without a Laptop, you can start your home assignments through your Smart Phone, then think it will improve your educational skill or not.

Easy Bib

Students who are very interested in studying physical, cultural objects will be very beneficial to them. The book’s name is enough to utilize this educational App. When students entering the Book name, the App will display all details regarding passage style. The App store several data for you and store it in the cloud without consuming the mobile memory space.

My Study Life

This App store several data for you and store it in the cloud without consuming the mobile memory space. Students will be assisted definitely by its regular notifications about Schedule classes, Tests, and Exams. This App is straightforward to use.


Students get more and more accessible to millions of referral books, Audio Books, and other academic documents. Scribd provides the ratings of the desired books based on past user experience. With this App, you will get the appropriate reference book to widen your learning path.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep also plays a vital role in refresh our mind and provides relaxation. Without sound sleep, you can not concentrate on your studies. All the efforts employed by you will become void. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock helps students to get the right amount of sleep each day. This App uses trends based on years and years of research on sleep science.



Photo-math is a Mathematical App, helps you to learn mathematics simply. You need to take a simple picture of your mathematical problem. The Photo-math App will display the solution for the specified mathematical problem. Students get a fruitful guide in a variety of math; it includes arithmetic, fractions, decimal fractions, linear equations, and many more.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit making concern to provide valuable Educational guidelines to you so that students equipped herself or himself covered by knowledge. This App allows you to enjoy more than 4000 Educational Music, Videos, Etc. SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Aspirants may prepare themselves by using this App.


Duolingo is a funny Educational App. Duo-lingo teaches you how to speak in the Second language, which means other than Mother-tong. The second Language plays a vital role in knowing the other part of the world. It uses some funny features over half a dozen languages. Forget fear on Second languages and catch the hands of Duolingo App. You will move one step ahead of others.

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