Health Effects of Smoking

Smoking can create lung illness by injury airways, and the small air sacs find in the lungs. Lung diseases caused by smoking involve COPD, which includes emphysema and long Standing bronchitis. Cigarette smoking makes most cases of lung cancer.
Smoking is a process of inhaling and exhaling the smoke of tobacco. Related to tobacco as smoked in a cigarette, cigar, or pipe. Smoking is added to smoking; it carries the very addictive chemical nicotine. People begin smoking for different causes. Smoke is a bad habit because if it moves into the lungs of a person, it can damage their lungs or even kill.

Tobacco smoke is Unbelievable injurious to health. Different Disease Are Caused By Smoking –
> Lung cancer
> Emphysema
> Long-Standing Bronchitis
> Stroke
> Heart Disease
> Colorectal Cancer
> Weakened Immune system
> Vision Problems or Cataracts
> Risk of Other Cancer included – Mouth Cancer, Liver Cancer, Kidney cancer, colon cancer, Throat Cancer.

Effects of Cigarettes Smoking –

Smoking cigarettes can have more adverse consequences on the body. Some of these can conduct to fatal Problems.
> Shortness of Breathe
> Chest Pain
> Problems On Swallowing
> Presevering Cough
> Upper Respiratory Infection
> Heart Disease
> Gum DIsease

Lung Injury or Damage – Smoking cigarettes influence lung health disease. Cigarettes are managed to grow in the risk of spread lung cancer. Smoking cigarettes also presents a significant possibility of growing and dying from a chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. Cigarettes are also connected to growing emphysema and long-standing bronchitis and asthma attack.
Heart Disease – Smoking of cigarettes can injury the heart, blood vessels, and blood cells.
Digestive System – Smoking growing the risk of mouth, throat, larynx, cancer.
Smoking and Cardiovascular Disease -  Smoking create stroke and heart disease, Smoking damages blood vessels and can make them clot and increase smoking can also lessen blood flow to legs and skin.
Smoking and Cancer – Smoking can create cancer in any place of the body. Include –
> Blood
> Cervix
> Parts of The throat, Tongue, and tonsils
> Liver
> Kidney
> Stomach
> Pancreas
> Bronchus
> Lungs
> Colon and Rectum

Smoking and other Health Problems - 

Smoking is injurious to any part of the body and influences anybody’s full health.
> Smoking is also Harmful to a woman who becomes pregnant. It can also influence her baby’s health before and after birth. Smoking enhances problems.
> Smoking can also influence the sperm of men, which can decrease fertility and also grow risks for birth problems.
> Smoking can affect bone health.
> Smoking triggers the health of teeth and gums and can create tooth loss.
> Smoking can growing risk for cataracts.
> Smoking can make the risk of diabetes mellitus and can make it tougher to control.
> Smoking creates general unfavorable effects on the body and reduced immune function.

Nicotine replacing therapies is the Treatment of smoking. There are many types, included –
> Nicotine gum
> Inhalers,
> Patches,
> Sprays,
> Lozenges  and
> Medication.

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