Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson’s new suspension means he’ll be back to face the Bengals

When the two teams meet in Week 14, the Cincinnati Bengals will take aim at Deshaun Watson and the Cleveland Browns. After Watson’s 11-game suspension was updated, Watson will return in time to face the Bengals in what promises to prove to be a highly competitive matchup. Although it seems strange that Watson’s first game after suspension will be against Houston Texans, Cincinnati will face the controversial quarterback in the upcoming season.

We expect Bengals fans will make a lot of noise at the game, as it will be held in Paycor Stadium. Deshaun Watson’s Browns will face the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 14 in 2022. Watson will be entering the field for the first time in 2022. It’ll be two years since Watson last touched a football. However, his 2020 season is nothing too shabby.

Watson’s best season in the NFL was his record of 4,823 passing yards with 33 touchdowns in 16 games played for the Texans. Watson joined the Browns in the offseason. He has been a hot topic because of how he has reacted to past mistakes and how much he apologized.

Watson’s return gives the Bengals another reason to beat the Browns to win the AFC North in 2022. Cincinnati is well-positioned to win another Super Bowl, with Joe Burrow returning from a successful second year and the talented core of their 2021 team still intact.

No one will stop Watson’s cringe-inducing, deplorable antics. Watson is now Public Enemy No. Watson has been made Public Enemy No. 1 in the league and the Bengals will enjoy the chance to take him down for them in 2022.

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