Daniel Ricciardo out, Oscar Piastri in? What do we know about the tense Formula 1 situation

One of the most promising young motorsports stars was caught up in a major contract dispute last week. It could mean that Formula One’s most adored racers without an opportunity after next season. Oscar Piastri is currently the reserve driver and test driver for the Alpine F1 team. Alpine F1 team was announced on Tuesday as one of two principal drivers for 2023. But, just thirty minutes following Alpine’s news release Piasti posted on Twitter that he was not in any contract with Alpine in 2023, and said that the press release was “wrong.”

There was speculation that Piastri was 21, and had already signed an agreement for 2023 with the McLaren F1 team, which is currently competing with Alpine for fourth place in the constructor’s standings. The rumors may be true, as RACER confirmed this Friday that McLaren was in talks to end negotiations with the eight-time racing champion Daniel Ricciardo and felt it had an acceptable contract with Piastri.

However, Alpine also believes it has an effective contract that is valid with Piastri for 2023. Alpine has also told RACER that they believe that their announcement about Piastri is “legally correct.”

So do you think Piastri will make an F1 debut at the end of 2023 and the team? What does this mean for Ricciardo whose difficult career has been highlighted partly by the well-known Netflix documentaries “Drive to Survive”

Who is Oscar Piastri?

Piastri is a 21-year-old Australian driver who has been a part of the Alpine junior program since the year 2020. Junior programs aid young drivers in advance through minor racing competitions while they progress toward F1. Piastri took home his first Formula 3 championship in 2020 and then the Formula 2 championship in 2021 and became the only racer to be crowned the winner of both championships for consecutive times. According to the rules of the FIA the body that regulates the sport of motorsports, those who take home the F2 title aren’t permitted to return the following year. With no seats available in F1 in 2022, this put Piastri in a state of confusion — until Alpine finally signed him to a reserve agreement for 2022 in order to stay Piastri associated with the team and give the Australian an experience in F1 in the F1 car.

Is Daniel Ricciardo driving in F1 next year?

It’s hard to imagine Ricciardo not racing in F1 this year, but it’s feasible. If Piastri is McLaren’s second driver by 2023 Ricciardo is left with only a handful of options but none is great. There is a chance that Ricciardo might be the next candidate to fill the Alpine seat. Ricciardo raced for McLaren under the previous name of Renault from 2019-20, before joining McLaren. Ricciardo was fifth in the championship of drivers standings for Renault in 2020.

If a team could be able to see its two top options for 2023 -Ricciardo and Piastri – Alonso as well as Piastri — and simultaneously put them to die, Alpine would be hard-pressed to find a quicker alternative than Ricciardo. McLaren has yet to make an announcement about Piastri or Ricciardo for 2023. However, McLaren has been linked to other drivers, including IndyCar rookie Colton Herta.

So Piastri could be forced to be a driver for Alpine by 2023?

If the CRB had ruled against Alpine the answer is yes. He’d be legally bound to drive for Alpine. If, however, the group found that McLaren’s contract was valid and superseded the contract of Alpine, In that case, Piastri is free for joining McLaren and Alpine would have an open seat before 2023.

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