Details About Colon Polyps Disease – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

A Colon polyps is a small development of tissue that the lining of a part of the big intestine called the colon. some colon polyps can increase into colon cancer, which is often life-threatening. Maximum colon or bowel polyps are harmless. There are two types of polyps. These are non-neoplastic and neoplastic. The best inhibitor for colon cancer is daily screening for polyps. Colon polyps found in the first stages can Generally be removed properly.

Symptoms of Colon Polyps - 

The Colon is a long tube at the base of the digestive tract. Doctors generally find these polyps during tests. Colon polyps sometimes create no symptoms. If anybody feels symptoms, these may include –
> Bleeding from the Rectum
> Stool color Change
> Abdominal Pain
> Anemia Disease (Iron deficiency)
> Change In bowel habits

Causes of Colon Polyps - 

Polyps effect from abnormal tissue growth. There are two types of polyps, non-neoplastic and neoplastic. Non-neoplastic polyps involve hyperplastic polyps, inflammatory polyps, and hamartomatous polyps. Non-neoplastic polyps normally do not become cancerous. Maximum colon polyps are adenomas. Doctors do not know the proper causes of colon polyps, some factors may be connected these include –
> High-fat diet
> Consuming red meat
> Smoking
> Not eating more fiber
Genetic factors create to develop colon polyps.

Diagnosis of Colon Polyps - 

The doctor may start Treatment taking a medical history and do a physical Test. If the doctor suspect colon polyps, they may suggest a few other tests. These tests can also assist find colon polyps in the first stages. Screening examines do a part in identifying polyps before become cancerous. Identifying colon polyps early can minimize the chance of Problems. The test may include –
> Colonoscopy
> Flexible sigmoidoscopy
> Virtual colonoscopy
> Stool test

Treatment of  Colon Polyps - 

Doctors will Generally Treat colon polyps by detaching them. The doctor may also suggest specific lifestyle changes to stop colon polyps from reappearing. Doctors can eliminate colon polyps applying the few procedures –
> Colonoscopy – Colonoscopy is the most susceptible examination for colon polyps and cancer.
> Laparoscopy
> Removing the colon and rectum
> Surgery

Prevention - 

Anybody can minimize the chance of developing Colon polyps by healthy habits. these include –
> Consuming a healthy diet
> Maintain a normal body weight
> Consuming a low-fat diet
> Avoid alcohol
> Quit smoking

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