Information About Chest Infection – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Chest infection is a kind of respiratory disease that affects the lower portion of the respiratory tract. It can increase to any infection in the lower respiratory area. Lower respiratory tract involves windpipe and lungs. Chest infections can extend from light to serious. The prevalent types of chest infections are bronchitis and pneumonia. Bronchitis is generally created by a viral infection, and Pneumonia is caused by a bacterial infection. Some chest infections can be severe and needed Treatment.

Types of a Chest infection - 

Types of Chest Infection include –
> Bronchitis
> Pneumonia
> Tuberculosis

Symptoms of Chest Infection - 

The symptoms of chest infection may differ from man to man. The Normal symptoms of a chest infection can include –
> Chesty Cough
> Wheezing
> Chest pain
> Shortness of breathe
> Fatigue
> Headache problem
> Muscles pains
> Frequent Heartbeat

Causes of Chest Infection - 

Chest infection is an infection of the lungs. The proper cause will be based on the kind of infection. The types of chest infections are bronchitis and pneumonia. Bronchitis is caused by viruses, and most types of pneumonia are due to bacteria. Infections are Generally spread when infected people cough. This fluid consists of the virus or bacteria in the air. The infections can also be spread to other people. The respiratory droplets transfer the infection.

Diagnosis of Chest Infection - 

The doctor will be making a diagnosis of a chest infection by listening and some testing.
They will ask about symptoms and feelings.
The doctor may also talk about medical history and that of family.
If symptoms are more serious and need to go to hospitalized, then they may require to have a few tests. these include –
> Blood test
> X-ray

Treatment of Chest Infection - 

Treatment will focus on relieving symptoms. In maximum cases, chest infections from viral sources like the common cold not needed treatment. Doctors may suggest medicine to remove symptoms. If anybody has a bacterial infection, they will be treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics can assist remove bacterial infections. Antiviral medicines may be required in specific viral infections. In serious occurrences, anybody may require going to the hospitalized.

Prevention of Chest Infection –

Some measures can assist in preventing a chest infection. these are include
> Daily washing the hands
> Consuming a nutritious diet
> Daily exercising
> Quit smoking
> Avoiding sick people

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