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How to install WordPress in Google App Engine

Google Cloud WordPress : You can install WordPress in Google app engine via some simple method. When you install WordPress in Google App Engine your page speed optimized and increase. You can check it through page speed optimization tools and better page speed means better SEO rank. How to Install WordPress in Google App Engine ? If you […]

How to Reduce Website Loading Time for WordPress

Website Loading Time: Blog loading time is an important factor for SEO. If you create a blog in WordPress then you should reduce website loading time. Fast loading time of website is good for not only Search Engine Optimization but also Impression of blog readers. Suppose people want to log in your site but when […]

How to Protect content copying from others Blogger

OMG… My blog copy from some blogger and even get better rank then me !! Yes.Its a bitter experience. When a blog writers create a blog , they always try to maintain his blog to protect content from copying. Every blogger want to makes quality blog outer then spammer. Sometimes you feel that your blog is […]

Reset WordPress Settings after Install WordPress

In before I have been discussed how to install WordPress in cPanel or zPanel. Here I want to share you some essential settings after install WordPress for your website or blog. If you create a website for business purpose then I think WordPress is the best platform for you.  After install WordPress you need to […]

How to Transfer Your Blogger Blog to WordPress

Blogger is an easiest way to start your blogging quickly.You can make your blogger’s blog by Google with free of cost.Its has bullet proof security as its host to Google Cloud and you need not pay for blogger. but, disadvantage of blogger is when you customize your blog. You will face some problem as all […]

Moving WordPress to Another Host : one cPanel to another cPanel

Moving WordPress to Another Host, One cPanel to another cPanel is very simple work and You can move this without no changing its originality. You can move your WordPress site by a professional experts/Guru but You need to pay for this purpose. I think that is not good Idea to pay for Moving WordPress to Another […]

How to Embed PDF files in WordPress Blog Post

When you create a blog or any website you may need to Embed PDF files in WordPress many times to provide more information to your blog readers.But many reader face problem as they can’t read the information of the PDF file without adobe reader. You can embed this files in your  blog posts so that your […]

How to Setup locally MySQL for Google App Engine On your Server

Before you download and Setup MySQL for Google App Engine first I discuss about MySQL . A MySQL database is a web hosting database that is utilized to store site data like blog posts or user information. A MySQL database is the best linking database on the web today.A MySQL database is capable for storing any type of data that need […]

How to Install and Configure W3 Total Cache Plugin for WordPress?

W3 Cache Plugin Tutorial : In WordPress we find many different cache plugin.I have been discussed before about the WP super cache plugin.Here I have discussed about W3 Total Cache Plugin which is another best plugin for Page speed and speed up loading time of your website. It can create static page for you site and reduce […]

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