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Jun 14, 2017

10 Creepy Sea Creature Under The Deep Sea

We are alway curious about the world that beneath under the deep sea. As for 21st century, we are much more familiar with the sea, thanks to technology. We know about the fishes and the sea creatures that lives under the sea. But what about the world that lies into deep oceans.

This impressive figure is enough to wake all kinds of surprising questions about how much we really know about life in the oceans. Over 70% of the surface of our Earth is covered with water and we are not able to reach all the spot so we don’t know kind of animal lives in there

In this article, I’m going to tell you about the 10 Creepy Sea Creature Under The Deep Sea. Let’s check out

10. Goblin Shark

It is a living Fossils that dwells in sea depths greater than 3330 feet. Its noticeable characteristic is super elongated snout and terrifying protruding jaw like an ” Alien ” movies, completely arm with hundred graded needle-like teeth.

Although it is an efficient predator, it moves slowly, and that is why its hunting strategy is to wait until the prey is unaware. Their feeding based mainly on migratory fish suggests that many of the activities of this species occur during the nights or mornings.

9. Sea Pig

This multiple tube footed sea creature has a close relation to the sea cucumber. Except that this Cucumber is a locomotion driven. Often found in a large group this Sea Pig used hydraulic pumps that fill its legs with water to absorb Organic food that has fallen to the floor from the Ocean surface.

The average sea pig has a flat, oval body, with a length ranging from 5 to 10 cm (2 to 4 inches). The mouth is surrounded by ten feeding tentacles and they have five to seven pairs of feet, that are used exclusively for walking on the sea bottom.

They have three pairs of papillae on the upper surface of the body. The two are long and whip-like, but the third pair is short and inconspicuous

Sea Pig

8. Deep Sea Hatchet Fish

Rising out in dark, This fish only reveal themselves at night time in search of food. This 4 inches long sea creature has very bizarre faces with huge bulging eyes pointed up head, this feature is used for hunting food above them.

There are 45 different species of hatchet fish. Depending on their size and type, they can be found on depth ranging from 600 to 4500 feet. Deep sea hatchet fish and freshwater hatchet fish represent different types of fishes. Unlike deep-sea species, freshwater hatchet fish can be kept in an aquarium. Deep sea hatchet fish is not listed as endangered.

Deep Sea Hatchet Fish

7. Blobfish

Consider as one of the ugliest animals ever discovers this gelatinous fish lies in the deep water off of Australia and New Zealand. It lacks muscles, therefore simply floats around hoping the food will wander into its mouth.

Its lives in the deepth of 2000- 4000 feet. The pressure is in this such deepth is 120 times then the surface for this its body consist with jelatin flesh with no muscles. This jelly like flesh is comon in deep sea organisem. If they come at the surface their body colleps for the extrim pressure change. This fish often confuse with the similer looking fish Blob sculpin.


6. Christmas Tree Worms

Christmas Tree Worms are named based on their colourful fire- tree-like appearance. What is so unique about this creature is they are coming in an endless ray of colour. Their hair- like appearance are used for breathing and to catch food like Phytoplankton.

The light sensitive patches on the gills, which stick out of the worm’s burrow like tree branches, allow the creatures to keep a look out while remaining mostly in their burrow.

Christmas Tree Worms

5. Flamingo Tongue Snail

It is a snail which shell is encased in a bright coloured respiratory membrane. It grows a maximum of 1.5 inches and feeds off the toxins released from Gorgonians. The bright colour of the Tongue is a warning of its toxicity.

Flamingo tongues are predators that specialize on eating soft corals.  They are almost exclusively found on their preferred prey species – typically sea fans, whip corals, and other soft corals.  As they slowly crawl along the bodies of their prey, they eat away the soft tissue, leaving only the coral’s skeleton behind.

Like some sea slugs and other reef organisms, flamingo tongues incorporate chemicals from their prey into their soft tissue to provide a chemical defense against predation

Flamingo Tongue Snail

4. Vampire Squid

When fell provoked Its eye glow and the tips of each arm grow a Bioluminescent blue to confuse its enemies. If that does not work, in a strange reaction this squid literally turn inside out revealing rows of jagged teeth.

The jaws of the Vampire Squid are extremely powerful. However, researchers aren’t fully sure of what all this type of squid consumes. Some theories include a variety of small invertebrates. They don’t need to eat very much though due to their low metabolism.

Vampire Squid

3. Axolotl

The creepy aspect about the Mexican under water is it literally stays your for its enter life. It even mates with others while remaining in its childlike from. It can also regenerate entire limbs.

The impossibly silly branches that grow from the axolotl’s head might not seem practical, but they’re actually the salamander’s gills. The filaments attached to the long gills increase surface area for gas exchange.


2. Viper fish
This deep sea creature has teeth that’s are bigger than they can fit in its mouth, protruding upwards towards its eyes. Its long Dorsal spine is attached to a photophone which is light producing organ that creates Bioluminescence. It is used for attracting or distracting its prey.

Food is extremely scarce in the deep sea environment, so the fish that live here have developed extremely deadly jaws to ensure that prey they capture in their jaws has no way to escape.

Viper fish

1. Angler fish

The male is born very small, completely weak and endlessly hungry with a keen sense of smell. A small he follows his entire life, the smell of female pheromone. It is the female which is huge and powerful. The male bite the female and fuses his entire body to the female except for the testicles which the female uses to impregnate herself. The female also can fuses multiple male in one time.

Angler fish

Jun 12, 2017

10 Dangerous Insect In The World

What kind of species you afraid of most? Probably, your answer is wild animal. But size is no always caused of danger. There are so many insect in the world which stinks can cause many deadly diseases. Without proper treatment, some insect bites may even result in death. Maybe you do not familiar with all insects.

So, in this article, we are going to give you some information about The 10 Dangerous Insect In The World

10.Japanese Mountain Leech

The Japanese Mountain Leech is often mistaken for a snake due to its large size. They can swallow a whole worm. Leech can come from anywhere in the woods, and typically will fall on you. They can even hide in your shoes. so they can literally leech off of you undetected, these leeches will release. An anti- coagulant ant and numbing agent so you will remain unaware of anything going on. Having something slither towards you and feeds off if you undetected is the product of horror movies.

Japanese Mountain Leech

9. Assassin Bug

If you are a bug and you run into an Assassin bug, you can kiss your existence goodbye. The Assassin bug stabs their prey to death and then injects a poison that turns their insides into liquid. These bugs are violent and ruthless. there is even on species called A. petax that even wears the empty corpses of their prey on their backs like Trophies.

Assassin Bug

8. Giant Weta

While Giant Wetas are generally harmless, but their appearance is truly terrifying as they are three times the weight of a typical mouse. The Giant Weta is so big, it can eat a regular carrot and be able to eat it faster than the average human. They are the heaviest insects in the world and can be found in the country of New Zealand.

Giant Weta

7. Africanized Honey Bees

The origins of the Africanized honeybee are of science fiction. In the 1950’s European scientist bred a special honeybee from an African honeybee and a European honeybee for the purposes of making honey in more tropical areas. However, the hybrid escaped and started to breed on its own. Thus, the creation Africanized honeybee, also known as ” killer bees “. They are much more territorial than European bees. For example, if you disturb the hive of a European bee, you’ll get about 20 stings. If you disturb the hive of Africanized honeybees, you’re locking at 2,00stringsgs and organ failure from the venom. Killer bees have killed hundreds of people, and it doesn’t take much to provoke an attack.

Africanized Honey Bees

6. Bot Fly

You may be heard about this insects. If you ever travel in central or south America, beware of the Bot Fly. He Bit fly is a parasite that can take residence in human. A female Bot fly will lay her eggs on a mosquito, and once the egg is set upon human flesh and senses the temperature change, the egg hatches and the larvae take residence in human skin. Larvae can grow to the size of a human pinky, and people have had to have surgery to remove the larvae sience they are covered in spikes. Some people have reported that they can feel the larvae moving under their skin.

Bot Fly

5. Huntsman Spider

Imagine of the giant Huntsman spider have sent arachnophobes into hystrios and cause them to swear to never visit Australia. Unlike their spidey brethren, they don’t build webs to catch their prey. Instead, they just hunt and catch their prey with their own giant legs. With the size of the Huntsman, they can easily tackle bugs, insects, and small animals.

Huntsman Spider

4. Giant Centipede

Found in the moist and warm grounds of South America, the Giant Centipede, also known scientifically as the scolopendra Gigantea, can grow up to 35 centimetres long and have 46 legs. The giant Centipede typically hunts for bugs and carcas by day, but at night. The centipede goes for larger animals like lizards, frogs, and snakes. The dark brown, yellow and black exteriors are intimidating enough as it is, and they are actually becoming a popular exotic pet.

Giant Centipede

3. Cicada

Cicada can be found all over the world. They are harmless in some ways, but they can wreak havoc on your life in an instant. First of all, they are born and grow underground. Meaning t5hat your yard could be a Cicada nest waiting to happen. When the Cicadas his puberty, they rise from the ground and start to bury themselves into the trees and lay their eggs. Cicada has sometime mistaken humans for trees and try to durrow in legs and lay their eggs on limbs. Also, Cicadas can produce sound of up to 120 decibels, louder than a typical rock concert.


2. Japanese Hornet

It’s safe to say that if you bun into a Japanese Hornet, you’re pretty much out of luck. First of all, these Hornet are huge as they can grow up to 2 inches in length and their stinger has a diameter of a quarter inch and can fly between 25-60 miles per hour. They typically prey upon honeybees, and one hornet can chop up 40 bees per minute. Japanese farmer will spray a heromone to alert their brethren an upcoming attack. A team of hornets can kill and dismember about 30,000 bees. They will also chop up body parts into bite size pices and feed them to their larvae. Not to mention, Japanese Hornets have venom that can melt human flesh and pretty much destroy your nervous system.

Japanese Hornet

1. Giant Orb Weaving Spider

Not too long ago, people became more aware of the Giant Orb Spider because of an image circulating around the internet of one of these Spider attacking and eating a Bird. The bird had gotten caught in the spider web, and became the spider lunch. This Spiders are found in Australia, and they build their weba high into the trees made up of a strong protein so that larger bugs can be caught. The Giant Orb Weaving Spider eating the birds is supposedly a rare event, and has stunned wildlife experts.

Giant Orb Weaving Spider

Jun 10, 2017

Top 10 Most Powerful Army Around The World

Have you ever thought about joining the Army? NOP, it’s not a recruitment site, we are going to give you the information about the strongest Army around the world.

Armies the most impotent part of a Country, the country will be as strong as a country’s army. If one country’s military power is strong, it can easily give away war threat and restrain the terrorist.  So all county want to empower their Army with Tanks, Submarines, Guns and of course the Nuclear Power.

In this article, I’ll tell you about all the Country which have all this facility in their Army

10. Turkey

Turkey has over 410,000 Military members using over 3,600 tanks and nearly 1,000 Aircraft with a budget of about $ 10.2 billion. This makes Turkey’s Military one of the largest in the eastern Mediterranean with one of the most powerful tank fleets in the in the world and only a few countries have more submarines than them.

9. United Kingdom ( UK )

If we saw history, United Kingdom always been the strongest country. The United Kingdom has over 205,000 active service members in their Military that utilise over 405 tank, 908 aircraft, and 225 nuclear warheads. their budget ranges from $ 53 to $ 65 billion in order to properly fund this sort of protection.

8. Germany

Germany has a Military budget of $40- $45 billion with over 183,000 active members protection their country of 80 million people. while they don’t have nuclear warheads or aircraft carriers, they have 4 submarines, 408 tanks, and 710 air crafts. Don’t let those number fool you though among their aircraft supply of Attack Helicopters and they are lending AID to some of nato’s eastern European countries.

7. South Korea

With between $33- $62 billion being allocated to support aver 640,000 active duty military members to protection 49 million people, South Korea has to really put out the big guns to protect themselves from looming aggression from North Korea. They have about 13 submarines, 2381 Tanks, and over 1400 air crafts. Given that they have to have all bases covered when it comes to pending attacks, South Korea also has the sixth largest Air Force in the World.

World's most strong army

6. France

France has over 66 million people in their population, and the World knows that they have been going through some turmoil. With over 220,656 active service members, France budget is at $43 million that funds their 423 tanks, 1,203 Aircraft, and 300 nuclear warheads. While their Military is small, they are highly focused and precise in their work.

5. Japan

Japan population is of over 126 billion people, and out of that, the country has over 247,00 members in the military. With a budget between $41- $49 billion, Japan is able to provide their military with 767 Tanks, and 1,595 Aircraft. Japan also has four Aircraft carriers equipped with only Helicopters fleets.

4. India

India has 1.3 million active service members to protect their population of 1.2 billion, making it one of the largest armies in the World. Not only that, they also have anywhere between 80- 100 nuclear warheads, making it a powerful ally and terrifying enemy. Their budget is about $56 billion that funds over 6,000 Tanks, and nearly 2,000 aircraft.

3. China

China has the most military members enlisted with a staggering 2.2 million. Their budget is around $131 million, but numbers stagger anywhere between $126- $216 million. China’s army tank members are at over 9,100 and over 2,800 Aircrafts. Not to mention that China also has the second strongest submarines fleet behind the United States.

2. Russia

Russia has over 766,000 military members protecting their country’s population of 142 million people. The budget for their armies range anywhere from $76- $84 billion what’s interesting about Russia is that they have the most tanks in the worlds with 15,000 as over 8,400 nuclear warheads.

1. United States

The United States has a population of over 321 million people to protect, and 1.4 million citizens are enlisted in the military. the budget allocated for the military ranges anywhere from $661- $612 billion that funds over 13,000 air crafts, 8,000 tanks, and about submarines. Not to mention, the US military also has about 7.500 nuclear warheads.

Jun 10, 2017

Top 10 Most Finest Airport Around the world

In terms of travelling long distances, flying on an aeroplane is the fastest and easiest way to get to your Tourist destination. But waiting for the flight could be very annoying. Not always, if you are in the right Airport. Today I’ll give you an inscription of 10 Most Finest Airport Around the World.

Each entrance in the list is unique, having at list one quality that makes it stand out from all the slow infuriating Airport out there.

10. Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur attraction happens to be the glorious indoor rain forest. Yap! you heard that right, smacked up in the middle of terminal A is a prominently a natural Rainforest for tourist to wander at as they wait for the flight. Admittedly some of the other terminals at Kuala Lumpur have received some mixed reviews for cleanliness a comfort. When an airport rocks a Rainforest you just have to award it with star point.

9. Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan

Trust me you’re gonna familiar eyes yourself with this one. Contrite to the typical travel experience, waiting for the flight to Taoyuan Airport is actually enjoyable. Global passengers will be able to experience the best of Taiwan here, including local cultures and delicacies. Among it’s all glory the airport offer you free trouble library for travellers to browse. You can also get a message, not just any of massage the airport employees are bline citizen of Taiwan and they offer some killer back rub. It also is a place where people can take a break and enjoy, energise, and relax. But taking the cake is the Hallow Kitty theme gate in terminal 2 gate c3 is decked out the floor to ceiling with pink, white and everything cute.

8. Heathrow Airport, London

In 2015 the Heathrow Airport was ranked as the 6th busiest airport in the world. Handling just 75 million passengers. So we expected that you are familiar with this one. Despite the traffic, some remain unbelievably clean as well efficient. In edition to its modern lounge area, excellent shopping selection which ranked 5th in the world. It throws also houses an inspiring collection of work from the up incoming British artist.

7. Zurich Airport, Switzerland

Leave it the Swizz to get us out of our lounge chair and shutting off Netflix in the fervour of the precut of excitement. Zurich embraces its nation physical attraction and encourages those with a layover explore by offering Bike and Skateboard. Or you can go to the reservation desk to take in surrounding from the far. Does it happen to be your child birthday, with some notice you can actually organise a Birthday party, complete with an excretion through the airport and cake? And of course, you can stay in and enjoy some highly rented in-house hospitality.

Changi Airport Singapore

6. Dubai International Airport

Think of the style we get from Dubai in moves. Picturing Tom Crusoe in Mission Impossible goes protocol. Anyway, the Dubai Airport radiate the same style. It has a modern design, complete with elegant sand garden If you looking for a peaceful moment during travels. But don’t worry it not all style and no substance, In fact, the quality of your stay is probably what will stand out the most. Sure you can shop but what really strike the travellers is the snooze cube, private luxury hideaways when you can drift off to the dreamland. Yap in Dubai your dream really do come true.

5. Hong Kong International Airport, Honk Kong

Despite the fact that the Airport is also one of the busiest into the World, having traffic over 68M passengers, Honk Kong still found a way to make Honk Kong International more of a tourist attraction than the travel necessity. Sure it has all the service that make you comfortable while you wait for your flight. Bur seriously who care about that when you have the Imax theatre to check out, who also care about that when you play a quick round on a gorgeous Gulf cores. We are gonna go assume. Hong Kong flight never take off. Why would ever anyone leave a place with the facilities and services including a retail shop, catering outlets, children TV lounge and free internet?

4. Tokyo International Airport, Japan

What is with all this busy Airport making our list! OK maybe it actually makes sense, people keep coming back for reason. Tokyo International Airport was world’s busiest airport on 2015. But sacrificed nothing when it comes in a tram to the service. Tokyo doesn’t have a major attraction like Rainforest or Gulf Crusoe but it does offer most comfortable stay in the World. Travellers have prayed this Airport for being incredibly clean and highly efficient and also for its wonderful hospitality. Tokyo Airport even offers delicious food options.

3. Munich Airport, Germany

Munich operates at the pick of efficiency, effortlessly moving its passengers. But that doesn’t mean compromise with comfortable. Munich offers several relaxation zones for these who trying to escape from the stress of travel. Well for those who looking for bit entertainment have more option than they know what to do with including a Casino, beer bar, mini Gulf course and apparently locationally host surfing competition. So let’s give Germany some credit it looks like in addition to their efficiency they also know how to have some fun.

2. Incheon International Airport, South Korea

Ok, fantastic shopping, dining, the great hospitality we get it Incheon Airport has to stand out. Don’t worry it does, first of all, recognised the world over as the cleanest. But South Korea’s Incheon Airport really stand out because it grounded in culture. Is houses Korean cultural street, a terminal flow of tradition Korean architecture. It also has a museum of Korean culture and a multitude of performance including the walk of the royal family. You wouldn’t be able to leave the Incheon airport without a deep love for Korean cultural.

1. Singapore International Airport, Singapore

Singapore Changi Airport is undisputed champion airport holding the top spot as the best airport since 2013 according to ” Skytrax “. Singapore Changi tops all the categories. It’s extremely but also gives travellers a luxurious stay. It has free, yes free movie theatre, Bar, regular spa and an aqua pot. and it also shows cases nurture’s beauty in its many gardens including mesmerising butterfly garden. Then, of course, there is a multi-storey slide, you can’t help but give a ride. So yes Singapore Changi can just go ahead drop the mike on all the other Airport.

Jun 9, 2017

10 Most Dangerous Airport Around The World

10 Most Dangerous Airport Around The World

Who doesn’t love to travel?  Sometimes we all want to visit some beautiful places a relaxed. And In terms of travelling long distances, flying on an aeroplane is the fastest and easiest way to get to your Tourist destination.  We can get a comfortable journey with the finest Airlines but sometimes we don’t get the finest Airport for landing.

The only problem is that flat stretches of the runway aren’t always available in certain places. This means that pilots have to be particularly skilled to land on a runway that juts out from a mountain or one that appears in a narrow valley. Here are 10 of the most dangerous airports in the world to land at.

10. Gibralter Airport, Gibralter

Airports are typically situated in sparsely from populated area- and with a good reason, too. That not the case with Gibralter International Airport, Resident Airport of small British overseas territory off the southern coast of Spain.

Here, plans fly out of an airport that is dissected by the busiest road in the entire peninsula. As if car traffic isn’t enough to worry about for any pilot touching down in Gibralter, They also have to contend with a 6,000-foot runway with water side of it, including Mediterranean Ocean to the east and the bay of Gibralter to the west.

Gibralter Airport, Gibralter

9. Barra Airport, Scotland

This terrifying Scotland airports landing space also doubles as a beach, making for a notably scenic decent. The beachside location becomes decidedly less pleasant when the tide is in.

If a pilot miscalculates timing, his or her plan could be greeted with a high tide that prevents it from landing. The thought of arriving at this charming tourist- frequented destination along a beach runway sounds like a fun, unique experience. But I’ll happy sacrifice a sandy landing in favour of the knowledge that my runway will be there- and not submerged- when I am set to land.

Barra Airport, Scotland

8. Princess Juliana Airport, Saint Martin

Beachgoers enjoying some sun at the world renown Maho beach in St. Maarten is subject to some unique scenery in the form of commercial aircraft with screaming jet engines descending perilously low.

These planes are coming into the Princes Juliana Airport, which features very short runway that necessitates the low flight path. This has been known to lead to beach guests getting hit by jet blasts. The pilot also faces a challenge when taking off from Princes Juliana, with mountains located right in the departure path forcing planes to turn as part of their take- off.

Princes Juliana Airport, Saint Martin

7. Toncontin Airport, Honduras

In May 2008, an Airbus A320 overshot the infamous ” 02 ” runway of Honduras Toncontin Airport, resulting in five death and prompting a runway extension in 2009.

Even after the extension, 02 still reigns as one of the shortest commercial jet runways in the world at 6,112 feet. To put that in perceptive, Lax runways are nearly 3,00 feet longer.

At Toncontin, the pilot also has to contend with a treacherous, mountains terrain and some powerful wind gusts as a result of the aircraft’s high altitude.

Toncontin Airport, Honduras

6. Madeira Airport, Madeira

The Madeira airport’s notoriously narrow runway was widened some years ago, but that wasn’t until after tragedy already struck the Portuguese Island.

In 1977, a Boeing 727 overshot the runway upon descent, Hydroplaned and then crashed, leaving 132 people death. Flying into Madeira has become considerably less treacherous in the years since. but pilot landing there are still required to fly towards the mountains and then quickly turn and descend upon the final approach.

Thankfully no further traffic incidents have occurred in the last 38 yards, but that doesn’t mean that the airport makes for an easy landing site.

Madeira Airport, Madeira

5. Wilkins Runway. Antarctica

You would imagine there are better materials that can be used in the construction of an Airport runway than Ice. But that precisely what comprises the Wilkins runway in remote Antarctica.

This not- commercial runway is used primarily to transport scientists and another official to the Australian- owned Casey station. Flight to the area, which has been running since 2008 face the daunting challenge of not only gripping the Icy terrain but also ensuring that the Ice doesn’t break up upon a plane landing.

Wilkins Runway. Antarctica

4. Hechi Airport, China

Chinese Engineer took a look at a large mountains range in the Guangxi province and somehow saw an ideal space for an Airport Runway. At a cost of 132$ million, Hechi Airport came about from the levelling off of a giant 65- Mountain range to build a landing site that sits 2,200 feet about sea level.

The 1.4- Mile long and 150- foot wide runway comes with a 1,000-foot sheer drop off to one side, making for a pretty tight landing. So much so, in fact, that it can only accommodate three flights per hour.

Hechi Airport, China

3. Wellington Airport, New Zealand

Looking down towards the shoreline when approaching the Wellington airport in New Zealand Offers a visual delight of endless crystal blue water of the Tasman Sea. But what is beautiful from the far can be downright terrifying as you approach the airport’s short, 6,351- foot, water surrounded runway.

What is already a tight, precise landing is made all the more challenging by the region’s notorious gusts of winds which can create hazardous conditions in the moments that a plane in attempting to touch down.

Wellington Airport, New Zealand

2. Congonhas Airport, Brazil

You won’t likely find a busier, more populated are surrounding an airport than which lies from Congonhas Airport. That’s because it lies smack dab in the middle of bustling Sao Paolo. That leaves a precious little margin for error for the pilot. who must also contend with the slick runway?

In 2007, aTAM Airlines Airbus A320 skidded on a slippery spot, crossed onto a roadway and crashed into a warehouse in a tragic accident that claimed the lives of all 186 passengers and crew on board.

Congonhas Airport, Brazil

1. Lukla Airport, Nepal

Lukla Airport is not what we think for a normal airport. There is no light and little electricity power with a very short length of the runway. Part of what makes landing plane on this airport so difficult to land in is how it is nestled in between mountains.

The Lukla Airport in Nepal serves as the main airport for those visiting Mt. Everest and carry the need for the Mountaineers. The only trained professional pilot and special aircraft are allowed to land on this runway.

Lukla Airport, Napal

Jun 9, 2017

How To Linked The Aadhaar Card Number With Mobile Number

Now day Adhaar card has become the crucial document. It is not just an identity card anymore, it’s more than that, we need it everywhere and for everything. From Bank to LPG connection, forget the Ration card, Adhaar is the main one. Now, it also needed for keep continue your Mobile Service.

In this March Department of Telecom ( DoT ) has issued a notification. According to the notice Aadhaar-based, e-KYC was made mandatory for new mobile phone connections. It is also clearly declared that Telecom companies to re-verify the existing user base, pre-paid and post-paid, using the subscriber’s unique Aadhaar identity number and biometric details.

In short, you have to link your Adhaar card number with your Register mobile number for keep active your phone number or else your SIM card will be deactivated.

Aadhar card

This process should be completed within one year. In fact, some of you may have already received an SMS asking you to link your mobile number to your Aadhaar. Sooner or later you’ll have to link your existing valid mobile number to Aadhaar to keep using the services and avoid compliance issues. So it’s better to do it as early as possible.

In this article, I’ll help you to link your Adhaar card number with your register mobile number. the process is very simple you just have to follow the steps given below

Linking Your Aadhaar Card Number with Mobile Number:

Linking Aadhaar card number with your mobile number could be done only through the Offline method. There is no Online process for it till now. You will need an Aadhaar card photocopy for this.

  •  Visit your nearest Retailer of your Mobile Network Operator.
  • Give your Mobile number & your Aadhaar Card photocopy
  • you have to keep your Mobile number on because they will send an OTP ( One Time Pin ) to your number you just give.
  • Give this OTP to your Retailer & Complete your Finger Print Verification On Biometric Machine.
  • You will get a Confirmation SMS for final verification within 24 hours
  • Just reply with ” Y ”
    That’s it you Aadhaar Card is successfully Linked to your Mobile.

N.B.– People who purchased their SIM by Aadhaar Card ( if you don’t get the SMS ) and Reliance JIO SIM user don’t need to follow this process. Because they already did their Biometric Verification.

There will be no charge for this process and you have to visit only to your Mobile Network Operator. for ex: if you use Idea SIM, visit your nearest Idea Retailer.

Jun 7, 2017

Top 10 Unusual Roads Around the World You Would Never Want To Drive

Top 10 Unusual Roads Around the World

We have so many beautiful places around the world to trouble and soothing our eyes or relaxing our mood. The familiar ways through which we can connect with the world are Roades, Cruise and Airway.

Though there are many people who have a massive phobia on Airport and ships, alway choose the Roads as a comfortable journey path. They should think twice before driving in.

Your idea of a relaxed weekend might constitute of going for a long drive with someone special in your life or enjoying a road trip with your best buddies But don’t let your adrenaline rush and your sense of adventure get the better of you yet! There are many roads and highways in the world which might seem to be rather ordinary at first look but in reality, they can be quite dangerous for the passengers who travel these roads.

In this article, we will be taking about the most dangerous road around the world. Let’s check out

10. Passage DE Gois, France

This 4.8 Km Road links the French mainland with the Island of Noirmoutier, on France’s Atlantic coast.

At first Glance, you might think that’s not a bad road to drive on. Wait a few hours and your opinion will change as the tide comes in and causes the entire route to vanish. Twice a day this road is underwater and any cars that mistime their crossing are going with it.

Even if you time the tides just right, driving this road can be challenging because it’s wet and covered in seaweed which can make it as slippery as Ice.

Passage DE Gois, France

9. Partiopoulo- Perdikaki Road, Greece

Over the 23.5 Km length of this Greek road, the elevation changes almost 500m. This might sound so bad to you right now but throw in a lot of Potholes, significantly tight Twice and Turns, heavy truck, pedestrian and livestock traffic and the fact there are very few if any, guard rails and you have one dangerous road.

The icing on the cake for this particular route is that there are often no lines or marking which means many night time travellers drive straight off the road to their death.

Partiopoulo- Perdikaki Road, Greece

8. Luxor-AL – Hurghada Road, Egypt

This Stretch of Road Between the ancient city of Luxor and the Red Sea Resort city of Hurghada is one which many will tell you to stay away from. But why?

First, the road goes through some rather remote areas where a breakdown can mean big trouble depending on what time of the day it is. Second, this area is known to be patrolled by bands of the terrorist who generally strike at night.

This had led many people to drive without their headlight on at night resulting in a significant number of a fatal head- on collisions. If you have to drive at night, buy some high-end night-vision goggles.

Luxor-AL - Hurghada Road, Egypt

7. Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan

Part of Taiwan’s Highway no.8 the Taroko Gorge Road is Widely considered to be the country’s deadliest stretch of roadway carved into, and sometimes through, the mountainous terrain, this road faces significant erosion and landslides thanks to heavy rain and earthquakes.

It is made all the more challenging by the fact that road is extremely narrow in spots and has numerous blind corners which can be full of surprises. Lose control or get bumped by another car? there is a good bet you’re plummeting down the side of the mountain and becoming the latest victim of the infamous stretch of road.

Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan

6. Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand

When your rental insurance won’t cover you for driving on this road, you know it must be dangerous. Located in south west new Zealand and, skippers canyon road has all the characteristic you’d expect of a dangerous route. It is carved into the side of mountain and hill. has very little in the way of safety features and barriers and is extremely narrow.

In fact, this 16.5-mile stretch is so narrow that if two vehicles meet, one will often have to back up for some distance to find a part wide enough to let the other pass safely.

Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand

5. Halsema Highway, Philippines

Situated 2000 m above sea level, this Road is deemed ” safest ” in the summer month of the March and April. That’s because, over the rest of the year, heavy rainfall, fog, rock and mudslides can turn this route into a nightmare.

Tourist brave the risk to take in the amazing views of the landscape. Unfortunately, the dangerous environment combined with the fact that tour buses often driven far too fast on this rather narrow stretch mean that every year their many crashes as vehicles hit another or simply roll off the edge of the road and plummet down the mountainside.

Halsema Highway, Philippines

4. Tianmen Mountain Road, China

11 Km long and with an elevation change of 1100 M from start to finish, this Chinese roadway is not for the faint of Heart with 99 hairpin turns, this isn’t narrow by the standard of the other roads mentioned in this list. But meeting an oncoming vehicle can make things a bit challenging.

There barriers all along the route but too much speed or getting caught up in the beauty of the surrounding mountain won’t prevent you from coming over the edge and taking a rather long fall to the bottom.

Tianmen Mountain Road, China

3. Eyre High, Australia

Straight, flat and well maintained, Australia’s Eyre Highway doesn’t sound it belongs on a list of the dangerous roadway. Do Not Be Fooled! This 1675 long stretch of road goes through one of the most desolate and remote parts of Australia.

Picture mad max, only with far fewer bandits and more wombats, camels and kangaroos. In fact, the road is so straight, flat and featureless that motorists have a hard time paying attention or even staying awake. This has produced a significant number of crashes and collisions resulting Australian given the nickname ” Slaughter Alley “.

Eyre High, Australia

2. Karakoram Highway, China to Pakistan

World’s Highest paved international roadway, the Karakoram Highway cuts through mountain and canyons to link China and Pakistan. Naturally, being a mountainous route, this road is dangerous, to begin with.

Add in heavy fog, sudden blizzards and flooding and have a terrifying drive. It doesn’t end them, However, as bandits and terrorist are known to camp out near the certain section of the road, always ready to strike an unsuspecting target.

Even if you can handle all of this, the highway is so high above sea level that some driver suffers from altitude sickness thanks to the thin air.

Karakoram Highway, China to Pakistan

1. Zoji La Pass, India

It truly is amazing what people will call a road. This 9.5 Km long stretch is situated 3.5 Km above sea level and links the cities of Ladakh and Kashmir.

High winds and Heavy snowfall Make this route impassable for long periods during the year. Motorists are advised to use four wheel drive but the mud can become so thick after a rain that even the best vehicles got stuck.

Even in perfect weather, the narrow roads, lack of safety barriers and use by other large Truck and livestock mean the Zojila Pass is one road to stay clear of.

Zoji La Pass, India

Jun 5, 2017

10 Most Beautiful Tourist Destination On The Earth

Earth is a beautiful place and almost everyone’s desire to travel the world a visualise the earth’s beauty with his won eyes. But there are so many beautiful places to visit that remain the question that where do we start?

Here we come to you with the list of 10 most incredibly beautiful tourist destination to visit around the world, you could choose form. See which places our readers like the best, and vote for your favourites.

10. Geiranger Fjord, Norway

Geiranger Fjord is one of the most visited tourist destination on Norway with the picturesque view of the gorgeous mountain landscape and the crystal clear blue river at the bottom. Whether you want to see the Fjord from a Boat in the river or make the trek into the Mountains to one of the numerous Observation Decks, you Won’t be Disappointed in seeing this location in person.

Geiranger Fjord

9. Maldives

There are so many amazing sea beaches around the world but beaches in Maldives is one of the best the Maldives is a desert Island paradise in the Indian Ocean that has 1,190 small Island. Despite that massive amount of Island that are spread out, Only 200 of the Island are actually populated.

One of the Island even looks like a Heart and is the perfect vision of a breathtaking desert paradise. It is mostly known for its beaches


8. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar De Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the World, located in the Andes mountain in Bolivia. The landscape is so crystal clear and reflective that it is considered to be a world’s biggest natural mirror and it reflects the beautiful sunsets that grace the location each day. If Undisturbed, it looks like you are walking in the sky.

Salar De Uyuni

7. Yosemite National Park, California

Located in the Sierra Nevada mountain in California, Yosemite National Park is considered to not only one of the most beautiful places in the United States, but also the world. Between the gorgeous mountain, rushing river, and tall sequoia trees, Yosemite is a popular tourist destination year round from skiing in the winter to camping in the spring and summer and watching the leaves change in the fall.

Yosemite National Park

6. Midway Island

Midway Island is the 2.4 square mile Atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between the United State and Asia. The Atoll became known as the location for the battle of the Midway World War II, but despite seeing and bloodshed, the location is extraordinarily beautiful with white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and even wildlife relaxing on the beaches.

Midway Island

5. Pamukkale, Tukey

Pamukkale means ” Cotton Castle ” in Tukey, located in the Denizli Province. The site has numerous natural pools of water which people have bathed in for thousand of years. Despite being a popular tourist attraction with thousand of visitor each year, the location has been carefully preserved and is one of the most photograph location in the world.

Pamukkale, Tukey

4. Meteora, Greece

Meteora considered being the Heavens among the Earth. The name Meteora translates to ” Middle of the Sky ” or ” Suspended in Air “, and the name is accurate to the location. Some of the world’s most important sandstone monasteries are located here and are not only naturally Beautiful But the Greek Orthodox monasteries are breathtaking inside with their stained glass window and architecture.

Meteora, Greece

3. Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

The Zhangye Danxia Landform looks like it was painted by the hand of God himself with colourful Mountains and beautifully landscaped lines to form the mountain. Over the course of 24 million years, red sandstone and mineral deposits formed the colours and lines on these picturesque rocks.

This location is beautiful that people have a hard believing that is actually nature made and not man made.

Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

2. Fiordland National Park, NewZealand

Fiordland National Park is located in South Island, New Zealand and was established in 1952. The picturesque mountain and reflective water are a major tourist destination but are also considered to be emotional to look at. The mountains seem to complete each other, and the scale of their size is overwhelming to onlookers. The controversy between conservationists and the oovernment continues on whether to manipulate the location, but to date, it remains relatively untouched.

Fiordland National Park, NewZealand

1. Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

If you are heading to Scotland or planning a trip to the Isle of Skye then you should visit so- called Fairy pools. The fairy Pool is located in Cuillin Hills, Isle of Skye, Scotland. The Fairy Pools are a series of clear, cold and waterfalls formed as Allt Coir’a’ Mhadaidh tumbles down from the foothills of the Black Cuillins into Glen Brittle.

Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Jun 5, 2017

10 Dangerous Creature Under The Sea

10 Dangerous Creature Under The Sea

We are human, the smartest creature in the world. We claim that we almost know everything about the earth, well almost. But the earth is not just the ground we live in, right. Our earth’s 70% surface is covering with water and it is the home of more than 10 million different kinds of living creature.

We barely know only about 1 million of them. It’s better to get a knowledge about the Ocean and its unfamiliar danger. In this article, we are going to talk about the 10 Deadliest sea creature

In this article, we are going to talk about the 10 Deadliest sea creature and their behaviour. Take a look if you are Concurrence with us.

10. Barracuda

Fast, Vices and capable of incredible injuries, that’s a frightening combination. Growing for almost seven feet, Barracuda is also known for the quick swimmer ( up to 27 mph (43 km/h) ) and for being keen brutal ambitious. They lying and wait before charging forth and hunting down their prey with armed teeth sharp enough to damage nerve and blood vessels.

If that wasn’t enough, a member of Barracuda has ciguatera toxin in their flesh which can leave the victim with nausea, numbness, hallucination and other side effects.

The barracuda’s diet consists mainly of small and medium-sized fish. It uses its lightning speed and ambush tactics to catch them. Many of the recorded attacks on humans seem to have involved shiny objects such as jewellery or even diving knives. Apparently, the barracuda are attracted to these, confusing them with prey fish and strike.


9. Sea Snake

Almost all snake family in the world is dangerous. Sea snake is typically not has a lot of threat when it comes to another animal. Still, causes danger for its venom.

On the rear cases when Sea snake chooses human to inject their toxic while biting a proceed attacker. It could be some sizeable list if symptom for the victims. He might effect with nausea to general aching or even sometime Heart-failure.

Sea Snake

8. Stonefish

One thing that I think whenever I saw the Stonefish ( not in real of course ) is Look can be deceiving that’s for sure. The small breed of fish has an unusual look, it resembles a rock bit. Which is very useful for predators.

It has dangerous toxic in their dorsal fins. That is what you have to be worry of. If someone accidentally steps on the stone fish will be greeted with the sharp fin which can pierce through a shoe.

On top of the inertial painful sting, the victim also has to contain the neurotoxin that can shut down nerve system and even cause their heart to fail.


7. Stingray

It may seem passive but don’t dear underestimate it. Stingray typically relaxed can hold it’s own. and even do serious damage with its Sharpe, spear, axed tail. stiffening whenever the ray detects a threat, the tail possessed a tip capable of several arteries and it lined with venom that particularly dangerous in the mammal.

When the presser puts on the sting, the venom comes out like an aerosol, So Better watch your step when you dive.


6. Moray Eel

whoever said the electrical Eels only dangerous take look on this Moray Eel. Found most often in Oceanic or Brackish water Moray Eel typically avoid contact with humans whenever possible. When sufficiently frightening though this creature ensures their aggressor get what coming to though and more.

Moray Eels bites can produce infected wound. These Eels have a large amount of bacteria in their mouth. That not getting into their abilities to chase down their prey. Small shark even has fallen victim to their attacks.

Moray eel

5. Lionfish

Lionfishes are found in the Caribbean and Eastern Atlantic. They are part of the ‘Scorpionfish’ family. Probably they are one of the most beautiful sea creatures in the oceans. But better don’t get close to them. While a sting from a lionfish is not deadly these fish can provide a very painful attack with some powerful venom.


4. Tiger Shark

The bull shark may be imposing but Tiger Shark something else. This large shark has a reputation for attacking and eating anything including smaller shark and one of the shark most frequently associated fatal shark bites.

Tiger shark doesn’t seek out the human as a food they do tental linger and shallow waters and river mouth where contact with humans most likely. What worst their keen scene and classified teeth, allow them to quick work on any pre they desire.

Tiger shark

3. Saltwater crocodile

Fear the crocodile, its sticks when you less expected though. Although most people associate the saltwater crocodile with Australia it has a wide distribution and has reeked more havoc in other parts of its range. The saltwater croc can be found throughout Southeast Asia and as far west as India. Crocodiles have also been known to swim great distances with individuals being spotted as far away as Fiji and New Caledonia.

Along with its size comes massive power; the saltwater crocodile has the most powerful bite on earth – 10 times that of the great white shark. They’re quick in the water too, swimming at up to 18mph (27km/h). On land, they aren’t quite as fast as urban legend would have us believe but they can explode into action quicker than you can react.

Saltwater Crocodile

2. Blue-ringed Octopus

Such a pleased name for a detrimental beast. In regard, the killing power, the blue ringed Octopus to fame is infusion in neurotoxin TTX or Tetrodotoxin into his bites. Human, in particular, faces the risk of TTX that shutting down their respiratory system which can mean death without immediate medical attention.

Considering One Blue-ringed Octopus can hold enough TTX to kill up to 26 humans within minute. And the TTX is thousand of time more poisoned than cyanide, the threat here is real.

Blue ringed octopus

1. Box Jellyfish

When it comes to the danger of the sea size matter not hence we have Box Jellyfish The most dangerous creature in the ocean doesn’t have a venomous bite, rows of sharp teeth, or even an obvious mouth for that matter. A classic jellyfish that compensate for its small stature with a large unparallel string.

Those subject to the venomous touch of the box jellyfishes tentacles are to undergo extreme pain and burning feeling. Box jelly fish’s venom is reportedly strong that some people experience fatal Cardiac attack within a minute after being stung. More worst part is how hard it is to detect a Box Jellyfish before it can cause harm due to it is almost transparent appearance.

Box Jellyfish

May 30, 2017

Top 10 Femous Delicious Sweets In West Bengal

10 Delicious Sweets In West Bengal

West Bengal has been called the sweetest part of Bengal for its sweet people and rich culture. It also has a large variety in sweet. You don’t think that Bengal just has Rossogolla or Sandesh, do you?

Today I am going to take you into the Bengali sweet world and tell you about the Top 10 Sweets which is ruling in it.

1. Kheer Kadam
Named after ” Kadamba ” flower Kheer Kadam is Bengal’s own sweetheart. It is a combination dry Rossogolla & Kheer. where dry Rossogolla coated with kheer and then dusted with dried kheer. With the first bite, you can get the semi-sweet taste of kheer and then a rich sweet taste of Rossogolla.

kheer kodom

2. Chanar Jilipi
Made from Chana ( cottage cheese ), khoya and maida this fat, juicy sweet made have an extremely rich sweet taste. This Jilibis also deep fried and then soaked in sugar syrup as regular jilibis but you can get more mouthful flavour and free calories from this Bengal beauties.

channar jilipi

4. Sitabhog & Mihidana
Bengal’s every district has its own sweets with a history behind it. similarly, Burdwan has its legend named Sitabhog & Mihidana. According to history, the Sita Blog and mihi dana were served to Lord Curzon in 1904 when he visited Burdwan to award the then king Vijaychandra the title of ‘Maharaja’.The traditional Sitabhog is made by Chana ( cottage cheese ), rice powder and its looks like Basmati Rice. It’s faithful companion, Mihidana is made by mixing rice powder with gram flour, and saffron. The mix is then fried in hot ghee through a large ladle with holes. Those tiny fried grains are then strained and soaked in sugar syrup.

5. Shor Bhaja
Shor Bhaja is originally from Krishna Nagar in Nadia District of west Bengal. It is probably one of the toughest sweets to make. It,s not just because of the recipe, but the labour that goes into it. It is basically layers of milk cream, deep fried and soaked in sugar syrup. But there are certain variations that include the adding of cardamom and rose water for flavour and essence.

shor vaja

6. Jaynogorer Moa
Joynogorer Moa, named after Jaynogor which is place in the district of 24 Parganas in West Bengal. It is made with date palm jaggery (nolen gur that’s suddenly become a star ingredient in many restaurants across India), puffed rice from a special fragrant rice called Kanakchur, pure ghee, cardamom, and poppy seeds, it’s particularly available in winter because both the puffed rice and the jaggery belong to that season. That is the reason why they are not available all time. The shaped of the Moa is round as balls with the raisin on top.

joynagarer moa

7. Langcha
In West Bengal when we langcha, It has to be Shaktigarh-er Langcha. Because its originated from this town in Burdwan District in West Bengal. This deep fried sweet made with chana, khoya and flour then soaked in sugar syrup with cardamom in its bite. All though the signature recipe of Shaktigarh remains, the Langcha is now made all over West Bengal. It’s quite similar in taste to the Pantua, which is of course shaped like a ball of sponge.


8. Patisapta
For now-Bengali people, it is a rolled pancake stuffed with coconut and jaggery or sadness. Patisapta specially preserved for Makar Sankranti and is always made at home. The pancake batter is made with maida (all purpose flour), semolina, and rice flour, and is mixed with milk. Sometimes the filling is made with sugar instead of jaggery, which isn’t my favourite kind. Some even drizzle a bit of sweet thickened milk on top of the roll before serving.


9. Lobonga Latika
Labanga Latika is a famous Bengali sweet made made with maida ( refined flour ), khoya, grated coconut, nuts, raisins, and cardamom were refined flour pastry, stuffed with a mix of khoya, grated coconut, nuts, raisins, and cardamom then folded like an envelope, held together with a stick of clove, it is then fried in ghee, and soaked in thick sugar syrup for a little while to make it extra, how shall we put it, sinful?

labanga latika

10. Kalo Jam
Kalo Jam or Kala Jamun in Hindi is a delicate sweet which is truly satisfied your taste bud. As like Jamun, it looks black from outside and when took a bite, it red coloured appeared from inside. This black beauty made from channa ( cottage cheese ), khoya. Like Gulab Jamun, it is also fried then soaked in sugar syrup but instead of serving in sugar syrup it had been take out from the syrup then served with dry khoya top in it.

kalo jam