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May 21, 2014

Top Image Optimization Tips and Techniques for SEO

When we create any website, One thing we should know about the optimization of our blog or websites images. If our site not optimize properly by Google Search Engine then it will not grab traffic. So for better optimization or rank in Google search engine Optimization images, we need to optimize our blog as well as its images.If your image optimize properly then you will get more traffic by using image search.We know 90% of blogger use either blogger platform or WordPress and they must need to optimize their images for better performance of their website.

We know that many blogger gets traffic for there images form Google Image Search. When we use images, sometimes we cannot utilize it properly and we loss traffic for less image optimization. Even it effect on our website Bounce rate.<Read more how to Reduce Website Bounce Rate>

I think if you optimize your image properly then you will get good rank by Google Search Engine and your traffic also will be high then before.Here I mention some useful tips which will help you to increase your image optimization properly and your SEO will be better than previous.

image optimization

Some tips for image Optimization

Here are some tips for fast image optimization for your website. When Some blogger upload any images in their blog or post, they forget to format image properly. Most of the time they doesn’t compress there images for their post. We know that if we not compress our images then it takes lot of space and images would not be optimized properly.It will take more time to download image when any visitor visit your site and as a result, your site page speed optimization also very low then before which is very impotent factor for SEO. I have discussed below, how to increase and optimized image for your post.

Use Best Format for Optimize image

When we save any image to insert in blog post, We see different types of image format like JPG, GIF, PNG and many others.But after create blog every blogger should use better image format.I think the best image format is JPG. Because if you use this image format then it takes less size memory than others file format and Even it will help you to reduce website loading time.

Use WP Plugin for WordPress

If your site made you blog with WordPress, Before uploading your image into you blog or website, One things you should mind that Compressed image will help you to loading your website fast and if you not compress it properly then it takes more time to loading. You can use WP plugin for compress your images. This plugin compresses any image and then reduce their size.If you install This plugin for WordPress site then you will get best optimized feature from this plugin.

After download and install this plugin it automatically reduced your file size .when you upload any image into your blog this plugin will reduce image size without any lose of image quality.

Some features of WP plugin

  • It optimize JPEG file format
  • This plugin convert GIF file format to PNG file format
  • This plugin remove useless data from images.

<Read more How to Compress images by WP plugin>

<How to use WordPress SEO friendly images plugin>

Use keyword rich image name

If we download images from Google image or any others sources then we download it very easy method.But it should not download to your blog site directly.It requires something change before downloading image to your site. By default image format are looks like image234.jpg. You need to rename it with your post keyword name. Example: you can change image234.jpg into image-optimizations.Thus if you use keyword rich image name then it will come first in image search and your site optimized in search Engine.

Use Alt Text

In case of image optimization Alt text is too much important factor for your site or blog. By using alt tag search engine will get real concept about image.If you use alt tag in your image then Search Engine crawl your image quickly and your SEO rank will be better. So, we should use alt tag into our images before publish a post.You can know more information about how to add ALT tag  for image optimization.

Use Hyphen in Image name

One thing you should keep in mind when you rename your keyword rich image name, you need to separate your name by using hyphen. Do not separate your keyword rich image name with blank space or underscore. If you separate your image name by using blank space or underscore then Google Search engine does not crawl your image properly and your site rank also be down.

Re-size and crop your Image

Faststone tool

Best Image Optimization Tools: Before uploading image it is important to re-size and crop your image.You can use Photoshop to compress and re-size your image. Moreover You can use photo re-size tool to re-size your image.I think Faststone tool is a Best Image Optimization Tool. There are many features you will get in Faststone photo Re-sizer tool.<Download Faststone for image optimization>

Best Image Optimization Tools

Moreover you can use another image optimization tool that is MS paint by which you can re-size your image

Some features of this tool

  • This tool support different types of images like JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP etc.
  • This tool can change color of the image.
  • It can re-size the images.
  • It can crop your images.
May 18, 2014

Where You should use keyword: The best Keyword for Blog

What is keyword density ratio? Keyword or keyword phrase is the most important factor for any blog or site.When you will create a website and want to better page optimization you should use keyword or keyword density ratio for SEO because the best keyword for blog will help you to increase page rank.
You have to use this keyword or Keyword Density Ratio with special Technic. When our keyword density will be  2% to 3% then it will be good for SEO. Suppose you used in your blog post near about 600 word and your total keyword in respect for this content is 18 times then it would be equal to 3%. This keyword density ratio will help us for Search Engine optimization as well as your page rank.

But using of more keyword not good for blog or site. When we will use more keyword in our blog then it will be treated as spam by Google. I mean if you use keyword 60 times out of 600 word then your keyword density ratio will be 10% which will affect on your site. Over density will  down your page and you will not get Google rank properly.So when you will use any keyword or keyword phrase, always try to  maintain proper keyword , Keyword density and proper place of keyword for better keyword optimization.

keyword density ratio

What is the best Keyword for Blog?

The best keyword for blog: If you want to search the best keyword for blog then you can get it from Google Suggest for the best keyword for blog .If you search something related to your topic then it will show you some suggestions and you need to follow this suggestions. if you follow this suggestion then it will help you to grab more traffic and page views. Now Google suggest inbuilt with Google Search engine.

Where You should use keyword

If you create blog in WordPress then you can use plugins for blog post to add keyword or keyword phrases. Otherwise we can use it manually. This tutorial will help you for where you should use  keyword for optimization.

Use blog keyword in Page title

Page title appears at the top of  our blog. We should mention our keyword at least one in our page title. If you can place proper keyword in  your page title then visitors attracted by it. When any visitors search any topic using any keyword which you have been mentioned into your page title then it will be effective to your keyword optimization and your page title will be appear in search rank with keyword.

Use blog keyword in Permalink

Permalink is the important part of your blog or site.You must be mentioned your  keyword in URL. When you will use keyword or keyword phrase, you should separate it by hyphen not separate it by using underscore.

Google Search Engine crawl your keyword from Permalink structure so you need to use keyword or keyword phrase into your permalink structure.

Always try to target useful keyword in your permalink structure and should avoid the keyword which is not so important.<The Best WordPress Permalink structure Guide>

Use blog keyword in Headline

Our Headline is another important for using keyword. You need to use  proper keyword in all heading such as headline1, headline2, headline3. By using this keyword in your heading tag you will be  able to discuss about the topic to your headline.

Visitors will get the information by this headline tag. So you need to use blog keyword in all the H1, H2 and H3 tag so that article reader interested by it and Google Search engine get proper information by it.

Use blog keyword in Body content

It is important point to use blog keyword into your body content. We can use our keyword in the first paragraph of  the article and last paragraph of the article for better SEO rank. When you will use keyword into your article always maintain its keyword density.

keyword density ratio

In previous I mention the proper  keyword density ratio for your article. If  we use over keyword density ratio, Hidden keyword, Irrelevant keyword then our website might be banned.

Use keyword in images and image alt attributes

Where You should use keyword in case of image ? You should use blog keyword at least on time to in image and image alt attributes. If you use this keyword properly then it will be better not only page optimization but also your image optimization. When visitors search any image they can go to inside your blog through images. So always use keyword in your image and images alt tag option.

the best keyword for blog

Use keyword in External link

I think use of keyword in external link is a good idea. Try to use your keyword at least one time in your External link. If we use keyword in outbound link then it will help us to your optimization page quickly and it will be the best keyword for blog.

<Read more what is External or Outbound link>

Use keyword in Meta description/Tags

Meta description is an important part of any blog site.When visitors search somethings and the searching keyword match with visitors keyword then it appear in search result.It will show the visitors in snippet of  search result.

By using keyword in meta description we can get more befits for Search Engine optimization. You can also use the best keyword in your meta tags for better optimization of your site.<Add meta tag plugin for best page optimization>

Note: We have to use keyword in proper way so that it looks natural for blog reader and Search engine. So always use the best keyword for your blog or website.

Apr 16, 2014

How to Install yoast wordpress seo plugin for WordPress

When we discuss about SEO plugins for WordPress, I think one of the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress is Yoast WordPress SEO plugin . When you will use any SEO plugin, you should know advance version of SEO. You can get all advance feature and advance version by this WordPress SEO plugin.

After install and set up Yoast plugin you will see many known features of others plugin.You will get Meta robots plugin, RSS footer plugin and others plugin by Joost deValk. I discuss here for the process how you will shift your SEO to yoast SEO plugin. <Download Yoast WordPress SEO plugin>

Some features of Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress:

Yoast WordPress SEO plugin is another best plugin for SEO for WordPress and search engine optimization. It has a advanced features for your blog crawling and indexing.You must be conscious When you will set up this plugin and configure it. If you install it wrongly then you will face different problem. It can be stop your search engine bots for indexing or crawling your site.Indexing or crawling is a most important part of your blog. So you have to install and set up WordPress SEO by yoast plugin very carefully. Some WordPress features of this plugin are mentioned below.

  • Check your website in Google, Bing and Alexa
  • Titles and meta settings
  • Hide RSD, WLW, Shortlinks from head
  • Meta control for Taxonomies others page
  • Facebook Open graph
  • Generate sitemap
  • Advance permalink control
  • Breadcrumbs support
  • RSS feed footer plugin
  • Edit .htaccess files, robot.txt file
  • Hide date from Search engine snippets
  • Add Google authorship for single author
  • Import settings from other SEO plugins.

How to Set up and Configure Yoast SEO Plugin ?

When you use different type of SEO plugin or Plugin by yoast such as Robots meta, RSS footer or Yoast breadcrumbs you should start this plugins by important settings.After installation and activation of Best SEO Plugin for WordPress Yoast WordPress SEO plugin you should go SEO>Import & export from left panel.Then you have to select the plugin from which you would like to
import your settings.There you will see a message “Delete the old data after import ?(recommended)”.I think you should take back up your database before select this option.

Yoast WordPress SEO plugin

SEO Dashbord of WordPress:

SEO dashboard

This is the very important step for Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. In this step you have to submit your website into webmaster tools such as Google webmaster tools, Bing Webmaster tools, Alexa verification ID. You have to submit your site for verification code and verify your domain.

Titles and Meta Settings:

Titles and Meta Settings is another vital feature of this plugin . When you click on Titles and Meta you should click on help area first to see what operator is being used and what does they do. This will help you setup your title and Meta SEO very quickly.

Tiles and meta settings

Here you will see ‘Noindex subpages of archives’, ‘Use meta keywords tag?’ option in Sitewide meta settings. You have to check mark on those option. In lower portion you will find different Head Clean up link option such as Hide RSD links, Hide WLW Manifest links, Hide Short link for posts, Hide RSS links.

Then you can set Homepage from your Home tab. There you will see different template such as Title template, Meta description template, Meta keywords template.

  • Title template:-Home title which you want to show in Google search
  • Meta description template:-Meta description of your page for Google search engine.
  • Meta Keyword template:-You have to add target keyword for homepage.
  • Author Metadata:-There you have to select the author which you want to use for Google authorship.Click on Edit Profile option and add your Google plus profile link in Google+ field.Also you have to add your Website link in contributor section of Google plus profile.
  • Google Publisher page: In this section you have to add your Google plus page URL and also add your Website link in your page about section.
SEO homepage

Post Type:

SEO homepage

When you click on Post Types tab you will see Posts and page section of your WordPress blog.In this section you will see different template.If you want to help so please click on Help menu for proper using your template. By default WordPress SEO plugin hide your date of Snippet preview. If you want to show date for your news related site then you must check mark on ‘Show date in snippet Preview’ option.


Here you will get different option such as Categories, Tages and format. I think you may check mark on ‘noindex, follow’ and ‘Hide’ box. It is depend on your SEO plan.



Here You will see Author Archives. You may disable or enable your date and author archive.You can check mark
‘noindex and follow’ box.

Social settings:

Social settings

Here you will see different social section such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+. In Facebook section you have to add your Facebook page URL.       Example:
In Twitter Section you have to add Twitter card meta data to yours sites.
In Google+ section you have to add Google Publisher page Example: If you have a Google+ page for your business, you have to add URL here and link it on your Google+ page’s about page.

Permalink Configuration:

Here you will see different option such as Permalink Settings, Canonical Settings, Clean Permalink Settings.



In this feature you can add a link back to original article in RSS feeds and add advertisement on your RSS feeds.

Edit files:

Here you will see Robts.txt file and .htaccess file. You can edit .htaccess and robots.txt file from your dashboard.when you edit .htaccess file from dashboard you have to keep FTP access. If you configure .htaccess file
wrongly then it can stop your site’s function.

Note: When you Install Yoast WordPress SEO plugin for website, you have to configure it very carefully. If your configuration is wrong then it will reduce your SEO rank.

Apr 7, 2014

How to recover from Google Panda Effect ?

Panda was released in February 2011.Latest Google Panda Update is a change to Google’s search result ranking.The main aims to lower the rank of low quality article/content and higher the rank for high quality content.It effect those content which is poor or low quality. It prefer always High quality content for better search result. So after update of Google panda You have to follow some steps to recover from Google Panda Effect.

Google Panda Recovery : Some steps to recover from google panda effect

google panda

Write Good quality Content to recover from Google Panda Effect

Google always take good quality content. If your article is good information and total article cover with many keyword then it will be helpful for Google search engine result and recover your site from google panda effect. When you write a post or Article ensure that your article have more information. If your article is full of more good and real information with relevant keyword then it will be a good quality Article.

Length of Content:

Length is an another factor for good article. If you write a blog or article with short length then it is bad for search engine rank. When you write a article you must write it carefully with good and lengthy content. Now Google prefer lengthy content for good Article as well as good search engine rank. So you always maintain length your article to recover from google panda effect.

Maintain Unique content

After up gradation of Panda Uniqueness is the another factor of your page or Article. You have to write always unique article which audience or visitors prefer more. If your content is duplicate or retype or copy from another website or article then you will be penalized or lower ranked in SEO. Original content or Unique content always help your article in high page rank in SEO. So You have to Increase your SEO.

Avoid Broken link to recover from Google Panda Effect :

Many broken link of your page may impact of your site by Google panda. Broken link reduce your page rank. So avoid broken links for top Google search engine. Remember that search engines crawling your all page links. In the event that there are dead links on your site which can affected by panda. so you have to upgrade or alter your broken links for better ranking.

Block indexing/Crawling of your low quality content:

You should stop indexing or crawling those substance or content which have low or poor quality. Low or poor quality substance have low search value and it decrease your page rank. if you maintain this it will help from google panda effect.

Rewrite or Edit or Delete your old Post for Google Panda Recovery:

You have to rewrite your old post or edit your old post for better search engine result. If your old post is small and low quality content then you have to try edit it for better SEO. And then your have to link it to new one.If your old post not proper then it will be affected by Latest Google Panda Update.

Too Many outbound links effect for Latest Google Panda Update:

An excess of outbound links influenced your site by panda. you should maintain limited links and those links which have useful and good content. If you can keep up this then your page will perform with great search ranking.

SEO friendly WordPress theme:

WordPress code is clean and simple so as a result it can help to index your site content very easily . It has own meta tag keyword , meta description and title for its page, post and image. Its specific keyword help always to better search engine optimization. You can utilize tags to further upgrade your site.

Website loading time:

Remember that you should control your website loading time. If your site take more time to loading any page then it affected by search engine rank. Which page takes short time to load it then it is good for SEO. And you will be able to protect  from Latest Google Panda Update

Social Media:

You can use social media for better search result such as google plus, Twitter, face book. If you promote your page in that social media service then you gain more improvement for your site and your page will be indexed faster, So always use social media for better SEO rank.

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Apr 5, 2014

How To Prepare For Hummingbird Update : Is Google Hummingbird EffectYour Page Rank ?

SEO is one among those industry that depend on information, experience and assumption. For sample, when Google start Google Panda update, we made such a large number of assumption and too many people attempting to recover website from Panda punishment, and a large amount of bloggers like ME worked to repair the penalty damage and recovered completely. Similarly, after on  Google launched Google penguin algorithmic program that was targeted to bring down useless back links and penalize websites using shady ways to make thousands of link. In no time, Google understood that they have given birth to negative SEO with penguin and they launched Google Disavow link tool to provide incoming link management to web masters.

Hummingbird Update : Without any doubt Google is making all these progressions to better Google search and give better development with hummingbird update. Any algorithm change is forever hurtful for some web masters, and a knowledgeable recommendation would be: realize the process and give what Google is searching for.


How To Prepare For Hummingbird : upcoming Huge Goolge Change:

It has been an incredibly significant year as far as upgrades from Google. Main 2013 progressions included further launch of Penguin and Panda, Hummingbird update taking flying, and the movement far away from giving keyword information to encrypted search for .

Google is not request cash to make you rank higher or none, of these wanting you to do anything out from the box, however all they ask from webmaster is to accept their webmaster rules, and make sites which includes adds value.

On September seventeenth 2013, Google declared the start of another process call “Hummingbird Update” and at first we had too much limited information of data to advise what this new process aimed to a person like you and me. In this article, I will cover all that I think about Google Hummingbird as such, and will inform some knowledge and thoughts to make your website-blog prepared for future Google hummingbird update.

Why Hummingbird Update is important for SEO ?

Prepare For Hummingbird : The point when Google published about this new process on their fifteenth birthday. This new model is plan to make web search engine more conversational/idiomatically search and not keyword based search. Additionally, it accept user motive expectation while doing search.

That means, Google is changing the methodology of Google search from Keyword based to motive based , and this will have huge impact on the positioning of site. The best news here is, not at all like Panda and Penguin which is more punishment based algorithm change, Hummingbird update is prize based change.

That means, sites which fits the criteria of Hummingbird update will perceive better web search engine positioning, and different sites will stay same rank. Be that as it may do recall this quote in the field of web search engine positioning “Some person increase is someone misfortune”. Here is a sample from Wordtracker blog, which will provide for you the pictorial representation of Hummingbird update from a searcher point of view.

A Searcher search for image of specific subject:


Furthermore after that, he searches for something as “where does he live” or “How tall is he”, and Google comprehend the aim and gives the insight about the individual dependent upon past pursuit question for hummingbird update:


The above sample is for Google Knowledge-chart, and as stated by Eric Enge from Stone sanctuary counseling, with google hummingbird update, Google began putting learning diagram redesign into non-information diagram questions to make Google seek more aim built and situated in light of common conversational inquiries.

Optimize your site for Google hummingbird update and Future Google Search:

Google hummingbird update : As a matter of first importance Google search will continue developing and we will continue seeing changes in nearing months/years. At some point Google gets out the rise with authority proclamation about these progressions, and at some point we need to depend on detailed analyses and master ideas for what works and what won’t work.

There is no official rules on how you can upgrade your site for Google hummingbird update, however whatever I can say is; there are few new things that Google will take in thought for positioning a page in upcoming days, or obviously they are doing it at little level. In light of my experience and experts from other SEO masters, here are few things that I could propose to you for making your site to prepare for hummingbird.

Content with additional related keywords to Prepare For Hummingbird :

I have officially discussed LSI Keywords and they are exceptionally useful for Google bots to comprehend what a page is about. With the changing scene of Keyword optimisation, I profoundly suggest you to exploit LSI keywords.Along by your primary target keyword, insure you add all other related keyword to make your page more focused on and more keyword rich. Say that, you must to further think about a demographic (Target audience) while writing any article. After all, one article can’t be for everybody. If you used WordPress, you can utilize this terrific plugin call Easywpseo which display the LSI Keywords for you target keyword, and likewise let you check meaningful score. In the event that you never became aware of it, here is a review of what EasyWPSEO plugin is all about.

Social Signals For Hummingbird Update:

Web is loaded with spam and in case of a Search engine, I would care all the more rewarding high-quality pages and in the meantime punishing low-quality pages to show best results with hummingbird update. In the past or even now, Backlinks are one of the most essential ranking factor, and Google is changing this to depend on more on Social signals. Presently, huge numbers of people be wondering “Wow! It’s so simple to play the social signals”, there are numerous site selling Google plus likes, Facebook likes etc, and one can  simple buy social like system. You are mostly right, however in coming days, I see Google will give more weight age to votes from reliable profile, rather than preferences coming from any Google plus profile. This is an alternate reason I recommend you to minimize your Facebook utilization, and work on building a good profile on Google plus. Google plus is the official social-network of Google, and they have access to their information, which makes it more necessary for you to be on the network.

Author Rank: 
Author Rank

You must have seen and listen about Google authorship, which makes a connection between your Google plus profile and your content utilizing rel=author tag characteristic. This common part has more to do than simply indicating author picture in Google search. Now,Welcome to the world of Author-rank. Author rank may not be a huge ranking factor at this time, yet it will be in not so impotent future.  If you need to know about Author rank, The best guide on Moz blog.You should not miss this. There are now tools like Author rank, which will give you a chance to check your Author rank.

Apr 3, 2014

How to increase Page Rank: Top SEO Ranking Factors

How to increase your page Quality content

How to Increase Google PageRank ? The most vital thing of your page is quality content. If  your page content is Unique and extraordinary than visitors are pleased to read your content. otherwise,  the content is duplicate or the copy from others website than visitors will be irritated on your page. As a result it will be affected by SEO rank. Because searching spider likes original, new and unique content. When you write a original and unique content which is full of good information then your rank increasing high than write duplicate or copy content.

How to Increase Google PageRank ? How do broken link affect SEO

Many broken link of your page may  effect of your website. Most of the broken link reduce your page ranking. So always avoid broken link for better improvement for your page rank. Always remember that  search engines  crawling  your all page  links . In the event that there are dead link on your site which can stop your search engine spider to crawling your website. So you have to always update or edit your link for better ranking.

Which Domain names will you chose to Improve Website Ranking

Domain names are a very important factor for search results. If your domain is very easy to read it will be helpful for all visitors than a critical domain name.The easy domain can help the visitors to rememer very soon.So choose your domain like following example

Site Name

How your Page crawled very easily for Improve Website Ranking

Unless your webpages don’t seem to be crawled they cannot appear in search engineen results. so ensure that all of  your webpages are crawlable. Always make sure that that all of your target pages can be crawled by the search engines.

Reduce your Bounce Rate for Improve Website Ranking

How much time will visitor to your website spent is called bounce rate. If you are having a meaningful content than visitors will be interested  on your webpage and they spent may times to visit your page. Increasing user engagement on your website will scale back bounce rate and thereby increase the chances of higher ranking.

Utility of Google plus for Improve Website Ranking

Content that is shared on Google Plus is added to Google Searches or indexed much faster than on others sites. When you create new content in your page it should be spread on Google Plus or other social media so that it optimized very soon. Ensure that the first word of google plus post is a part of your title tag. It help you to increase your page rank.

Which keyword you avoid in page URL to Improve Website Ranking

always avoid am, is, are and put exact keyword in page URL. The exact keyword help your page to increase SEO rank.

Can image be important for SEO

When you post an image in your blog post it look more beautiful for your page but if you post an image to your blog post it helps to get search engine traffic. However, image SEO is one essential part of it and basic recommendation is to, begin taking a Alt tag of your image. When uploading any image to your blog, ensure that it has a meaningful name and utilize your post Keyword as Alt tag. This is one essential SEO tip for your image in blog post.

What is the role of Meta description for Improve Website Ranking

Meta description is a very important part for SEO ranking for webpage. you should describe always in respect of title within 156 character. Always write unique description for each page which  help you to increase your page rank.

Put limited add : Where do you place your add for increase SEO rank

How many ads and where do you place your advertisements? It is one of the another point to increase your page rank. if  you’ve got too several ads or inappropriate ad placement can cause penalization. you must be avoided content matching ads. And also machine-controlled phrase link advertisements ought to be avoided.