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How To Remove Password From PDF Through Google Drive

Authorized Bank, Office sends their required Statements like Credit Card Statement or Tender files to the customer or Employee as password protected pdf because it’s contained personal information. I can save this file in Google Drive, but these files are protected by password and cannot be changed, so it is impossible to add a bookmark […]

How to increase Google Plus Followers?

Google plus is another popular Social Networking site which related to Online Business. It’s only for those site owners who want to spread their blog or website online. You can gather more traffic by Google Plus with Free Google Plus Followers. It also helps you to increase your Google rank in the search result. There is […]

How to check your email address valid or not valid?

What’s a Valid Email Address? How to check whether an Email address exists or not? Here some tips to verify your email address. If you sent a message through your Email address and If the message has been sent successfully to that email address without any problem, then the email is valid. Otherwise, you can check your email address […]

How to host Website on Google App Engine

Web Hosting with Google: Hosting a website on Google App Engine. Initially, it ought to be more reliable when your site gets served through Google’s own data centers. When you feel that you have a low traffic website and do not want to spend more money on web hosting, then You will get 1 GB free space […]

How to Compress images by WP plugin?

When we discuss a useful post, its generally incomplete without a beautiful and significant image or picture. Images help in better optimization of your job, but it takes much time to load this image. We know that Search engines like faster charging your blog, so you have to insert a minimum number of copies for better optimization […]

How to configure Contact Form 7 Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Contact Form Widget: Contact page is a very essential feature of your website. If you do not create any contact page, then your website will be incomplete. So you need to create a contact page for your website. It is the medium to contact between your blog readers and your blogger. I mean, if you create a contact page, then […]