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How To Secure Your Wareless Network ( Wi- Fi )

Wireless Network or Wi-Fi is an easy option to use the Internet on Our computer, Mobile, Tablets & other devices from anywhere without the clutter of cables. The only benefit With wired networks is no one can steal our bandwidth but with wireless signals, the problem is that other can access the Internet using our broadband […]

How To Remove Password From PDF Through Google Drive

Authorised Bank, Office sends their required Statement like Credit Card Statement or Tender files to the customer or Employee as password protected pdf because it’s contained personal information. I can save this file in Google Drive but this files are protected by password and cannot be changed so it is impossible to add a bookmark […]

SBI ATM PIN Debit Card Generation Processes

Nowadays we are too busy to stand in the bank queue to get our work done so the Internet Banking makes that easy for us. In Simple Words, the Internet or Net Banking is a facility provided by the bank to its customers who find don’t have much time to visit bank again and again […]

How to Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp

How to Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp : WhatsApp is Now a very Popular massage sending apps and the best communication media in our Android forest.Its also support Blackberry , Apple and as well as many smart phone OS and provide free massage sending option. You may be surprised when you install […]

How to increase Google Plus Followers?

Google plus is an another popular Social Networking site which related on Online Business .Its only for those site owner who want to spread their blog or website via online. You can gather more traffic by Google Plus with Free Google Plus Followers.It also help you to increase your Google rank in search result.There are some […]

How to check your email address valid or not valid?

What’s a Valid Email Address ? How to check whether an Email address is exist or not ? Here some tips to check your email address. If you sent a message through your Email address and If the message has been sent successfully to that email address without any problem then the email is valid. Otherwise you can check […]

How to host Website on Google App Engine

Web Hosting with Google : Hosting a website on Google App Engine. Initially, it ought to be more reliable when your site will get served through Google’s own data centers.When you feel that you have a low traffic website and do not want to spend more money for web hosting then You will get 1 GB free […]

How to Install and Configure W3 Total Cache Plugin for WordPress?

W3 Cache Plugin Tutorial : In WordPress we find many different cache plugin.I have been discussed before about the WP super cache plugin.Here I have discussed about W3 Total Cache Plugin which is another best plugin for Page speed and speed up loading time of your website. It can create static page for you site and reduce […]

How to configure WP super cache plugin for WordPress?

We can see different cache plugin in WordPress.I think best cache plugin is WP super cache plugin.Do you know why I say that this plugin is Best WordPress Cache Plugin ? WP super cache plugin is best because WP Super Cache Settings is very simple. Why you use WP super cache plugin? When we discuss about […]

How to Compress images by WP plugin?

When we discuss a useful post, its generally incomplete without a wonderful and significant image or picture. Images help in better optimization of your post but it takes many time to loading this image. We know that Search engines likes faster loading your blog, so you have to insert minimum number of images for better optimization and […]

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