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May 4, 2017

How To Secure Your Wareless Network ( Wi- Fi )

Wireless Network or Wi-Fi is an easy option to use the Internet on Our computer, Mobile, Tablets & other devices from anywhere without the clutter of cables. The only benefit With wired networks is no one can steal our bandwidth but with wireless signals, the problem is that other can access the Internet using our broadband connection while they are in a neighbouring building.

The three reasons why this practice also known as piggybacking is bad-

1. Your internet bill will be high as someone uses data from your connection when you have to pay per byte of data.

2. Your Internet access speed will be decreasing since you are now sharing the same internet connection with other users.

3. The bad guys could send hate emails or commit any cyber crime using your emails account which they hacked through your unsecured Wi- Fi networks they also can hack your computers and access your personal files.

But it is not so hard to secure your wireless Network. It can prevent stealing your internet and also prevent the hacker from taking control of your computers through your own wireless network. Just flowing the Instruction given below you can secure wireless network

How To Secure Your Wireless Network

Step 1. Open your router setting page

Before doing this you should check your router’s user manual because you need to know everything about how to access your wireless router’s setting Usually you can do this by typing in “” into your web browser, and then enter the correct username and password for the router.

You can also use Google to find the manuals for most routers online in case you lost the printed manual that came with your router purchase

Step 2. Create a unique password on your router

After logging in to your router, change the default password of your router for to some more security. This will prevent others from accessing the router and you can easily maintain the security settings that you want. You can change the password from the Administration settings on your router’s settings page. The default values are generally admin/password.

Step 3. Change your Network’s SSID name

The SSID or Wireless Network Name of your Wireless Router is already defined as ” default ” or is set as the brand name of the router. This setting is usually under the basic wireless settings in your router’s settings page. Changing the SSID name of your network will make it more obvious for other to know which networks they are connecting to. Once it set you will always be sure that you are connecting to the correct network even if there multiple wireless networks in your area.

[ Don’t use your name, home address or other personal information in the SSID name ]

Step 4. Enable Network Encryption

You need to encrypt your wireless signals in order to prevent other computers in the area from using your internet connection.

There are several encryption methods for a wireless setting like WEP, WPA ( WPA- Personal ), and WPA2 ( Wi- Fi Protection Access Version 2 ). WEP is basic encryption and it can’t give the total security. It can be easily cracked, but is compatible with a wide range of devices including older hardware, whereas WPA2 is the most secure but is only compatible with hardware manufactured since 2006.

To enable encryption on your Wireless network, go to the wireless network security setting on your router’s configuration page then select which security method you wish to choose.

[ if you have older devices WEP, otherwise go WPA2 ]

Step 5. Filter MAC addresses

First of all this MAC address nothing to do with an Apple Mac. Your laptop or wi- fi enabled mobile phone, all wireless devices have a unique MAC address. Just like every computer connected to the internet has a unique IP address. You can add the MAC address of your devices to your wireless router’s setting so that only the specified devices can connect to your Wi-Fi network.
To enable MAC address to your router find all MAC addresses of the devices which you want to add to your router. And add them to the MAC address filtering in your router’s administrative settings.

You can find the MAC address for your computers by opening Command Prompt and typing in “ipconfig /all”, which will show your MAC address beside the name “Physical Address”. You can find the MAC addresses of Wireless mobile phones and other portable devices under their network settings, though this will vary for each device.

MAC address is hard- coded into your networking equipment, so one address will let that one device on the network. But it is possible to spoof a MAC address.

If somebody knows your MAC address they can change the MAC address if his own computer and easily connect to your network and your network will let them allow to connect as they have the specific MAC address.

Step 6. Decreasing the Rang of the Wireless Signal

If you think your route has a high range, you can easily reduce* the signal by either changing the mode of your router to 802.11g of use a different channel

*Apply the Anti- wi- fi pain- Researchers have developed a special Wi-Fi blocking paint that can help you stop neighbours from accessing your home network without you having to set up encryption at the router level. The paint contains chemicals that block radio signals by absorbing them. “By coating an entire room, Wi-Fi signals can’t get in and, crucially, can’t get out.”

Connect to your Secure Wireless Network

To conclude, MAC Address filtering with WPA2 (AES) encryption (and a really complex passphrase) is probably the best way to secure your wireless network.

Once you have enabled the various security settings in your wireless router, you need to add the new settings to your computers and other wireless devices so that they all can connect to the Wi-Fi network. You can select to have your computer automatically connect to this network so you won’t have to enter the SSID, passphrase and other information every time you connect to the Internet.

Who is Connected to your Wireless Network

If you are worried that an outsider may be connecting to the Internet using your Wireless network, try AirSnare – it’s a free utility that will look for unexpected MAC addresses on your Wireless network as well as to DHCP requests. Another option is that you open your router’s administration page (using the 192.168.* address) and look for the DHCP Clients Table (it’s under Status > Local Network on Linksys routers). Here you will see a list of all computers and wireless devices that are connected to your home network.

May 4, 2017

How To Remove Password From PDF Through Google Drive

Authorised Bank, Office sends their required Statement like Credit Card Statement or Tender files to the customer or Employee as password protected pdf because it’s contained personal information. I can save this file in Google Drive but this files are protected by password and cannot be changed so it is impossible to add a bookmark or search its text into the Drive. Also, each file has a different password and it’s improbable to keep in mind all password and just annoying to find this PDF latter.

Removing Password From the PDF files

Hence Google Drive has 2 layer security password and 2-factor authentication, it will be safe to remove the password protection from PDF files before uploading them to Drive.

So now the question is- is there any low-cost software program available that remove password from PDF files? One that works on both Mac and Windows? Well yes and that already installed on your computer. It’s called Google Chrome.

Google Chrome has built- in PDF reader and PDF writer and by combining this two feature we can remove the password from any PDF document by following the instruction given below

1. Drag any password protection PDF file into Google Chrome Browser.

2. Google Chrome will ask for the password of the file. Enter the password and hit Enter to open the file.

3. Now go to the File menu in Google Chrome and choose Print ( or press Ctrl+P on windows or Cmd+P on Mac ). Choose the destination printer as ” Save as PDF ” and click the Save button


That’s it now Google will save the PDF file to your desktop without the password protection. If you re- open this PDF in Chrome, it would no longer require a password to open.

As the same if you has enabled Google Cloud Print, you only have to choose the destination as ” Save to Google Drive ” in the print dialogue and the unprotected version of the PDF will be sent straight to your Google Drive from Chrome.

Remove PDF Password without Google Chrome

If you don’t use a Google Chrome then you could download this free Windows utility called BeCyPDFMetaEdit to remove password from PDF files. First, launch the program and it will ask you for the location of the PDF file. Before you select and open the PDF, change the mode to “Complete Rewrite,” then switch to the Security tab and set the “Security System” to “No encryption.” Click the Save button and your PDF will no longer require a password to open.

Apr 28, 2017

SBI ATM PIN Debit Card Generation Processes

Nowadays we are too busy to stand in the bank queue to get our work done so the Internet Banking makes that easy for us. In Simple Words, the Internet or Net Banking is a facility provided by the bank to its customers who find don’t have much time to visit bank again and again so that the ATM cards. Online SBI is safe for the transaction but using the ATM Card for Online shopping is a bit of risky. It is better to generate your ATM Card.

ATM PIN Generation through ATM machines:

Though most of the use Internet banking for done our all bank related job but there are more than half people who use Off line SBI banking to get their work done. They can generate their PIN through the ATM machines by just follow the instruction given below

1. Insert the State Bank Debit card at any State Bank Group ATM
2. Select ” PIN Generation ”
3. Enter 11 digit account number and confirm
4. Enter 10 digit registers mobile number and confirm
5. The message will be displayed on the ATM screen that the PIN shall be received on the registered mobile number. Confirm the same
6. Upon confirmation, One-time PIN ( OTP ) will be sent on registered mobile number. OTP will be valid for 2 day
7. card holder has to create new PIN using OTP at any State Bank ATM ( Banking> PIN Change ) to carry out the further transaction.

ATM PIN Generation through SMS:

1. SMS PIN < space > CCCC < space > AAAA to 567676 from registered mobile number where CCCC in the last number of the Debit Card numbers and AAAA is the last four digits of your account number.
Example: PIN 1540 5987 where ” 1540 ” is the last four digits of the Debit Card and ” 5987 ” is the last four digits of your account number
2. one Time PIN ( OTP ) will be sent on the registered mobile number. OTP will be valid only for 2 days
3. The cardholder has to create new PIN using OTP at any State Bank AAAA ( Banking> PIN Change ) to carry out the further transaction.



ATM PIN Generation Through Internet Banking:

1. Login to using your Internet banking User ID and password
2. Select e- Services>> ATM Card Services>> ATM PIN Generation.
3. Use One Time password or profile password for authentication.
4. Select the account number to which the Debit Card is Linked.
5. Select the Debits of the PIN as per your choice and the last two digits of the PIN will be sent to the registered mobile number
6. Enter all the four digits ( i.e. the first two digit self-chosen and the 2 digits sent to the registered mobile number ) and confirm
7. These 4 digits will be the new PIN

ATM PIN Generation Through IVRS:

1. card holder has to call the Bank’s contact centre ( 1800 425 3800/ 1800 1122 11/ 080- 26599990 ) from his/ her registered mobile number
2. Cardholder has to enter full Card number and account number
3. One time PIN ( OTP ) will be sent to the registered mobile number. ( OTP will be valid only for 2 days )
4. The cardholder has to create new PIN using OTP at any State Bank ATM ( Banking> PIN Change ) to carry out the further transaction.

Mar 3, 2015

How to Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp

How to Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp : WhatsApp is Now a very Popular massage sending apps and the best communication media in our Android forest.Its also support Blackberry , Apple and as well as many smart phone OS and provide free massage sending option. You may be surprised when you install that apps and try to find out the contact list of those who are actually use WhatsApps from your own contact circle. You may be find many of your friends also use this apps and happy to find you on there own WhatsApp circle.

Now question is that, How you send a massage to all of your friends at a time ? How you send Bulk Message to Multiple contacts via WhatsApp ? How you broadcast any massage to your all friends at once ? Yes. I know its very useful for you and specially when the Christmas day Or , New Year knocking in your door you must want to wish all of your friend at a time on a single Massage to all.

How You Send Massage to your all Of your contacts via WhatsApp at once ?

Step 1 ) At first you have to create a broadcast list to send a massage to all of your friends. In your broadcast list you have to select all of those contacts those you want to send massage at a time. You can create multiple broadcast list in your Whatsapp panel and can send different massage to different broadcast list. Now to create a broadcast list,

Open Whatsapp and click on the right hand side to select those contacts in your broadcast list.

Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp

Step 2) Here you find a option called “New broadcast”. Click on the New broadcast option to go ahead.

Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp

Step 3) Finally to prepare a broadcast list, Click on the + sign button.

Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp

Step 4) Here you find all of your contact those are your friends as well as use Whatsapp. If you not find any contacts then its probably you might not be saved before any contacts to your mobile or in your Whatsapp contact lists. To create a broadcast list you must have to save all of those contact in your phone and Whatsapp Panel.

Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp

Select all of those contacts you want on get on your broadcast list and click finally on “Done” button

Step 5) Now Type a list name to give a name on your broadcast list and click on create button.

Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp
Whatsapp support 256 contacts on a single broadcast list. So,  If you have more then 500 contacts and you want to Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp, then you might have to create 2 broadcast list to send massage to all of your friends at a time.

Apr 24, 2014

How to increase Google Plus Followers?

Google plus is an another popular Social Networking site which related on Online Business .Its only for those site owner who want to spread their blog or website via online.

You can gather more traffic by Google Plus with Free Google Plus Followers.It also help you to increase your Google rank in search result.There are some method which you can follow to increase free Google Plus Followers.

Which method you can follow to increase Google plus Followers.

Google+ is a social network. By this network you can get friends, followers.So, You need to connect people on that social network and to interact with those people who are active members of that social network.You can interact with those people by your Google plus circle.

How Google Authorship Increase Google Plus Followers :

When you will create any blog or create any website, you need to create Google authorship for batter click through ratio. If you get Google Authorship then you will see your Google+ profile pic in Google Search result.Its can bring visitor directly to your Google plus profile and that can Build Google Plus Followers more.

Google Authorship

Google Plus Communities 

Google Plus Communities

You can share your posts or blog through Google plus Communities. If you share your posts or blog in Google plus Communities than your post will reach to the group members.It is also similar to Facebook Group.Do you know how to create Google plus Community? You have to Click communities option from left bar of your Google plus.You will find there a list of Groups where your friends joined already. However,You can search Group from search box with your interest.

Attach Google Plus (Google+) profile link with others Social Network:

We all know that Facebook, Twitter are another popular Social Networking sites. You can attach your Google+ link with that profiles.I mean you can attach Google plus profile with Facebook or Twitter for getting more followers.

Attach Your Google+ profile link to an another places

If you connect with huge number of people then you have to attach your Google Plus profile in your about page, your author box and forum signature.

Follow others people on Google+

You can follow others people to increase your Google plus followers. You probably to followed back by those people whom you follow. You have to look for and follow those people who share you the same interest.By this process you will get more followers as well as more targeted viewer .

Invite People to follow you on Google+

Add your Google plus profile link to your Author Bio and your email signature to invite all friends and family to follow you on Google. It might be excellent plan to put them in a very completely different circle. also, you can add same circle as your business acquaintances or on-line contacts so their profiles don’t get spammed by your posts that don’t interest them.

Share useful and interesting content on Google+

I know that you do not like bad or boring content in your page. Like you, also your followers won’t like bad and boring contents. So you have to share relevant,interesting and useful content so that yours followers like your page. If you want to more attention from your followers then you have to share gif picture in Google plus.

Comments on Others Profile on Google+

It is your benefit if you engage with lot of people in your circle or community. It will help you to get some new followers.So, you have to start commenting on other profile. If your can comments and share properly then it will help to increase your Google plus followers.Its very simple as you discuss with people, people also discuss with you.

Put Google Plus Badge On your blog or site

Google Plus Badge is similar to Facebook Like Box that you can place in your site. Google Plus Badge is a widget that allows you to place ‘Add to circle’, ‘Follow’ and ‘+1′ button in your website. This badge will help you to get more followers and you also engage with your reader

Use Google Hangouts to Build Google Plus Followers

At this time many people are also aware in Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts are another opportunity to personally engage your Google Plus following. You can schedule hangouts to live chat with your followers such as a Q&A with your customers about your latest products and this can really enhance the connections that you build on social media.

Apr 24, 2014

How to check your email address valid or not valid?

What’s a Valid Email AddressHow to check whether an Email address is exist or not ? Here some tips to check your email address. If you sent a message through your Email address and If the message has been sent successfully to that email address without any problem then the email is valid. Otherwise you can check your email address with some online tools such as “Verify Email” and ‘Email Checker.When you put your email address, it will show you if your record exist or not.

You can see many more option to verify an email address by querying the mail server. You can connect to the mail server through telnet and enter your email address and the other email address that you are trying to check. If the server response with an error code then you can understand that the email address is not valid or not exist.

How to check Gmail or Google Apps Account Gmail Valid Email Address?

If you want to check Gmail Valid Email Address Account then you have to go Google Password Assistant page.And Go There you will find different option such as ‘I don’t know my password’ ‘I don’t know my username’ and ‘I’m having other problem signing in’.Here you can choose, I don’t know my password option > enter your email address/google apps address > choose continue. If that email address not valid or not exist then you will see a message by Google ‘No account found with that email address’

check email address

You can check your email address valid or not valid with an another process. At the time when you create a new Google account from Up , if you put your known address to verify, then you will see a message that Someone already has that username.

check your email address

What’s a Valid Email Address ? How to verify your Yahoo Email Address?

Email address valid or not valid : If you think that your yahoo email address does not exist or valid then you can check it.You can check your yahoo email address from’/forget.You will see a option same as our following screenshot. There you will be put your email address which you want to check or verify.If the email address not valid then you will see a message’We couldn’t match the Yahoo ID you entered with information in our database’ ahh.. that’s all to realized your email is valid or not.

check your email address

How to check your Hotmail, Outlook and address?

What’s a Valid Email Address ? When you check Hotmail,outlook and address, you have to Go to Password, then select I forgot my password option and enter the Outlook email address. You will get an error which will say that The Microsoft account is incorrect. for addresses that do not exist.

Apr 21, 2014

How to host Website on Google App Engine

Web Hosting with Google : Hosting a website on Google App Engine. Initially, it ought to be more reliable when your site will get served through Google’s own data centers.When you feel that you have a low traffic website and do not want to spend more money for web hosting then You will get 1 GB free space for HTML web page, images and others file. You will get also 1 GB bandwidth per day. You can extant your bandwidth and space as per your uses to Hosting with Google. For extension of your bandwidth you have to pay per uses.

When you create a simple html website , you need to store data for your website.Then you can pay for storage data in different web hosting company. This web hosting companies provides you storage space in their server and you can transfer PHP, HTML files and others files using FTP or C panel or z panel. To hosting with Google App Engine works in same way but need not to transfer any file.

Host Website on Google App Engine

Step to Upload a Website on Google App Engine:

Hosting with Google is very simple.There are some step to host website on Google App Engine

Step: 1

You have to Go and create a new application. If you have never used App Engine before and you will create new application then you might be asked to verify your mobile phone number.

Step: 2

When you will create application, you have to give your application name . This name should be unique and may only include lowercase alphabets and digits. As example our app is “WordPressblogfin”.

Step: 3

In this step you have to download and install python and App Enigne SDK

1) Download and Install Python <>
2) Download and install App Enigne SDK from <>

Step: 4

You have to Download and unzip this file <> in any place on your desktop. In this file we see a basic website with HTML pages, images and CSS that we will try to host with Google App Engine.

Step: 5

Then open the app.yaml file with notepad and Here you have to replace the word ‘WordPressblogfin’ with the application identifier which you have created in earlier step (Step: 2). Save the changes.

Step: 6

Final step for Hosting with Google : In this step you have to deploy or upload your website to Google App Engine. Go to start Menu> Open Google App Engine Launcher Program > Choose file > Add existing application and brows to the folder where you unzipped the website.

Hit the deploy or upload button to host Website on Google App Engine , input your Google Account credentials and within seconds, your website should become available online at your unnique Later, if you want to add or want to modify any web page then you have to press Deploy option and your new /edited files will be uploaded to App Engine.

When you host Website on Google App Engine it will be hosted a sub-domain of but you can register a web domain with Google Apps and map the App Engine website to your own domain.You can install any php application like WordPress or joomla instead of  any simple html site.To install wordpress in Google App Engine you need to deploy your WordPress project and also need a mysql database in App Engine.

Apr 20, 2014

How to Install and Configure W3 Total Cache Plugin for WordPress?

W3 Cache Plugin TutorialIn WordPress we find many different cache plugin.I have been discussed before about the WP super cache plugin.Here I have discussed about W3 Total Cache Plugin which is another best plugin for Page speed and speed up loading time of your website. It can create static page for you site and reduce pressure of server. You can use this plugin for better improvement of your blog site.

W3 Total Cache Plugin for WordPress

If you use W3 super cache plugin then you can use this W3 total cache plugin as alternative way. This plugin is the best optimization plugin for WordPress performance.It is also a fastest plugin than others.<Download w3 total cache plugin>

How to Install W3 Total Cache Plugin for WrodPress?

If you use WP super cache plugin or any others WordPress cache plugin then you have to uninstall all that plugin Before install W3 total cache plugin.Then you have to go add new plugin option from your WordPress dashboard and search the W3 total cache plugin from search box.

After search your cache plugin you have to install this plugin
from ‘Install Now’ option.Here I have mentioned that with screenshot.

After installation and activation this plugin you have to follow the step of configuration which are mention below.

Install w3 total cache

How to configure W3 Total Cache Plugin for WordPress?

You have to configure W3 total cache plugin in following method

General Settings:

Install w3 total cache

Here you can activate and deactivate caching. You have to check on first box and then click on save change option

Page Cache Settings:

cache settings

In page cache settings you will see different option such as *Don’t cache pages for logged in users *Cache home page  *Cache feed: site, categories, tags, comments * Cache URL with query string variables *Cache 404 (not found)pages. By default all essential option are checked here. Then you have to go next settings.

Minify Settings: 

minify settings

Database Cache Settings:

database cache settings

In database cache settings you can set it as above screenshot. We see that a lot of WordPress site fall down by database queries. We can manage this problem by database cache settings. It can cache database queries and save huge number of resources.

By this total process you can run the w3 total cache plugin for better improvement of your website.

Apr 19, 2014

How to configure WP super cache plugin for WordPress?

We can see different cache plugin in WordPress.I think best cache plugin is WP super cache plugin.Do you know why I say that this plugin is Best WordPress Cache Plugin ? WP super cache plugin is best because WP Super Cache Settings is very simple.

Why you use WP super cache plugin?

When we discuss about the performance of  WordPress, we know that caching component helps to save server execution time and reduce the loading time. Wp Super cache plugin makes the static pages of your website, which decrease the page serving time and  also less number of php calls, as without caching your page load will increase. For smooth running of WordPress site shared hosting is essential.

WP super cache plugin generate your static HTML files as a result it will help to optimize your database.It will also enable your website to load faster and use less server resources.

<Download WP super cache plugin>

How to install and set up WP super cache plugin for WordPress?

If you want to install and set up your WP super cache plugin for WordPress then you have to see the screenshot which will help you to set up plugin properly

At first click on plugins folder of  WordPress Admin panel

Then search wp super cache from search result box

Then click on ‘Install Now’ option  for installation WP super cache plugin

After install this plugin you have to Activate your plugin

 WP super cache plugin

After activation plugin you have to go settings option

 WP super cache plugin

WP Super Cache SettingsThen you you have to go Advanced tab option for configure wp super cache plugin which are mention below.

wp super test cache

Select Advanced tab for configure WP super cache plugin.

In advanced tab you will see different category such as Caching, Miscllaneous, Advanced.There are many option which you can set for configuration

  • Cache hits to this website for quick access (Recommended)
  • Use Mod_rewrite to serve cache files (Recommended)
  • Compress pages so they’re served more quickly to visitors. (Recomended)
  • Cache rebuild. Serve a supercache file to anonumous users while a new file is being generated. (Recomended)
  • Mobile device support
  • At last Click on Update
wp super test cache

You will see now a notification by wp super cache plugin.The notification is mod_rewrite rules must be updated.To up date this mod_rewrite rules you have to scroll down the page and clik on Update Mod_Rewrite Rules.When your update will be complete the section will turn in green colour.

After turning on the cache you have to click on the test cache button from Easy tab. If you click on test cache button then you will understand if it is working. WP Super Cache will fetch your WordPress site twice and will compare the time stamps of both pages. If the both time stamps match then this means that caching is working on your site now.

Apr 18, 2014

How to Compress images by WP plugin?

When we discuss a useful post, its generally incomplete without a wonderful and significant image or picture. Images help in better optimization of your post but it takes many time to loading this image. We know that Search engines likes faster loading your blog, so you have to insert minimum number of images for better optimization and compress Image Size . Too many images or pictures will increase your page loading time.

When Google search engine index or crawl your webpage it prefer those blogs which have a minimum webpage loading speed.It will help you to increase better search engine rank. If your uploaded images are compress Image Size then your page speed also will increase. Page speed one of the Best ranking factor of your site. So you have to solve this problem and control your heavy images from your post and compress Image Size by WP Compress Picture plugin.

What is WP Compress Picture plugin?

Compress Image Size : WP plugin is an online service from Yahoo and it helps you to compress Image Size or picture without degrading the size. In WordPress you will see also a plugin call . If you install and activate this WP plugin and Upload your images then it automatically will compress your images from your site. By this process you will not lose your image quality and your loading time of images will be very fast.

What is Bulk : How to Compress images ?

How to Compress images : WP plugin can compress Image Size which are uploaded after activation this plugin. But latest version has included a new feature call If you install this latest version plugin ( then you will get more advantage by it than previous version (wp plugin). This plugin can Compress Image Size and total old images from your image folder of WordPress and it also will decrease loading time of your old posts.This plugin will help you to decrease loading time and to Compress Image Size,if you have many posts and images in site. You can download this latest version plugin from link. <Download Bulk plugin>

WP plugin

Some features of WP plugin.

  • Compress Image Size
  • Converting GIFs to indexed PNGs
  • Stripping Unused colors from indexed images
  • Stripping meta data from JPEGs