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Slow Stretching Yoga Asana for Neck

To begin this yoga asana, anyone should start with the basic exercises. First, like slow neck stretches. It is suggested to perform few repetitions of this yoga gradual neck stretches as it frees the tension and strain of the neck. This basic yoga pose can be done quickly standing anywhere, just take one chair by […]

Foods that help to increase muscle tone

Many experts say that before proper nutrition is the most important for a healthy body. Health experts have emphasized the need to maintain healthy body weight. With the increasing of a perfectly toned body, many youngsters are going to the gym. However, a perfect balance of physical activity and nutritious intake is essential for achieving […]

Five Exercises for reducing your hips

There’s a lot of work which we have to do on our hips for getting a perfectly toned hip. In an article published by Harvard Health Publications, it is asseverated that while estrogen aims to deposit fat around the thighs.“This is the main reason why it is difficult for women particularly shift their fat from […]

Top asanas for increasing heights

A proper height always has an additional advantage to anyone’s personality. Taller always makes you look attractive. If you are already in your 20s and worried about how to increase height, then I have some tips for you. As we all know, yoga helps to heal the body internally. This significantly regulates the metabolism of […]

Seven Exercises for reducing your thighs

The study of the Harvard Medical School reveals that if you have big thigh muscles, it is indeed good for your overall body health. But it is generally the fat which increases the thigh mass. If you are seeking quick results to reducing thigh mass, then it is best to go to the gym where you can get […]

Full Body Yoga Tadasana-The Mountain Pose

Tadasana is also known as mountain pose. It is one of the best yoga asanas. If you practice Tadasana regularly in the morning, it gives you an excellent massage to our hands, back, spine, and the whole body. Tadasana is the most renowned asana to increase height for all as well This pose teaches us to […]