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Writing about wine in a country like India where Alcohol is a required to start up the party is really Satisfying. We really appreciate the test of alcohol & company of a good wine can delight our mood. The Indian market has been discerning the tests & spirit of wine and now we are no more left behind to compete with the world wine market.

1.Grover-Zampa Chêne
With the signature blend of famous Tempranillo and Syrah, this deep ruby coloured Indian wine has come from Grover- Zampa house. Chêne mean Oke in French, as its name this vintage has been aged for 15 months in Oke which makes it Bold in test. Long after one sip, you can still have the abundance of dark fruit and nuances of vanilla and cinnamon on the palate with perfectly balanced acidity and an elegant finish. with its ripe dark fruit aroma, complemented by charming hints of spices and well-integrated oak bouquets such as vanilla, liquorices, chocolate and roasted coffee beans this new world style red wine could be a perfect companion with your meal or Ultimate beverage on your Valentine’s day.

Grover-Zampa Chêne Red Wine

2.KRSMA Sangiovese
KRSMA Sangiovese is an exceptional wine from one of the India’s best wine makers KRSMA Estates in Hampi Hills. This mellow red wine has a good concentration of Fratelli, Reveille & most indispensable Sangiovese. With subtle and elegant notes, the nose opens up to its Cherries and cloves aroma & Ageing for 12 months in wood has given it a great Structure & elegant fruity test that stay on your palate for long. Fruity and yet with some spiced richness in it, this Indian rising star is definitely a good compliment to your special dinner.

KRSMA Sangiovese Red wine

3.York Sparkling Cuvée Brut
This York Sparkling wine has produced by Gurnani Brother with most finest Chêne blend. It has Floral notes, flavour lemon Zest and marzipan along with toast and brioche aroma which directly hits your nose. This York’s first attempted Sparkling wine has Refreshing Tropical fruit test. The wine has a great balance between fruit and acidity & It’s structure is creamy and light when the wine is really chilled. This bubbly Sparkling wine would test great with a cheese platter or some hors d’oeuvres.

York Sparkling Cuvée Brut Wine

4.Charosa Tempranillo Reserve:
This delight red wine made from Tempranillo, India’s most finest Grape. Tempranillo called India’s superstar and it most suited to hot climes. Charosa used that as an advantage and make their first Exotic Vintage charisma Tempranillo Reserve. It has ben aged for 12 months in an Oke barrel, and its rich Chocolate, Coconut & Vanilla aroma will delight your mood. It has an excellent concentration of warm red flavours like Raspberry, Strawberry and plam which perfectly goes wich grilled meat or sauteed veggies.

Charosa Tempranillo Reserve Red Wine

5.Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco
Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco is a white wine made from red grapes. this perfect blend of Sangiovese is produced by Fratelli’s who bring the Tuscan quality and taste of wine. it crisp & Sharp taste surely hit on your palate & Refresh your mind as well.

Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco-Sparkling Wine

6.Sula Rasa Shiraz
This spicy red wine made from Shiraz or syrah grape by Sula Vineyards. with Classic aroma & spicy tastes on the palate, this wine is much older than any other wine in India & won the Silver medal at Syrah Du Minde 2010.

Sula Rasa Shiraz Red Win

7. Grover’s La Reserve
La Reserve is the most popular & seasoned Reserve manufactured by Grover Vineyards. It is a proper French- style wine has produced from One of the finest blends of Shiraz & Cabernet grapes. aged in the Oke barrel for 6 months, this ruby coloured wine has ripe black fruit aroma with the hint of spice. This full bodied wine combines grace and splendour on the palate with rich chocolate, Coffee 7 vanilla flavour, the tannins are smooth and flavours intense that last for so long.

Grover's La Reserve-Red Wine

8.Fratelli Sette
Sette is the another exotic wine from Fratelli’s made from Sangiovese and cabernet Sauvignon grape. It has little Citric flavour with the touch of Vanilla. It’s delightful fruity aroma & perfect acidity balance makes it a great companion with Indian food.

Fratelli Sette Red Wine

9.Myra Reserve Shiraz
This elegant purple-red coloured Reserve wine has a tannins structure that comes from the ageing process. Myra Reserve Shiraz has produced by Shiraz Grape & has been raised to maturity in fine oak barrels for 12 months. Medium bodied palate, gentle oak & vanilla aroma, this fruity wine quite approachable & goes perfectly with Grilled meat & seafood.

Myra Reserve Shiraz Wine

10.York Arros
This red wine is also a creation produced by Gurnani Brother. This vintage is a reserve blend of Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon with jammy, sweet vanilla & spicy aroma. ageing in French & American Oke barrels gives it a smooth structure. Its tannins and burst of cranberry, Peppers, caramel & dark chocolate flavour will stay on your palate even after a long while. This reserve style Arros wine is a truly ideal companion to grilled or tandoori meat & cheeses.

York Arros Wine

India has a various opinion in every Topic, but we all agree with when it comes to alcohol. We love alcohol mostly beer either its hang out with friends or Promotion party lack of beer will be a Party spoiler. There are many International beer brands In India that could chill your thirust. But for those not in the know, here is some delicious local Beer brand you could choose from-

1. Kingfisher
Kingfisher is an Indian Beer Brand owned by Dr Vijay Mallya & it is also the top-selling beer brand in India & the first choice of every Indian. It has 4.8% alcohol which makes it popular among the Youth/ University student.

Kingfisher all brandes

2. King’s:
Though I thought King’s came from the famous brand Kingfisher, but it entirely different brand which has been manufactured in Goa. King’s is famous for its Good quality & surprisingly low price. It contains 4.85% alcohol and it has mild smoky flavour.

kings all beer brands

3. Jaipur Lager
Jaipur Lager is an American Lager consumed by Jaipur Brewing company. It consists of 5.9% alcohol. It has a sharp test which comes from its carbonation.

various type of Jaipur beer

4. Taj Mahal Indian Lager
Taj Mahal Lager is another Indian Beer brand after Kingfisher which is exported out of India. Ther Beer has 4.8% alcohol and it mostly famous among the foreign tourist for its light flavour.

Tajmahal beer brands

5. Maharaja
As its name, Maharaja Beer is truly the king of all beer in India. you could not help but fall in love with its citrus flavour on your first test. You could easily find it in Indian Market & also it’s neighbouring country like Bhutan, Nepal.

Maharaja Beer brands

6. Knock Out
Knock Out is an Indian Brand which is famous for its strong test. it contains 8% alcohol that makes it relay strong. It is the best selling beer in North-west Indian.

Knock Out beer

7. Kayani Black label
Kayani Black label is the oldest beer brand in India. this mild distinctive variety of beer comes in two different types Premium & Strong. It could be found in all over India but it especially best-selling beer in Delhi, Kolkata and the North- Eastern states.

Kalyani Black Lable beer type

8. Royal Challenge
Royal Challenger beer is a brand of Indian whisky. This Golden Yellow coloured beer has a smooth test and a very rich flavour which came for its long time brewing. It contains 5% ( Premium ) to 8% ( Strong ) alcohol for the people who have different preferences. Royal Challenger has all qualities that make it great beer brand & India’s second largest selling mild beer Brand.

Royal Challenger beer

9. Haywards 5000
Haywards 500 basically an American malt Liquor manufactured by Shaw Wallace & Company Ltd ( India ). With 7% alcohol in it, Haywards 5000 definitely meets the incredibly expectation of Indian customer. It tastes quite sharp with a smooth structure.

Haywards 5000 beer

Cobra is an Indian premium brand. As its name Cobra has a bite in it with 4.8% alcohol. It mostly famous for its Smoothness & less gassy lager. Cobra has contained Maize wheat & four different type of hops.

Cobra all beer brand