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How to Improve Facebook Page SEO: Improve Facebook Page SEO is good for every Face book user who are engage with Facebook page. You can improve Facebook Search engine optimization by using Facebook page.If you want to get high traffic without no more query of search engine than you can share your blog article on social networking site.Because social networking site is a great way to increase more traffic.

 Here I have mention some process such as keyword rich URL, About section, optimize photo and info page to improve Facebook page SEO. In previous article I have mention how to Increase Facebook Fan page like

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More Comment, Like, Share will help Facebook Page SEO

If you create a Facebook fan page or business page then the most essential things to reach your page post to more people. Some times we see that our page post reach very few people though are page like very high. I mean suppose our page like 100k but our page post reach only 1 k people then our page SEO will be down as well as our like growth will be fall.

The main cause is for your post low comment, low like and low share. If your page post get comment, like and share, then growth is high and your page post will reach more people and your Facebook like as well as page engagement will be increase.

Share your Page on Page Group

When you share your Facebook page in Facebook page group then it will reach more people and you will gain like as well as your search engine optimization (SEO) for facebook is also good.

Select Keyword-rich name 

Select always keyword rich name I mean you have to use the name of your business page with a keyword which will be the keyword your customers and potential fans will most often use when they’re trying to find you.

Properly Fill About Section:

The About box is one of the few places on your page that is accessible to the search engines optimization (SEO). This little box located on the upper left hand side of the page gives you many characters to tell people what you’re about, using the terms most important to you. Will it give you a huge boost? No. But every little bit helps so take the opportunity for every SEO bump you can get.

Info Section

The Info Section is another opportunity for you to include keyword-rich information about your business. If you complete this sections in proper way then and complete your profile, the more likely Facebook will be able to show your page for related searches. Facebook also allows small business owners to include links to relevant pages/profiles, so make sure you’re using this area to drive traffic to other areas.

Optimize your photo

In case for add any photo to your Facebook page, always add a caption with description for phot that also in relevant keyword. Whenever possible, include a link in the caption to the most relevant page on your blog or website. This builds links moves more fans that important step closer to your website to become a customer as well as search rank.

Facebook Like Box

Facebook like box is an another feature to increase your page like and your page SEO. Some times we see a new business page with like box in our news feed section which any our friends already have been liked. So if I click on like box that page then one like more add that pages. Thus Face

Optimize Your text links

To put a  text link as another way to get more fans and links, which you can include anywhere you wish – such as:

your email signature
your email marketing newsletters
as a text link anywhere on your website
Your blog article

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We can share photo and videos to specific Facebook friends.When we create a Facebook account, we make friend list and maintain different relationship in different way. Our Facebook friends list are created by not only friends but also our family member, colleagues, college friends, junior member and senior member also. So we do not want to share any personal photo and video to every one to our friend list.

In this case we can share photo,video and any others images to specific Facebook Friends. What a interesting matter that we can send anything only my favorite Friends. I have share many time from my Facebook profile. In this tutorial I have mentioned some tips and tricks to share photo and video to specific Facebook Friends and if you want to share your special post to your special friends then don’t waste your time.

Share Photo and video to Specific Facebook Friends

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How to Share Photo and Video to Specific Facebook Friends

Here I have share some step with screenshot which will help you to share photo and videos to Specific Facebook friends.

Step: 1

  • First of all upload your photo, images, videos or any others from computer/others devices and then share it to your specific friends. Normally when we share any post it goes all of our friends or everyone. But we can share it specific friends.

Share Photo and video to Specific Facebook Friends

  • After uploading images or photo select on custom option
  • You can choose others option to share such as Public, Friends, Only me etc.

Step: 2

  • After click on custom button an another window will be open
  • Here you will find two option such as ‘share this with’ and ‘Don’t share this with’
  • Click on ‘share this with’ option and search  your friends whom you want to share your photo, videos and any others images.
  • At last click on save change option

Share Photo and video to Specific Facebook Friends

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Step: 3

  • After save change click on post button for share it to your specific friends.

Share Photo and video to Specific Facebook Friends

Note: After complete your share this photo and others images, it will be visible only the specific friends. You can share any personal information by this process. So try this process and enjoy it. I am sure it will be very helpful to all Facebook users.

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We all know to create a Facebook account very easily but we do not know to delete Facebook account permanently.Sometimes we need to delete or deactivate our Facebook account permanently. So In this tutorial I have mentioned some guide to deactivate and delete Facebook account permanently.

When deleting process will be completed you have to provide two week grace period for cancel termination. If you log in your account in this time then it would activate again. For Delete you Facebook account you need to avoid log in your Facebook account.

At first you need to know the difference between Deactivate and Delete your Facebook account .If you deactivate your account then Facebook suspends your account but retains all of your data in case you want to restore it at a later date. When you delete your account, your data is permanently deleted from Facebook and cannot be restored. So before delete your account, ensure that you have copied the all data, photos, video, contact lists from your profile.

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delete facebook account permanently

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How to Deactivate Facebook Account


Log in your Facebook account
Go to account settings > Security settings

Step: 2

After select on Security settings click ‘Deactivate your account’ from bottom portion
Here different option are available which are mention below

deactivate faceboook account

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  • I don’t find Facebook useful.
  • I have another Facebook account.
  • My account was hacked.
  • I spend too much time using Facebook.
  • I don’t feel safe on Facebook.
  • I don’t understand how to use Facebook.
  • I have a privacy concern.
  • This is temporary. I’ll be back.
  • I get too many emails, invitations, and requests from Facebook.
  • Other

From this option you can select option for deactivate your Facebook account

Step: 3

After select option a password confirmation window will be appear

Click on Confirm button

deactivate faceboook account

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How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Step: 1

Go to your address bar and then type the following URL
After put the URL a window will be appear and you might be asked for ‘Delete My Account’

How to Delete Facebook Account

Step: 2

Here another window for Permanently Delete Account will be open

Put your Facebook password for Security check

Next enter the captcha which would be appear on the screen. If you do not understand the captcha, you can change the captcha just clicking on under mention link.

At last click on Okay button

How to Delete Facebook Account

Step: 3

In this step ‘Permanently Delete Account’  window will be appear again

Click on Okay button

How to Delete Facebook Account

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Note: After complete of Deleting process, Facebook Will give you 14 days grace period to cancel the termination. In this period if you try to log in your Facebook account through website or any others connected app then it will cancel your account delectation automatically.

How to Block People on Facebook: Many people face some problem from those people who send unwanted and unfair message or post. In this case we need to block those people. In this tutorial I have discussed some tips to block people on Facebook and what happens after when we block people or someone on Facebook.

We know that people use Mobile, Tab, PC for Facebook. A large number of people are engaged with Facebook and they all times busy to send post or share different types of picture. Today, we can chat and send sms to our friends every time through using Facebook account.

How to Block People on Facebook

In this tutorial I mention how to block people on Facebook. Here I have discussed about two process to block people on Facebook. So that we can very easily block any people. Everyone wants to good, real post or content from their Facebook friends circle but If they gets unfair message, image or any others comment from them then we wants to block those account. 

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how to block people on facebook

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Why do I block people on Facebook

Sometimes we face many problem from Facebook.We can block people for many reasons such when some people harass constantly and Send unwanted post. Even they send unwanted message or picture to our time lines. We also know that sometimes many people post unfair photo or image to our time line and this is very bad to our Facebook site and we loss our popularity to friends. You can block people to using Facebook timeline.

You can block any people from Facebook in following process

At first log in your Facebook account
Now go to the timeline which you want to block

how to block people on facebook

Now click on Message key from the right side drop down menu and select block button.
After click on Block button a Confirm Block window will be appear on your screen

how to block people on facebook

Now click on Confirm button.

Note: You can block someone in another process.

Log in your Facebook account from
Click on top right side corner and click on settings option

how to block people on facebook

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Next Click on block option and after that select the specific name

how to block people on facebook

When you select a specific name a friends list will be appear and then select the name which you want to block and then click on block option.

Note: If we blocked any persons then they will not get any notification.

What happen after Block people on Facebook

Sometimes one things we want to know what happens after when we block people or someone on Facebook. When we block people on Facebook they becomes invisible to me and I become invisible to them. I mean after block people or any others person they would not search and find me.

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What is Facebook Chat Code? Facebook chat code is a combination of symbol and Character. We can use different code for different purpose such as happy mood, smiley mood, crying mood, kissing mood or any others.Suppose you chat with your friend but feel sad then you can share your mood to friend with symbolic code. In this Tutorial we mention how to use Facebook chat code for different purpose.

We know that Facebook is a social media site and it has a great social value. We can easily share everything to our friends. Even we can chat with our friends with different chat code. It is very interesting matter to use different type symbol to chatting with friend. we can send smiley symbol or any others symbol on online or offline.

Every person want to attract friends or people on social sites. They want to send message or chat with their friends in different style and format to impress them. For this purpose they try to do it different Technic in Facebook.
facebook smily and chat code

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Use different Facebook chat code

I also use different symbolic code when Chat with our friends. Though we can easily send different types of smiley in manually but it is very easy to use chat code in our chat box.We can use this code after writing some text or Before your text, as you like to use it. Here I share different code for using different symbol.

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How Can you send Happy or Wink Symbol on Facebook chat ?

Facebook Chat code

We can easily send Happy or Wink Symbol

For Happy just type colon and bracket together and send 🙂
For Wink just type semicolon and bracket together and send 😉

Send Sad, Smile, Shocked, crying and kissing symbol

Facebook Sad, Smile, Shocked, crying and kissing symbol

  • For sad just type colon and bracket together and send 🙁
  • For smile just type ^_^ and send
  • For shocked just type colon and o (not zero)together and send 😮
  • For crying just type colon, single quotation and bracket together and send :'(
  • For kissing just type colon and asterisk together and send :*

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Send Jaws, Grin, Tongue out and Penguin symbol

Different Smiley on Facebook

  • For jaws just type (^^^) and send
  • For grin just type colon and capital D together and send 😀
  • For tongue out just type colon and capital P together and send 😛

send penguin for Facebook chat

  • For penguin just type lesser than and double quotation within bracket <(“)
  • For sun glass just type Eight and dash together and send 8|

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Facebook page is an important source of medium for small or big business man.In Facebook site you will find different types of Facebook pages and category. For create Facebook page for business, log on your Facebook account .If you have no Personal account for page then create a new account. You can create Facebook page directly from under mention section.

After log in go to create page option.Here will find six types of Facebook pages and their different category. You can choose any one for your business page which will be appropriate for your business and then select category from drop down menu list. In this tutorial, I share some guide for select page and category which may be help you for create and set your Facebook fan page.

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create fan facebook fanpage

Types of Facebook pages:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Brand or Public figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

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Note: If you want to create a page for online business purpose I think that you can choose ‘Company,organization or institution’ or you can choose ‘Brand or Product’ types page. If you choose Local business or place for your business page then you will get different type of categories such as
Bank/Financial Service
Book Store
Business Service
Church/Religious Organization
Concert Venue
Event Planning/Event Service
Home Improvement
Hotel Landmark and many others

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local business or place
After select best category for your local business page you need to fill up following information
Mention your company name
Put your ‘Street Address’
Enter your city/town or state into the ‘City/State’ box
Enter your postal code or zip code in the ‘Zip Code’ box
Enter your phone number
Click on ‘Get Started’ button

Fill Your Basic Information

About Section: In about Section you need to put 2-3 sentence description for your company.When put information about your company it would be appear on your main page So put put proper information here.If you have any business website then include your website link here.
Upload photo: In this section you have to upload your pages photo.It may be your company logo also. This photo is an icon of your business page so upload photo as dimensions 180×180.

Use Admin panel

We can manage business page through Admin Panel.We can update our information from Edit Page section.Here we can update all information which have been mentioned before.Visitors will see description only click on ‘About’ section of our business page, so it should be mandatory to provide real and good information.

Note: In Edit page Section we can manage notifications and add page permissions.
Note: If you want to entertain to your friends or all visitors then you can select Artist, Band or Public figure and choose Entertainer for your category.
artist,band or public figure

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It is very interesting matter to sent blank comment or sent blank message on Facebook.Now Facebook is very popular social media site. We can easily create Facebook account for different purpose such as making new friends, Making new page, Like new page,Post any picture or comment, Share any post or image, Find new friends, Celebrate friends birthday, Create business page, Increase Facebook Fan page like,etc. So now Facebook has a great social value.

sent blank message on Facebook

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How to Sent Blank Message on Facebook:

When we chat with our friends, we can surprise our friend by sending blank message or comment from Facebook chart box. I also do this to surprise our friends.You will get some suggestion by this tutorial for sent Blank message on Facebook friends.Here is some step by which you can sent blank message on Facebook.

Step to send blank message to your friend

Step: 1
At first you have to go your Facebook chart option.

Step: 2
Click on Facebook chart box and hold Alt Key then type 0173. I mean you need to type together with Alt+0173

how to sent blank message on facebook

Step: 3 
After put above mention code you will find no message will be appear on your chart box.It will show you only profile picture.

How to Set Notification on Facebook

Facebook notification settings

If  we want to change or edit notification then we need to set notification on Facebook. How is it possible ? It is very simple to edit or set notification

Step: 1
At first you have to go Settings option from on top right side corner

Step: 2
After click on settings option , you will find Notification option from left side bar

Step: 3
Here you can change or edit your notification.In email settings you will find different option such as

  • All notification except the ones you unsubscribe
  • Important notification about you or activity you have missed
  • Only notification about your account security and privacy

From the above mention option you can choose any one option for notification through email.

Note: We can set sound alert when any new notification will be received us. I mean when any new notification comes in your fan or friends profile, it will give notification sound to your PC or mobile. For this purpose you have to select play a sound option.

<Click for more details how to set notification on Facebook>

notification settings with sound

What is Facebook fanpage? Everyone want to increase Facebook fan page like. Facebook pages is a very popular way to increase like on your site or blog. It may be related with your online website,  any superstar, and brand or for fun. If you want to discuss about the blog then you  require a Facebook fan page. So if you do not create your Facebook fanpage then you need to create it now.This will bring you lot of traffic and also a way to introduce with lot of people for your site.

Now a days, Facebook is the best online social networking website for getting traffic to your website. When you create a Facebook fan page, It will help you to increase traffic excessively.There is some large number of pages on Facebook with thousands or more then that likes and a lot of people are less than 100  likes. However, More likes brings more traffic to your site. A Facebook page always acts as your website’s to identity with lot of visitor. which helps you to communicate with your followers.

facebook fanpage

How to Increase your Facebook Fanpage like ?

facebook fanpage like

Update your page information:

I think it is a very simple process to create a Facebook page.After creating a facebook page you need to update its basic information.The basic information means Profile picture, Description, Cover picture and others details. When any facebook viewer will like your page they will get your details information which you have been created in your page profile. The profile picture and cover picture should be related to your facebook fan page.You can use either logo as cover picture/profile picture or something others.

Avoid Spam:

After create a facebook fanpage you need to avoid spamming on your fanpage, so that readers get real information from your pages.Useful and proper link always helpful. If you use useful link, proper description and proper image in pages, you will get more viewer as well as like.So it is a better idea to provide information without spam.

Share page in Many Groups:

Another better process to increase Facebook fanpage like is share your page in many groups. If you share your fanpage in many groups it will increase your like. It always helpful for new or old blogger to get more like. So you should share your page in many groups.

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Share page on Other reputed pages:

It is the another process to increase your page like. In this strategy you have to contact the administrators of reputed  page and ask them to share your fan page. For this you have to build good relationship first among the bloggers. By this good relationship you will able to share page on the wall of others page and your page like will be increased automatically.

Put Excellent image:

You can get more traffic by putting good looking image instead of putting direct link into your page.By this process When any viewer will like your image that automatically sent to others friends of that user via news feed.So if you  use good looking image you can get more like for your page.

Invite your Friends:

You can gain more like of your fanpage through invite your friends.At first you have to create a Facebook fan page. After creating this page you can invite your friends to get some likes for free.This work can be done by page settings.Moreover you can ask also your friends to hit your like button. By this process you will be able to gain some like instantly.

Use Popup Box:

Popup box is an another method to increase Facebook like. After create a blog or website if you put popup box for your site then it will be helpful for your fan page. When people will enter your site they could know by popup box that you have a Facebook page.This process will help to get more like directly. So you need to use popup box and this will help to get better improvement your blog as well as your Facebook page.

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Update page:

It is very important thing that update your page regularly.If you do not update your page regularly then your fan will loss the interest from your page and they will dislike your page.If you update your page with new and useful content regularly, then your visitors will be interested by your page and they will get more up gradation from your page and automatically your like will be increased by them.

Advertised in Facebook campaign

Another grate way to bring Facebook like instantly to your fanpage is to advertise in Facebook.You can easily advertise by creating a Facebook campaign to get like.Its may ask you your credit card information and deduct balance every day when your daily budget reach on your campaign.

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Now a days Facebook is an popular Social Networking service all over world.Facebook was founded on 4th February, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. The Headquarters of the Facebook California (Menlo Park) of US. People can post their information, image, and share their image or post and chat by this social networking service. They also can Create page for business purpose, fan-page and others page.Now,Some people access your facebook timeline without your permission if your settings in facebook not change so, How to stop using facebook timeline profile ?

Every people can register it very easily.But many people cannot set their privacy settings properly so they face many problem. Some people are irritated by unnecessary post in their own timeline. There are some tips to stop access facebook timeline. How to delete your total message or conversation from inbox.

Step to stop using facebook timeline

  • Log on your face book page to stop using facebook timeline
  • Click in the upper-right corner of any page and select Settings

stop using facebook timeline

  • In the left column, click Timeline and Tagging
  • Find the setting Who can post on your Timeline? and click on Edit option

stop using facebook timeline

  • Select Only Me from the dropdown menu
stop using facebook timeline

After above mention process you easily stop unnecessary post on your timeline. You able  to understand how to stop access facebook timeline.

How to delete message from conversation?

Click Message Option from left side of your Homepage
The open the Conversation you want to delete
From the * actions menu you have to click Delete Message
You have to select check boxes what messages you want to delete
At last click Delete

You can delete total conversation by clicking Delete Conversation from the *Actions menu. If you once delete your conversation it can not be undone.

When you delete your message or conversation from your inbox it will be not delete from your friends inbox.

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How to change Facebook page name after 200 Likes

Now Facebook Pages one of the best place for speaking to about any personally, Companies, Business or any Public figure or place. Facebook pages help their development and help to increase popularity of somebody at very quick. In nowadays Facebook pages get to be status image for some identities. They highlight their fans pages to stay in touch with their fans. Many companies and businessman give ads for their business growth.At the same time any business or fans don’t get well response just become or bad or incorrectly spell name. So in that condition you will suffer to change name to another one.

we all know that after 200 likes it is not possible to change page name. You can change your page name before complete it 200 likes. After that it will be not appears and page name got fixed. As a result when your page likes 5k or greater than 5k then if you wish to change your page name you have to face problem because there are no any option to change or shift your page name.

How to possible to change facebook Page name after 200 Likes?


Change Facebook page name : Facebook present another offers about Request them to change name yet this feature is still accessible in few nations just like US, Canada may be in beta testing. In the event that you are in that nations and only hold up for months to get alternative in your spot however I don’t feel that as great part. We need to attempt instead of holding up. You should follow the following step for How it works.

Important Steps to Change page Name

1)Firstly you have to install Firefox Add-ons browser
2)For other Browsers Add any US server proxies in your Browsers IP address settings.
3)For Firefox users after installing add-ons. Click on new Icon which will appear and mark as Active.

how to change Facebook page name

4)When Activate your Add-ons you have to Log in your Facebook account
5)Open your page which name you want to change. You have to go Admin Panel > Edit Page > Update Page Info.
6)Now in Category Option change them into local business.

how to change Facebook page name

7)After changing category click on Edit Page Name Button.
8)After that you will see the option of Request to Change Name.

how to change Facebook page name

9)Click on that option and new form will appears about Change Name Request.
10)You should Tick the button for accepting the page guidelines of Facebook.
11)After that select the type from the menu about your page which currently representing.

how to change Facebook page name

12)Then again tick on the button that you still want to change the name of page.
13)You have to Add real information in all the fields like Current Page Name, and which page name you want.
14)You have to select reason why you want to change Page name from menu.
15)Upload any document which represent that your business is changes, or page is misspell of your business. Always upload document based on the reasons you have selecting in previous step.

how to change Facebook page name

16)Then tick both option for proceeding request and then click send button

After requesting change name you will get email in your email account associate with Facebook account from where you request for change name. Within 7 days this email send response back on your request. When your request accepted your page name will be changed automatically into the name which you desired.

Why the page name not change after Requesting?

If you provide right and accurate reason then your change name request will be work properly.

In case for business page you have to upload clears documents or re-branding page name with right reasons.

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