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India is one of the well-developed countries and it is the fastest growing aviation markets in the world. It has caused the high competition to airline industry but India is no more far behind. according to DGCA ( Directorate General of Civil Aviation ), Traffic data and No of Passengers carried by domestic airlines are increased by 20.85%. There are scads of private airlines increased their presence in India by ordering new fleets and destinations. Let’s check out the 5 most popular Airlines in India.

1. IndiGo Airline
Indigo Airline founded just in 2006 and it ranks 01 in terms of passengers carried with a 36.8% market share. IndiGo has 133 aircraft including 20 new generation A320neos. And it’s Offers you airline offers more than 633 daily flights connecting to 38 destinations including 5 international destinations. It is India’s domestic air travel market as a low-cost carrier with a focus on our three pillars – offering low fares, being on-time and delivering a courteous and hassle-free experience.

IndiGo Airlines

2. JET Airways
Jet Airline is an Indian Airline which became India’s second airline with an 18.1% passenger market share. It is started operations in 1993 Jet Airways operates flights to 20 international destinations, offering a better choice in the skies. The airline’s service class comprises Première–business branded for domestic sectors and First Class, Première– business class branded for international sectors.

Jet Airways

3. Air India
Talking about flight in India the first name which came to mind is Air India. India’s won and very first Airline owned by Air India Limited (AIL), a Government of India enterprise. It establishes in 1932 by J.R.D Tata. At first, they started their flight as an air mail carrier from Karachi to Bombay ( currently Mumbai ). And now it is the third largest airline in India after IndiGo & Jet Airways. Air India has total 402 Aircraft, 137 planes and 113 Jet and Jetlite. They flew to more than 45 countries around the world.

Air India Airline

4. Go Airlines
Go Air is a low-cost carrier air service in India that started in 2005. Now the airlines operate over 140 flights and approximately 975 weekly flight across 23 destinations. This Mumbai-based airline currently services the airports at Ahmedabad, Bagdogra, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jammu, Kochi, Kolkata, Leh, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nagpur, Patna, Port Blair, Pune, Ranchi, and Srinagar. In May 2014, GoAir has achieved 81.8% load factor and became India’s fifth largest airline in India by market share.

GoAir Airline

5. Spice Jet
Spice jet is India’s fourth largest airline based in Gurgaon. It is the low-cost airline that shares 13.2% in the market. The airline operates more than 270 daily flights to 41 destinations, including 34 Indian and 7 international cities.

SpiceJet Airline

We are too obsessed about shelfie so the OPPO has launched their new f3 plus smartphone for satisfied us. The OPPO F3 plus has two front cameras for single shelfie & one for group shelfie. they also announced that it will launch the smaller version of the F3 Plus smartphone in May and it will be doing so on Thursday. we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the phone. Based on that, we will give you the all information about the phone to help consumers make the choice.

As I said earlier, the new OPPO F3 plus is called shelfie expert for having 2 front cameras. It has a 16MP Beautify 4.0 lens for normal selfies and an 8MP 120-degree wide-angle lens for group selfies with moonlight flash, and also have 13MP cameras with LED flash which equally takes good photos.

OPPO f3 plus camera

OPPO f3 plus has a premium look with unibody shells, rounded corners, 5.5-inch IPS HD screen which comes with a 6.00-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels and 2.5D curved Gorilla Glass,. The speaker, microUSB slot, power/lock button, volume controls and the physical home button are all similarly placed.

OPPO f3 plus desing

OPPO F3 plus has run Android 6.0 ( Marshmallow ) and is powered by a 4000mAh non-removable battery and 1.95GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 processor and it comes with 4GB of RAM. The phone packs 64GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 256GB via a microSD card.

The Oppo F3 Plus is a dual SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, USB OTG, 3G and 4G (with support for Band 40 used by some LTE networks in India). Sensors on the phone include Compass Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor and Gyroscope.

OPPO f3 plus

Google Cloud WordPress : You can install WordPress in Google app engine via some simple method. When you install WordPress in Google App Engine your page speed optimized and increase. You can check it through page speed optimization tools and better page speed means better SEO rank. How to Install WordPress in Google App Engine ? If you want to install and run WordPress in Google App Engine, then you have to follow the following method.

Prerequisites of Installation WordPress in Google App Engine

For install WordPress in Google App Engine, Python takes very important role to install it properly. Python is an Official language of Google.Python is also the key language of Google even with others language such as C++ and Java.It is used in Google App Engine, You Tube, and others places.So you have to Download and Install Python locally to Install WordPress in Google App Engine. You will get details download and Installation process from above mention link.

Before you install any simple application or WordPress in Google app engine at first you have to download and install python and PHP SDK locally for Google App Engine.Why you should install Python ? For running PHP SDK application, Python help to run PHP SDK application to deploy WordPress in Google App Engine. When you install WordPress in cPanel you need to install Filezilla or CuteFTP to upload WordPress or anything in your server but here is nothing like that. Here, PHP SDK application deploy everything that you want to install in Google App Engine. For details Download and Installation process for this application click on above mention link.

MySQL database is a web hosting database.It is used to store website data like blog posts or others user information. Today MySQL database is the best linking database server. A MySQL database is capable for storing any type of data that need to crate a website. It also to rapidly store and retrieve data from the database.So you have to download and  install it locally for Install WordPress in Google App Engine. If you want to know the downloading and installation process of MySQL then Click on above mention link.

After download and install all above mentioned package you have to Sign up Google Cloud platform project then set up a Cloud SQL instance.Here you have to be enabled billing on the project. I mention here some steps which help you to install WordPress in Google App Engine

Install WordPress in Google App Engine


How to register and Create Cloud Console Project for Google Cloud WordPress

Google Cloud WordPress : At first you need to register in Google Could Platform and then create Cloud console project.When you will sign in your Google Cloud Consol you will find CREATE PROJECT option. Click here to create new project for Google App Engine in WordPress Google Apps platform.When you will click that option you might be asked to put your Project name and Project ID.

Step: 1

Set Up Local application for Google App Engine.

To run WordPress in Google App Engine application you have to create an empty folder for setup application (the name of the application folder should be same of your actual Project ID) in your local computer .Then you need to add app.yaml file, php.ini file, cron.vaml file in this folder.

The following text code you have to put in app.yaml file through notepad. Here you have to change your Project ID name which you have been created before.

application: YOUR_PROJECT_ID
version: wp
runtime: php
api_version: 1

- url: /(.*.(htm|html|css|js))$
  static_files: wordpress/1
  upload: wordpress/.*.(htm|html|css|js)$
  application_readable: true

- url: /wp-content/(.*.(ico|jpg|png|gif))$
  static_files: wordpress/wp-content/1
  upload: wordpress/wp-content/.*.(ico|jpg|png|gif)$
  application_readable: true

- url: /(.*.(ico|jpg|png|gif))$
  static_files: wordpress/1
  upload: wordpress/.*.(ico|jpg|png|gif)$

- url: /wp-admin/(.+)
  script: wordpress/wp-admin/1
  secure: always

- url: /wp-admin/
  script: wordpress/wp-admin/index.php
  secure: always

- url: /wp-login.php
  script: wordpress/wp-login.php
  secure: always

- url: /wp-cron.php
  script: wordpress/wp-cron.php
  login: admin

- url: /xmlrpc.php
  script: wordpress/xmlrpc.php

- url: /wp-(.+).php
  script: wordpress/wp-1.php

- url: /(.+)?/?
  script: wordpress/index.php

The following text code you have to put in php.ini file through notepad

google_app_engine.enable_functions = "php_sapi_name, gc_enabled"

The following text code you have to put in cron.vaml file through notepad

- description: wordpress cron tasks
url: /wp-cron.php
schedule: every 2 hours

Step: 2

Download WordPress from

You have to download latest version WordPress from the website for Google App Engine.It will be downloaded as zip file in your local computer. Then it should be extracted in your created folder.

Step: 3

Create Database for your local MySQL server

After create database in your local MySQL server you have to allow to connect WordPress database and later to Connect Cloud SQL. When your local MySQL server will be running you have to run the following code.

Step: 4

Create wp-config.php file

Go to your created folder where you have been installed WordPress. In this WordPress you will get a file name wp-config-sample.php. You need to edit text code of this file.Change the name of the database as ‘wordpress_db’ Change the MySQL database user name as ‘wp_user’ and change the MySQL database password as ‘wp_password’ at last you have to save this wp-config-sample.php file as wp-config.php

The details changeable code are mention below. This code will be edited by Notepad. 

/** The name of the database for WordPress */
define('DB_NAME', 'wordpress_db');

/** MySQL database username */
define('DB_USER', 'wp_user');

/** MySQL database password */
define('DB_PASSWORD', 'wp_password');

Step: 5

Run your WordPress locally On Google App Engine

Add application by Google App Engine Launcher

Here you have to open Google App Engine launcher. Go to file menu and Click on Add existing application. Here you need to add that file which you created before (see Step: 1).When you will add this application the application path, Port and Admin port will be added here and then click on ok button. After that you have to click on Browse option of Google App Engine Launcher.Here you will see a window will be appear. Mention your Website tile, Username, password, email address here and click on Install WordPress Option. Log in it by using your user,password and theme for

Step: 6

Set up Cloud SQL instance

In this step you have to go your Cloud console project. There you will need to store your hosted WordPress database.If you want to set this then need to enabled billing and create a New Cloud SQL instance

Step: 7

Edit wp-config.php file to connect it in your Cloud SQL instance

Go to your wp-config.php file. of WordPress that reads define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);and edit it with following code with notepad.

if(isset($_SERVER['SERVER_SOFTWARE']) && strpos($_SERVER['SERVER_SOFTWARE'],'Google App Engine') !== false) {
  define('DB_HOST', ':/cloudsql/YOUR_PROJECT_ID:wordpress');
  define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');

Here you have to put your Cloud SQL Instance ID name.After change the code save it.

Step: 8

Deploy WordPress installation to Google App Engine.

Go to your Google App Engine Launcher. Click on Deploy option. Then put your E-mali and password for Deploy application to Google.

Step: 9

Install Google App Engine Plugins for WordPress

Before run your WordPress in Google App Engine you need to install Google App Engine Plugin in your local computer.  When installation will be complete you need to deploy WordPress by Google App engine. After deployed WordPress when you will log in it by using User ID and Password you will see that Google App Engine Plugin has been inactivated there. You have to activate this plugin to run WordPress in Google App Engine  then Add a sweet able theme for WordPress in Google App Engine.

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How to Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp : WhatsApp is Now a very Popular massage sending apps and the best communication media in our Android forest.Its also support Blackberry , Apple and as well as many smart phone OS and provide free massage sending option. You may be surprised when you install that apps and try to find out the contact list of those who are actually use WhatsApps from your own contact circle. You may be find many of your friends also use this apps and happy to find you on there own WhatsApp circle.

Now question is that, How you send a massage to all of your friends at a time ? How you send Bulk Message to Multiple contacts via WhatsApp ? How you broadcast any massage to your all friends at once ? Yes. I know its very useful for you and specially when the Christmas day Or , New Year knocking in your door you must want to wish all of your friend at a time on a single Massage to all.

How You Send Massage to your all Of your contacts via WhatsApp at once ?

Step 1 ) At first you have to create a broadcast list to send a massage to all of your friends. In your broadcast list you have to select all of those contacts those you want to send massage at a time. You can create multiple broadcast list in your Whatsapp panel and can send different massage to different broadcast list. Now to create a broadcast list,

Open Whatsapp and click on the right hand side to select those contacts in your broadcast list.

Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp

Step 2) Here you find a option called “New broadcast”. Click on the New broadcast option to go ahead.

Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp

Step 3) Finally to prepare a broadcast list, Click on the + sign button.

Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp

Step 4) Here you find all of your contact those are your friends as well as use Whatsapp. If you not find any contacts then its probably you might not be saved before any contacts to your mobile or in your Whatsapp contact lists. To create a broadcast list you must have to save all of those contact in your phone and Whatsapp Panel.

Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp

Select all of those contacts you want on get on your broadcast list and click finally on “Done” button

Step 5) Now Type a list name to give a name on your broadcast list and click on create button.

Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp
Whatsapp support 256 contacts on a single broadcast list. So,  If you have more then 500 contacts and you want to Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp, then you might have to create 2 broadcast list to send massage to all of your friends at a time.

Some Best Android apps for Smartphone, Tabs: Android is the most popular Operating system (OS) all over world. This OS can run different types of apps from smartphone. In this article I have share some best and essential apps for android device which will be helpful for every smartphone user.
Android Operating system developed by Google. It is initially designed for touchscreen mobile such as smartphone and tablet computer etc.

Best Free apps for Android Phone

 Solo Weather (Beta) apps for Android:

Solo weather (Beta) apps an easy way to provides details weather for all cities of world. This apps provides us current weather condition including 5 days weather forecast.

  • Searches for all cities worldwide by country and city or zip code
  • Humidity sensor, UV index, and chance of precipitation
  • Sunrise and Sunset time
  • Up to 9 different locations
  • Easily swipe for the most accurate weather forecasts
  • Auto location detection
  • Ability to set your preferred temperature unit, Celsius or Fahrenheit

<<Solo Weather (Beta) apps>>

Facebook apps for Android:

Now Facebook is a very important social media network all over world. Maximum people now engaged with their friends, Clients, family, company through Facebook. By Facebook apps you can share photo, videos, updates. Even you can chat and Group conversation with your friends. You will get notification when your friend send you any comment or like. This apps very important for any android devices. To install this apps click on following link.

Battery Defender apps for Android:

It is a very important apps for android. We all know that any kind of android phone battery discharge quickly, so we need to charge battery for long time. You can install battery defender android apps for long time charge your device. When you turn off your screen this apps automatically disable WiFi and data connection with 15~20 secs latency. This apps also extended your battery life, allow your app to sync every 15 minutes with save battery. For more details about Batter defender apps and install click on following link.

<<Battery Defender apps for Android>>

Google Sky Map for Android:

If you want to proper representation of the stars and planets on your screen of Android device, then you can install Google sky Map apps. Just point your phone at the sky and you will find different planets, stars, constellations and others objects in your smartphone device.

Google Sky Map for Android

AVG Antivirus apps for Android:

AVG antivirus apps is free software for your android phone. This apps protect your phone quickly and kill all the tasks that slow your device. You can brows web safely by AVG antivirus apps. It also scan your others apps, settings, files and media securely. For more details about AVG antivirus and install apps click on following link.

<<AVG Antivirus apps>>

SMS Backup+ apps for Android:

You can backup your essential smartphone message by SMS Backup apps. This apps automatically backup your SMS, call log entries using a separate label in Gmail /Google Calendar. You can again restore SMS and call log to your smartphone, Tabs. For more details about SMS Backup apps and install it click on following link.

<<SMS Backup+>>

WordPress apps for Android:

WordPress for android apps is very useful for those who are related with website. If you have own blog site then you can write, publish posts, edit post, check status by android device with WordPress apps. WordPress for Android supports and self-hosted sites running WordPress 3.5 version or higher.

WordPress apps for Android

<<WordPress apps for Android>>

Blogger apps for Android:

This apps also useful for every blogger and you can compose post or save to draft or publish post by this android apps. You can also apply the follows.

  • Edit existing posts
  • View list of your saved and published posts
  • Switch account/blog if you have more than one
  • Embed an image from the gallery, or, by taking a picture directly from the app
  • Add labels to your posts
  • Add location information

<<Blogger apps>>

BestRoute Pro apps for Android Smartphone/Tabs:

This apps is Multi-Destination Route Planning and Optimizing app integrated with Google Maps and Navigaion. You can save your time by using this BestRoute Promaps. For more details click on following link.

<<BestRoute Pro apps>>

How to Keep Old Blog Post Alive: We all create a blog with different thought, different topics, different creativity. We share different types of post through this blog. We all try to create all of our blog user friendly, so that every reader can understand the blog and utilize it in every moment of their life. But sometimes we do not care our old blog. Old blog traffic ratio is less than new blog. We can keep our old blog alive again some simple methods.

Edit the Old post with Related Content:

If you edit old post with new related content and new idea then reader will read it with interest. New and relevant content also will give new life to your old content/blog. When you re write any content or edit your content of old post then visitor will again read it they would not feel boring.

So try to edit the post with related new content to keep old blog Alive.

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Share post in Social Network:

Share post in any social media network such as Google Plus, Facebook, Tweeter. When you share any post it reach different types of group, they read this posts and share it.

The same process you can apply for older posts. I think you have gathered a lot of new followers since you last posted. So these new followers have never seen of your best post. You can again share you old post through above mention social media network, so that you can gain more traffic and keep your old blog post alive.

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Tweet Old Post Plugin:

In case for WordPress you can rotate your old post through Tweet old post plugin. By this plugin you can customize your posts. You can select criteria, category by it. You can also set the time between two tweets and chose other option to customize the settings, as you want.

How to Keep Old Blog Post Alive

Link Old Post to New Post:

Internal link is an very important factor of any blog posts. It help to increase SEO (Search Engine optimization). You can put internal link with related article. Even you can connect any old post with related article by this internal link. So we can keep any old blog post alive by this internal link.

Update Related Image:

You can add new related image with new alt tag in old post which will help to get new information of related posts through Google Search Engine. Moreover any one can enter thats old topic through Google image search. So update old posts with new related images for better SEO rank.

Edit Old Blog Title:

Edit your old blog title with related word so that it looks like new and more sweet able to the reader. Changing the title will surely not mess up the SEO on your site as this will not change the permalink of your post.In this process only display title will be changed and this display title will be picked up as new information by Google Search engine.

Related Post Widget:

Generally we write blog many blog posts with similar topics, like if you are writing about gadgets there may be many posts on the gadgets category. So related post works based on the category, tag and content of your post, if your content matches with any of your older posts then the post shows in the list of related post widget, related post is

must for every blog, it always help to keep  your old blog post alive.

How to Use Google Chrome in Offline/Without Internet: We know that when we open any web page using Google Chrome it connects to the internet and fetch our latest version query from the server and then display it on our screen. When our computer remain offline then it display an error message, saying it is unable to Connect the Internet.

How to Use Google Chrome in Offline/Without Internet

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We can search different web pages by different types of web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. Some of this web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox we can work easily offline but we can not work easily using Google Chrome. When we use Internet Explorer or Firebox as web browser for query any types of pages, it auto saves a copy of our web pages and display this pages in offline mode, I mean when our Internet is not connected then it display on our screen.

Suppose we want to know any topics then we can open all the topic related pages that we would like to read later. After close the browser that’s topics we can easily read, while our computer is offline.

If we use Google Chrome we can not read any topics in offline mode by default. In this case we can set a secret settings that will help to open page in offline mode.

How to Use Google Chrome in Offline/Without Internet

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Brows Offline Using Google Chrome:

Go to Google Chrome Browser and type chrome://flags/#enable-offline-mode in your address bar, after put the code click on “Enable” option and then restart the browser. Your Google Chrome will no longer serve the “not connected to the Internet” error if the page you are trying to access in the local cache.
Chrome Caches the HTML content, JavaScript, Images and caches the CSS stylesheets with pages, so that it looks like the original when you will open this page in offline. However, if there are resources that require an active Internet Connection, like JavaScript widgets or videos, they will be replaced with placeholder images.
You can check this feature. To check this feature open any web page inside your Google Chrome browser and turn off your internet connection and then restart the browser. If the offline mode is enable then the cached file would show on your screen.

What is Google Chrome Browser: Google Chrome Browser is an open source programme and it has launched in 2008 with different updated features. Google Chrome Browser is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android operating system.

Google Chrome is most useful Web browser.There are many features in Google Chrome.But some times we properly can not utilize it. If we use it properly then it will work faster with better performance.Google Chrome has huge number of keyboard short cut to do your work quickly. So if you already not install this browser then install it to get its benefits. In this Article Some interesting tips about Google Chrome features we have share.

Some Google Chrome Features for Better Your Performance

Any Web Page save as PDF File

You can save any web page as PDF file by this Google Chrome Browser. To save any file as pdf, just open any web page then Press Ctrl+P button on Windows and select save as PDF at the time of printing from the printers list and download the page as a PDF file.(In this case no extensions will be required)

Compose Your Email from Address Bar

You can compose your email from address bar just go to the address bar of chrome browser and type the following command

mailto:[email protected] This Command will open the Gmail compose window and next it auto-fill the address in the To field.

Chrome Browser Reveal Your all Hidden Passwords

When we put any password Google Chrome can remember and auto-fill password but this password hidden with asterisks. You can reveal your hidden password using developer tools. It can change your imputing asterisk password as a text. Otherwise you can reveal your saved password using chrome://settings/passwords.

Select All history to Delete it Quickly

We can not delete all the web history in Google Chromes because here (in Chromes) does not have “Select All” button. If we want to delete more than one page at a time then We have to select each chekboxes.

Some Google Chrome Features for Better Your Performance

In this case we can select more page at a time using some tricks. At first click on 1st Check box, then hold shift key, after that select last check box.

Use Google Chrome as Text Editor

You can use Chrome as text editor.It works like notepad to your browser. To use Google chrome as text editor just open a new tab and the following link into your address bar.
data:text/html,<html contenteditable>
Next you can start your typing anywhere into your tab.

Set more than one bookmarks in toolbar

To set more than one bookmarks in toolbar of Google Chrome, just right click on any bookmark and select Edit option, then delete everything in the name filed. After save it Google Chrome will show only the sites fivicon to your toolbar. Thus you can set more tnan one bookmarks in same space.

Google Chrome as Media Player

Using Google Chrome browser you can view video, image, even PDF file from your desktop to Chrome video. To open any  video need not require any viewer application, just drag your image, text file, audio and video from desktop into chrome video.

Install Alternative version of Flash Player in Google Chrome

  • Download and install the appropriate system plug-in. 
  • Next type “about:plugins” (without quotation marks) into the address bar at the top of a Chrome browser window.
  • Click “Details” at the upper-right corner of the page.
  • Find the “Flash” (or “Shockwave Flash”) listing for the integrated plug-in on the page and click the corresponding “Disable” button. To identify the integrated plug-in, see the table of plug-in file names above.
  • Find the “Flash” (or “Shockwave Flash”) listing for the system plug-in on the page and click the corresponding“Enable” button. To identify the system plug-in, see the table of plug-in file names above.
  • Close all Chrome windows and restart the browser.
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What is Google Plus: Google plus is another social media website as Facebook.It has major
importance all over world. A large number of people are engaged with this social networking sites.
They share their post, page, photo, videos and any more by Google plus. So every new or old blogger should share their blogger post/pages to Google plus for reach it large number of people globally.

Google plus launch in 2011 after that this social networking site improve gradually and its
popularity also be increasing.In this article I have discuss about to share post/page to Google
plus for more traffic of your blogger page post and page and it will also helpful to increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Share Blogger Posts/Pages to Google Plus

If you share your blogger posts/page to Google plus then large number of people will be able to
view and find your blog and post. So you can connect your blog to Google plus tab if you have not
already connect your site with Google Plus profile.

How to Connect your Blogger to Google Plus Profile

At first access your blogger dashboard and then click on Google plus Tab option to connect your blogger to Google plus profile. After select Google plus option click on Get Started option.

When you upgraded your blog to connect with Google plus the posts or pages published on your blog will be listed on your Personal Google Plus profile.

Associate blog with Google Plus Page

You can associate a blog with the Google Plus page for your business, brand or any organisation rather than your personal profile. In this case access dashboard from your blogger and see the Google plus option and there you can swap Google Plus connection using your profile page to a Google plus page linked with your account.Here you will find some option which are mention below.
Automatically share after posting
Promote to share after posting
Use Google Plus comments on this blog

Share Post/Pages to Google Plus

If you checked Promote to share after posting option and publish blog post then you will see a share box inviting you to share your post with Google plus followers.

After click on share button this post will appear on your profile or page which you have connected 
your blog. But if you publish your post later you will don’t be asked to publish your Google plus stream. In this case you can share your post/page by click on share link under post or page.
How to Improve Facebook Page SEO: Improve Facebook Page SEO is good for every Face book user who are engage with Facebook page. You can improve Facebook Search engine optimization by using Facebook page.If you want to get high traffic without no more query of search engine than you can share your blog article on social networking site.Because social networking site is a great way to increase more traffic.

 Here I have mention some process such as keyword rich URL, About section, optimize photo and info page to improve Facebook page SEO. In previous article I have mention how to Increase Facebook Fan page like

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More Comment, Like, Share will help Facebook Page SEO

If you create a Facebook fan page or business page then the most essential things to reach your page post to more people. Some times we see that our page post reach very few people though are page like very high. I mean suppose our page like 100k but our page post reach only 1 k people then our page SEO will be down as well as our like growth will be fall.

The main cause is for your post low comment, low like and low share. If your page post get comment, like and share, then growth is high and your page post will reach more people and your Facebook like as well as page engagement will be increase.

Share your Page on Page Group

When you share your Facebook page in Facebook page group then it will reach more people and you will gain like as well as your search engine optimization (SEO) for facebook is also good.

Select Keyword-rich name 

Select always keyword rich name I mean you have to use the name of your business page with a keyword which will be the keyword your customers and potential fans will most often use when they’re trying to find you.

Properly Fill About Section:

The About box is one of the few places on your page that is accessible to the search engines optimization (SEO). This little box located on the upper left hand side of the page gives you many characters to tell people what you’re about, using the terms most important to you. Will it give you a huge boost? No. But every little bit helps so take the opportunity for every SEO bump you can get.

Info Section

The Info Section is another opportunity for you to include keyword-rich information about your business. If you complete this sections in proper way then and complete your profile, the more likely Facebook will be able to show your page for related searches. Facebook also allows small business owners to include links to relevant pages/profiles, so make sure you’re using this area to drive traffic to other areas.

Optimize your photo

In case for add any photo to your Facebook page, always add a caption with description for phot that also in relevant keyword. Whenever possible, include a link in the caption to the most relevant page on your blog or website. This builds links moves more fans that important step closer to your website to become a customer as well as search rank.

Facebook Like Box

Facebook like box is an another feature to increase your page like and your page SEO. Some times we see a new business page with like box in our news feed section which any our friends already have been liked. So if I click on like box that page then one like more add that pages. Thus Face

Optimize Your text links

To put a  text link as another way to get more fans and links, which you can include anywhere you wish – such as:

your email signature
your email marketing newsletters
as a text link anywhere on your website
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