britneyspears instagram picture
britneyspears instagram picture

Britney Spears, 40, Flaunts Her Epic Booty And Abs Dancing In A Cut-Out, Thong Bodysuit And Heels In An IG Vid

Britney Spears isn’t an avid consumer of an unproductive Sunday morning. In a recent Instagram post, Britney dances her heart out and shakes, spinning, and lowering her body in a spirited and ferocious routine. Her vibrant pink cut-out, thong dress is only a boost to the energy of the post, displaying her gorgeous booty, toned abs, and powerful legs to the fullest.

Britney danced to the beat of “Feel The Same” by Portugal. The Man (because truthfully, it’s impossible to dance to that tune when it comes on). “The video I uploaded before wasn’t the actual live music that I was dancing to, so if you think it’s a bit cheesy then that’s the reason! The original video!” She captioned the post. We love Brit’s moves!

Britney’s fans were stunned by her dance moves. “Girl You look amazing,” one commented. “Yassss queen!” was another. “Hold me a smaller dancing dancer,” the third person who followed wrote.

It’s not the first time Britney has showcased her workout routine that includes dance and cardio. She’s been a big fan of shaking her body at the gym to get her heart rate going. Dance can provide both mental and physical benefits for health, including offering full-body shaping and an increase in endorphin levels to boost your mood. That’s why Brit always appears so happy when she shows off her latest dance routine!

Although the 40-year-old pop star is a huge fan of dancing, she has previously told her followers that her abs are sculpted from her running routines. “My abs show only I suppose when I run, which I find very difficult but you’ve to take it on,” she wrote on Instagram.

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Britney is also working on the upper part of her body for improvement in her strength in the arm. Britney posted a clip on Instagram showing her performing an arm workout that is weighted using dumbbells. This is how Britney exercises her triceps and core muscles and isn’t too scared to sweat it out.

Britney as well as her spouse, Sam Asghari, hit the gym frequently training and strengthening as a couple. Sam is an instructor, and they are able to include each other in their fitness routines. It’s a great exercise that is bodyweight! Keep up the great work Brit. Your actions are legendary.

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