Seven Things you need to know about Social Media for brand engagement

Many brands across the world have jumped into social media. Most of them have done it out of compulsion. Because their competitors do it, or it is mandated by the top management. This approach will lead to disaster and even allocating social media activities.
There are seven things we need to know about social media. They are discussed below respectively

What are the seven elements of social media?

1) Hire a specialist: We have seen some great brands lose their reputation in the market due to the dismal of social media. But this happens because people lack about social media execution levels. So, you require a social media specialist who has the following skills:
Copywriting expertise
Sound SEO/SEM knowledge
Basic research and analytical skills
Technical skills
Report generation and expertise to stay ahead

2) Decouple social media from other media planning
Many reputed brands are not successful across social media platforms because their social media promoting process is on different media like print, TV, radio, OOH, etc. So, what you do in this stage? You have to decouple social media from conventional market strategies.

3) Do not sell on social media to engage and create awareness
Digital advertising KPIs like CPC/CPD may or may not be worked for you on social media platforms. Booking a car test drive or getting discounts on coffee is not provided to an online audience. Even they are not interested in these. Always try to use social media platforms is for product features, future roadmap, brand recall, etc. purposes.

4) Engage, Educate and evolve your customers
Social media is indeed the best platform for customer satisfaction and customer interaction. Facebook is the best destination for the youth segment, LinkedIn for professionals with colossal income, Twitter is for the whole world people globally, Youtube is for viral marketing, and Pinterest for promoting your products. As a result, you will understand all the knowledge and also many tools which are suited according to your products. The best example is the Ford Ecosport.

5) Define social media KPIs
Each social media campaign is designed with a clear objective. Like as the increasing of like of Facebook is no big deal. As per the research report, there are many fake accounts on Facebook, and the likes are not genuine. If you saw the digital media campaign in 2013, you will find all of them focused on creating awareness.

6) Have a proactive Online Reputation Management (ORM) system in place
Your online reputation is so outstanding as your brand image. Any wrong post, irritating comment, may lead to altering reactions.
7) Be prepared, stay alert
There is no hard and fast rule for social media promotion. It differs for various industries and depends on the nature of a brand, budget, campaign objective, and target audience.

Updated: November 22, 2019 — 12:07 pm

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