Study About Anxiety Disorder – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Anxiety is a normal and typical emotion disorder. Anxiety disorders shape a group of mental health conditions that conduct extreme nervousness and fear. The person with anxiety disorders often has extreme worry and fear about regular conditions. Feelings of anxiety disorder bother with everyday activities and can be lasting for a long period. Anxiety disorders also creating physical symptoms. Serious anxiety may severely influence in Regular living. Treatment can assist in anxiety disorder.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder - 

Anxiety feels different based on the person feel it. The symptoms of anxiety include –
> Nervous Feeling
> Increased heart rate
> Breathing frequently
> Feeling tired
> Trembling
> Sweating
> Sleeping problem
> Feeling gastrointestinal problems
> Avoid methods that stimulate anxiety
> Concentrating problem

Causes of Anxiety Disorder –

Anxiety is the body’s normal reaction to stress. The causes of anxiety disorders are not fully determined. The parts of the brain for managing fear may be impacted. Stressful incidents take shape to stimulate anxiety disorders. For some people, anxiety may be connected to a few health problems. some medical complications that can be related to anxiety disorder include –
Thyroid complication
Heart disease
irritable bowel syndrome
Respiratory problem

Diagnosis of Anxiety Disorder –

An anxiety diagnosis needs a process of physical tests, mental health evaluations, and Psychological Tests. Anybody may require to see a mental health specialist if they have serious anxiety. A psychologist can diagnose anxiety and provide advice. Doctors may conduct a physical test involving blood or urine examines.

Treatment - 

Doctors may conduct a physical test involving blood or urine examines. n medium or serious cases, treatment can assist get the better of symptoms and conduct a controllable regular life. Lifestyle changes may be necessary to manage the symptoms. Self-treatment Include –
> Stress Management
> Relaxations process
> Excercise
Other Treatments include –
> Psychotherapy
> Medicine

Prevention - 

Take steps to assist anxiety disorder include –
> Minimize taking of caffeine, tea, and chocolate.
> Consume a healthy diet.
> Keep a Daily sleeping habit
> Do not Take alcohol and other drugs

Complication - 

Anxiety Disorder can also conduct to other mental and physical situation Like –
> Depression disorders
> Daily Headaches 
> Materials misuse
> Insomnia disorder
> Bowel problem

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