Various Kind of Abdominal pain – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Abdominal pain is a very ordinary medical symptom that can either be serious or chronic in nature. The most natural kind of abdominal pain is a stomach. Digestive problems are a common cause of abdominal pain. It may throwback great problems with one of the organs in the abdomen, such as appendicitis, intestine, such as excess of intestinal gas. Inflammation or Diseases that Influence the organs in the abdomen can source of abdominal pain.

Causes -  

Abdominal Pain can be caused by various conditions. The Majoecauses are infections, abnormal growths, Obstruction, inflammation, intestinal disorders. There are various causes of Abdominal Pain. The location of the pain frequently indicates Its cause. More Common causes of abdominal pain Include –
> Constipation
> Diarrhea
> Vomiting
> Stress
> Indigestion
> Gas
> Food allergies
> Ulcers
> Stomach Virus
> Kidney stone and kidney infection
> Appendicitis
> Urinary Infection
> Crohn disease
> hernia

Symptoms of abdominal Pain - 

Symptoms that Commonly happen the location of the pain within the abdominal area related to symptoms. Symptoms related to abdominal pain Include – Vomiting, gas, fever, Nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss, bloody stools, extreme pain. Indigestion etc.

Types of Abdominal Pain - 

Pain that is a generality through the lower abdomen, upper abdomen, right lower and upper abdomen, left lower and upper abdomen may be caused.
Pain that is lower abdomen may be specified – intestinal Obstruction. Appendicitis.
Upper abdominal pain is maybe specified – gallstones, liver inflammation(hepatitis)
Pain in the center of the abdomen may Be specify to gastroenteritis. Upper left abdominal pain is Sometimes specified to kidney infection, enlarged spleen, upper right abdominal pain is Sometimes specified to hepatitis, injury. Lower right abdominal pain includes a hernia, kidney Infection. Lower left abdominal pain is Crohn’s disease, ovarian cysts, etc.

Common causes of intestinal pain –

Indigestion, wind, bowel syndrome, appendicitis, kidney stones, urine infection, gallstones, period pain, Food poising, Gastritis, cancer, etc.

Diagnosis - 

The cause of abdominal pain diagnosis on the base of  Physical test, Laboratory Test, _ ray of The abdomen, ultrasound, radiographic test, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, endoscopic ultrasound stool test, etc.

Treatment –

The Treatment of abdominal pain depends on its cause. The Cause of abdominal pain and stomach pain the doctor may recommend correction of diet. The doctor may suggest drinking plenty of water and prescribed medications for inflammation, ulcers. Some types of abdominal pain can be treated at a hospital. If the cause of pain more serious, doctors may recommend surgery. Surgery to eliminate the intestinal obstruction, hernia, or affected organs.

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