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10 Things You Didn't Know You Can Do With Samsung Messages

If you have a Samsung phone, chances are you use the pre-installed Samsung Messages app for texting. It’s a powerful app, capable of much more than just the basics of text messaging. Not many people are aware that the app has a lot of useful features that you can make use of.

Let’s take a look at the cool features of the Samsung Messages app that you may not have known about.

1. Send Group Text

You can send group texts on any Android phone, but Samsung Messages makes it really easy. To send a group text on Samsung Messages, tap the compose new message button at the bottom of the screen.

Next, type the names of the people you want to include in this conversation and keep selecting them as they pop up on the screen. Now compose your message and send it as you normally would.

2. Send Scheduled Message

You can schedule your messages for a specific date and time instead of sending them immediately. To do this, open the conversation you want, tap the + icon, and choose Schedule Message from the Messaging Tools menu.

Next, set the date and time you want your message to go out, and tap Done. Now type your message and send it as you normally would. If you change your mind after scheduling a message, you can also delete, edit, or send it right away.

3. Customize Chat Rooms

By default, all chat rooms in the Samsung Messages app follow your device theme, ie dark mode or light mode, but you can easily customize them to your liking. To do this, open a conversation, tap on the menu with the three dots and select Customize chat room.

Here, you can choose from a range of background colors or choose a custom image from your gallery, along with changing the bubble opacity and text contrast. If you want this setting for all your conversations, tap Apply to all rooms. And if you change your mind later, just hit reset to remove all customizations.

4. Create Conversation Categories

If you’re like most people, your inbox is inundated with automated marketing offers. This makes it difficult to reach the people you really want to text. With Samsung Messages, you can create conversation categories to better organize conversations between different groups of people, and quickly view and reply to messages from your family, friends and colleagues.

Your new conversation category is now set up; You can always add more people to it. Or, to remove it, tap the three-dot menu, go to Settings > Conversation categories > Edit, select the category, and tap Remove.

Google Messages doesn’t let you create custom conversation categories, but it automatically organizes conversations into various preset categories like Personal, Transaction, OTP, and Offers. This is one of the best features of Google Messages as compared to Samsung Messages.

5. View offers, deals and upcoming events

Perhaps the best feature of Samsung Messages is how it organizes the information contained in automated messages. In the Useful Cards tab, you’ll see three menus: Upcoming, Offers, and Finance.

In the Upcoming menu, you can see all the upcoming events and alerts you want to attend. The Offers menu shows all the discounts and other offers from your favorite brands. And the Finance menu shows your recent bank transactions, so you can be aware of any debits or credits.

6. Set Custom Notification Sounds for Contacts

You can also set a custom notification sound for specific contacts. That way, you can quickly tell who messaged you without even picking up your phone. This is helpful for people, for example, who use the same phone for work and personal use and want to separate work calls from personal calls.

To do so, open your desired conversation, tap the three-dots menu at the top, select Notification sound from the list of options, and choose a track of your choice. Do the same for all conversations you want a custom notification sound for.

7. Forward messages or add them to the Reminders app

To forward a message to other contacts, simply long-press on the message and select Forward from the drop-down list. Then, select all the contacts you want to forward this message to and tap Done.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to deal with a message right away, you can set a reminder for it. To do this, long press the message and select Add to Reminder. The message content will be copied to the Samsung Reminders app and you can revisit it later at your convenience.

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